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How are you spending self-quarantine?

johnny reb
18 Mar 2020  #61

Poles are terrible worriers!

Don't worry, pray.

John Paul II has your back ;)

Who's he ?
Jesus Christ has my back.

people are behaving quite differently

Very true - Check out the College Spring Breakers here in America today.

18 Mar 2020  #62

I just hate working from home, btw.
Walks are great. They just keep you moving.
And it sucks you can talk to friends only on the phone or messenger.

Have you guys seen these vids. I bet some will be preaching about the first one :)



Cargo pants
18 Mar 2020  #63

Today in warsaw centrum looked like the crowd is coming back except the stores are closed.Finally so many people in park,I guess people cant confine themselves to flats.I feel the same like being in prison.Saski park had people from all ages walking and sitting enjoying the 60 degree sunny weather.

18 Mar 2020  #64

I guess people cant confine themselves to flats

Especially kids. A lot of them playing in playgrounds and front yards. Together.
Does it mean Poles are slowly taming the virus? Adopting to the situation?

18 Mar 2020  #65

Adopting to the situation?

Or probably went full on at the start and are now easing off. For a while.

Cargo pants
18 Mar 2020  #66

looks like.Wife said in Nj life is normal except food court in mall are closed but Walmart was normal.

18 Mar 2020  #67

The government is thinking of prolonging the off time for schools, probably until Easter. That will give me an opportunity to spend more time with you. Are you happy? hahaha

Cargo pants
18 Mar 2020  #68

Honestly you kind are very good and pleasant to be in company with unlike some arrogant morons here.LOL but they dont bother me as being on line and in chats etc for close to 30 years seen it all,including FBI visits home.I do like to wind em to see them toss and turn behind computer screen.

johnny reb
19 Mar 2020  #69

I have to agree with that, pawian does have a great sense of humor and much patience.
From what I am hearing from the parents here in the U.S.A. having their kids home with no sports or social gatherings outside the home........my bet is that the longer the kids are out of school the more the parents will appreciate the school teachers.

This is a very good time for the teachers to negotiate pay raises as I am sure the parents now realize that you 'good' teachers are very under paid.

19 Mar 2020  #70

This is a very good time for the teachers to negotiate pay raises

Not really. Teachers are privileged in the quarantine situation coz they are still paid by the state if they carry on working from home. Other jobs don`t have such possibility and people will have real problems making ends meet. Demanding pay rises by teachers would be a suicidal move now.

19 Mar 2020  #71

State employees are in many ways the lucky ones right now. Especially compared to casual workers and people employed by small businesses. We're glad of this rat the moment.

johnny reb
19 Mar 2020  #72

Demanding pay rises by teachers would be a suicidal move now.

My point was that parents become aware of what teachers deal with day in and day out in a time like this.
A good reminder when your contract does come up.

they carry on working from home.

Will you be using Skype ?
My internet speed has already dropped with the kids playing video games and texting non stop all day.
Add Skype in there and my internet speed will drop to slow motion.

19 Mar 2020  #73

. We watch masterpieces of Polish cinema -

Today, the famous film by Andrzej Wajda: Birchwood from 1970. I have never watched if full before coz I never liked such films. But now, in the hard times we experience, I must say it is a beautiful movie, with amazing symbolicism. Not a light film, gives food for serious thoughts about life and death.


Despite its uniqueness, The Birch Wood remains a true 'Wajda' film - visually suggestive, filled with symbolism, referencing the category of myth.

Here Wajda is observing a single human life in its purest form: tragic as it is, its tragedy is less dramatic for having been subjected to the laws of nature, life and passing away, which are laws that cannot be opposed.

Just look at it:

19 Mar 2020  #74

That shot evokes Bergman's Seventh Seal.

I'll have to find it with english subtitles. Can't say I've ever seen even a mediocre Wajda film, all have been good to excellent.

19 Mar 2020  #75

I'll have to find it with english subtitles.

Here you are: but the quality isn`t the best.


Seventh Seal. Never watched it.

But Birchwood is based on Jacek Malczewski`s, famous artist, symbolic paintings.

19 Mar 2020  #76



Do yourself a favor and check out Seventh Seal, or any Bergman film.

Yes, Malczewski, I'm familiar with him. I was at Poznan's National Gallery a few months back and saw some of his stuff in person. He's a fine artist, although Some of the slavic myth references escape me. His Poison Well series is evocative.

19 Mar 2020  #77

Do yourself a favor and check out Seventh Seal,

Hmmmm..... After your mention of it, I checked the reviews and found out it is a film about the plague in medieval times. I am not sure I am in the mood to watch it now. Do you want me to get depression? hahaha

19 Mar 2020  #78

I assumed you already were depressed...and it was PiS's fault:):)

Seriously, it's not depressing, but deep. I also recommend Wild Strawberries, Persona, Through the Glass Darkly, and Virgin Spring for starters.

19 Mar 2020  #79

Seriously, it's not depressing, but deep

I will probably watch it when I have more time and am alone. Now we are watching deep films but only Polish ones or made by Polish directors abroad. We have no time for foreign ones.

19 Mar 2020  #80

I hope you fit in all 10 parts of Dekalog. Brilliant series.

19 Mar 2020  #81

I watched them all when Kieślowski was alive and trendy. :)Yes, some parts of the series are OK for kids. Thanks.

or any Bergman film.

Now I remember I watched one of his films in the cinema and I gravely regreted it. I was too young and immature for such a deeply psychological film as Scenes from a Marriage. from 1973.

I might have also watched some of his movies on Polish TV but now don`t remember which.

Sorry, I will probably not get back to him even when I get really old. His symbolicism is too alien to me. I prefer Polish one - I am too patriotic. Sorry. :):)

19 Mar 2020  #82

Teachers are privileged in the quarantine situation coz they are still paid by the state if they carry on working from home.

It's an incredibly difficult situation at the minute for us. On one hand, it's a private school, so the parents have (in theory) more resources. In practice, what we're seeing is that most parents are struggling to cope themselves, and it's not a good idea to try and implement any sort of serious learning right now.

For what it's worth, I gave parents a large list of resources, with explanations of what each resource was, how it could be used, and whether or not it could be used independently. It took probably 3 full days of work, but it means that my classes are all covered and parents have full discretion on what to do next. Only the 8th class kids have mandatory work, and that's because none of us trust the government with respect to the exams.

During my normal hours, I've got a system set up where kids can join *if they want* and we do stuff - the deal is that it should be student-led learning during that time, so if they join at the beginning, we talk about what they want to learn, and I've got a pretty comprehensive database of teaching materials to choose from.

I know from teacher colleagues in other schools that there's a real fight going on - some schools are trying to implement the core programme, others are doing as we're doing and trying to only guide kids in the right direction. The real problem will be in the coming weeks - the Ministry of Education is apparently going to demand full implementation of the core programme - but remotely.

No-one seems to have thought about the fact that not every child has their own computer or even stable internet access. My friend lives ~10km from the border of Poznań, and his internet connection all week has been slow and unreliable due to the amount of people using it. It's not enough to even stream youtube, so how do they expect to implement remote learning?

19 Mar 2020  #83

Excellent description, delph, I am planning to do a similar thing, but in another thread.

19 Mar 2020  #84

Ireland is going through the same lockdown as Poland at the moment but people are behaving quite differently.

Why do you wish us such nasty things? :):) I just learnt such group street exercise as you recommend is a crazy idea coz the virus is able to float in the air from 30 minutes to 3 hours, together with humidity particles. Distances people try to keep don`t matter anymore if you walk into such a virus cloud. How humid is the air in Ireland?


19 Mar 2020  #85


You are panicking mate, typical Pole....... just calm down.....Poles are terrible in these situations....

19 Mar 2020  #86

No, they aren`t. You must be mistaking us with Indians. Again, a new wave of hallucinations? :)

19 Mar 2020  #87

. just calm down.

I am watching I am legend staring Will Smith , well at least we don't have zombies yet :), well apart from Rich.

19 Mar 2020  #88

No, they aren`t. You must be mistaking us with Indians

You live in some kind of Polish dream world......
I went to my regular store today and it was emptied by Indians and Poles..... pathetic.....

19 Mar 2020  #89

You live in some kind of Polish dream world......

Exactly, Poe-lish dream world. Out of space, out of time.

19 Mar 2020  #90

and it was emptied

Full here bog roll,lurpak, bacon, bread , chicken , eggs , well everything really. but it's probably important to keep the borders shut otherwise foreigners will come and strip the shelves.

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