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How are you spending self-quarantine?

6 Apr 2020  #211

Chose not to drink today after 22 days of drinking regularly and cant fall sleep,lol sign of alcoholism.

Find way to control yourself in quantity.

6 Apr 2020  #212

Been for a walk in the forest, and come back to read this in the news, I'm shocked, the NHS is a trusted source.

Coronavirus warning for people from black and minority backgrounds as NHS data suggests they are at more risk of life-threatening complications.


6 Apr 2020  #213

I'm shocked,

Poorer parts of the community, key workers on public transport and the NHS, larger, more traditional families, urban rather than rural. Nothing to be shocked about.

6 Apr 2020  #214

Nothing to be shocked about.

I get your point, but I do think you are stereotyping a bit, most ethnic minorities in Britain are now integrated and successful and mainly have the same lives and livelihoods as the traditional white non ethnic brit.

plenty of whites in nhs on the busses and living in urban environments .

Cargo pants
6 Apr 2020  #215

I went out for a 2 mile walk and there were so many people on the street.Mostly alone and people in pairs.I never thought how I had to dress up to go for a walk,mask,gloves.BTW Ziko apteka has disposable gloves,a set of 10 pairs for 7.20 pln.

Rich Mazur
6 Apr 2020  #216

I never thought how I had to dress up to go for a walk,mask,gloves.

In other words, a HAZMAT suit. Next level up: plus a SCUBA gear.

Cargo pants
6 Apr 2020  #217

well well its Poland.

  • From April 1st

6 Apr 2020  #218

but I do think you are stereotyping a bit,

Simple demographics; the urban/rural divide.

most ethnic minorities in Britain are now integrated and successful and mainly have the same lives and livelihoods

Though proportionately far less so in the countryside and smaller towns, places which people come from rather than go to.

The same pattern for Covid-19 infections is repeated across Europe, in Poland to the cases are concentrated in more densely populated areas. Unless the cretinous government go ahead with allowing Easter church services with (officially only) 50 attending.

johnny reb
7 Apr 2020  #219

If this quarantine goes on much longer everyone will know the true color of all the women's hair.

8 Apr 2020  #220

The lads in the village tidying up in the Forrest


Cargo pants
8 Apr 2020  #221

lol,I just hope they dont start a forest fire.

Damn,I thought 10 days during Sandy was bad without electric,internet,cell,gas and rationed food.I did learn the value of hot food during those days.This time I have it all and still is worse.what next>?

johnny reb
9 Apr 2020  #222

Half of us are going to come out of this quarantine as amazing cooks.
The other half will come out with a drinking problem.

14 Apr 2020  #223

I'm still watching videos.

Some of us are not prepared to wait for the grim reaper virus to kill us.

Polish drivers are still the best.


Cargo pants
14 Apr 2020  #224

I go for a 6km walk,jog with a new friend I found in my building come back buy alcohol as needed,consume it and again next day starts with waking up around 12 pm.:) life goes on.

johnny reb
14 Apr 2020  #225

Polish drivers are still the best.

Believe me when I tell you that video made our local nightly news here in Northern Michigan.

15 Apr 2020  #226

Reading the news!!!!!

German zoo warns it will have to feed some animals to others


15 Apr 2020  #227

German zoo warns it will have to feed some animals to others

Zoos do that anyway.

17 Apr 2020  #228

Growing tomatoes, chilli, coriander , sunflowers, hemp, and onions. Have to do something....or die of boredom. And holding my brand new granddaughter when I get the chance.

And about covid19 affecting BAME groups worse, surely that is because it affects urban populations worse. It is not racist to say that black people tend not to live in the countryside. Also new immigrants live in sorry overcrowded places like the old Kent Road which is the only place I have seen where you can buy roach spray and rat poison in the local corner shops.

17 Apr 2020  #229


Hey Roz, have you recovered from your coronavirus fever?

17 Apr 2020  #230

I honestly think we may have had corona virus last October when my son turned up from London in a foul mood and a hacking cough. Then when he left daughter and I were so ill that we took to our beds and developed our very own hacking coughs

17 Apr 2020  #231

I think that happened to me and my missus back in february.

17 Apr 2020  #232

Yes, glad you're both ok. My stepmother also fell ill at Xmas after a colleague returned from wuhan and sat next to her in the staffroom. Seems it affects different people in different ways. The bad news is that having had it doesn't mean immunity.

johnny reb
18 Apr 2020  #233

Hopefully they will find out that direct sunlight kills this virus, like some other viruses, and President Trump will order Americans to go to the beach all summer butt naked.

cms neuf
18 Apr 2020  #234

Oh congrats on becoming a grandma ! At least something positive to think about in this horrible time

18 Apr 2020  #235

Thank you cmsneuf x

Cargo pants
18 Apr 2020  #236

I wonder how is Lyzko?There are almost 12k cases in his county in NJ and almost 800 deaths .Most cases of death are in Blacks,Hispanics and Jews.I hope he is well.His last post was on 18th March.

johnny reb
18 Apr 2020  #237

Oh congrats on becoming a grandma !

Such a high honor to have Grandma as a Pre fix to your name.
Grandma Roz. Hoot !

His last post was on 18th March.

Now that you mentioned it, there has been just a minimum amount of frivolous and pointless arguing on the front page in the last month hasn't there.

I wonder if our Russian troll didn't get struck with it too ?
Then with our German troll getting busted last week and going into hiding.......
Without those three it has become almost civil around here.

Cargo pants
18 Apr 2020  #238


The keyword.

johnny reb
18 Apr 2020  #239

The key words are: nasty, vindictive, mean, shameless, perpetual boasting, know it all, annoying, repetitious, broken records.
The front page has actually had some adult constructive conversation.
Or do you miss every other post pro or con jew ?

18 Apr 2020  #240

Have been off catching up with old friends from PARC in the good old US of A.......

have returned to a Europe where it's a case of each country for itself, no drive , initiative or help from the EU governing body in Brussels, what a joke.

Anyway apparently more men die of the virus than women because it hides in the testicles !!!!

Got some gossip from PARC , but because governments are $hitting themselves they are asking for triple or quadruple checking of data.

Upshot is only 10% of survivors get full immunity, plus it looks like the capability of mutation and spread to at least 20 known animal species will make it extremely hard to to keep on top of with up to date anti virus protection in the future, wave after wave of mutations are expected.

Damn this is going to give the snowflakes something to focus on for the foreseeable future, all the bods are agreed that this is no Spanish flu but something more sinister.

Anyway hope you are all having a nice weekend.

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