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How are you spending self-quarantine?

Cargo pants
27 Mar 2020  #151

steak from Lidl

I dont like raw steak in Poland,might be horse meat.

single malt

Which one lately I bought Laphroaig,10yo from airport.I am on polish organic vodka lately.

big ciga

which one and from where?Only cigar shop open I heard in Warsaw is by Marriots, a fuggin rippoff.

27 Mar 2020  #152

I dont like raw steak in Poland,might be horse meat.

Exactly. And goose is made from storks or swans. You must be very careful.

johnny reb
27 Mar 2020  #153

Safe weekend everybody

Thanks as it has started out great.
First time this year I have hung my laundry outside to dry in the sun.
Oh those sheets will smell so good tonight.
And my Robin is back from Florida hanging around the yard all day.
Spring is finally here.

Im ordering food from a Polish restaurant tonight.

Now I have to decide if I want a walleye fish dinner from take out with a beer or throw a T-bone on the grill with a Bloody Mary.

Damn it's great to be an American.
Stay safe out there guys.

cms neuf
27 Mar 2020  #154

Mortlach 15 but now moved on to a Tobermory 10. But I am a huge Laphroiag fan too.

Cigar - my father limited edition

You can try Aficionado on Wilcza which has a nice sit down area and a Polish crowd, plus some US expats, but it's the same guys who run the one next to Marriott. They are all overpriced by US standards - it's not a mass market, rents are high and duty is high.

There is also Habana on Nowy Swiat, Cubans only and less knowledgeable staff but a great location and nice place to sit.

But they are all closed now so I'm on my verandah

Cargo pants
27 Mar 2020  #155

You must be very careful.

sometimes I use my brains.Too much rest is not good.lol and Grey Goose is blue.

Cargo pants
27 Mar 2020  #156

Habana on Nowy Swia

Was my fav place but Cigars,I dont do any more(stinks for me) but I do hang out with pals(who rent humidifiers there).Been a year that I have been there just to have some coagnac with friends(they have good selection though)

27 Mar 2020  #157

She didn't actually correct him - she just stated it was 'burak', not 'burka' :)

Where I am most people really keep a safe distance.
I wish it was all over, though.
You go shopping and wonder if you don't bring anything home and infect your loved ones.

27 Mar 2020  #158

She didn't actually correct him - she just stated it was 'burak', not 'burka' :)

That was a typical correction by a teacher, believe me. :):)

There is a better issue to discuss. Did Johhny really know what burak means and purposefully turned it into a joke with burka? Or he didn`t know and misread burak as burka?

Jonnhy claimed he did it intentionally but we need to look for more evidence.

Sometimes teachers have to act like detectives. hahaha

that I spelled it that way intentionally.

johnny reb
27 Mar 2020  #159

She didn't actually correct him - she just stated it was 'burak', not 'burka' :)

You are totally correct and I do like Atch.
Now may I...........I spelled it that way intentionally to be sarcastic to show my disrespect for people that refuse to acclimate to the country they have immigrated to.

That's why I suggested to start a fad in the E.U. where all you girls wear them so nobody stands out.
Hell, I would wear one if I could find one to buy just to mock the dumb asses.
When in Rome, do as the Romans do or go back where you came from.
Notice when our news reporters were reporting from the Middle East that they were required to wear one when out in public in those countries.

Then they should give us the same respect and wear blue jeans in our countries when out in public with their faces and hair showing.

Lose some weight why don't chya

27 Mar 2020  #160

You are totally correct and I do like Atch.

Are you hitting on her again? :)

27 Mar 2020  #161

@johnny reb
We don't really see many burkas around.
Buraks are more common. There might be international buraks.

27 Mar 2020  #162

I want a walleye fish dinner from take out with a beer or throw a T-bone on the gril

How about some Lobster and Spinach Pierogis, along with some Polish Meatballs?

There might be international buraks.

Those are called Beekeeper suits....

29 Mar 2020  #163

Just a video of two police officers dancing for children in quarantine.


1 Apr 2020  #164

Leaving home without a justified reason - to work or for shopping - may entail draconian fines: up to 30.000 zlotys. Also, for using parks. Also, for too little distances in the street. Also, ............


cms neuf
1 Apr 2020  #165

No that's not correct - you are still allowed to jog and cycle and walk the dog just not in parks etc

The fines listed are dumb. People understand the rules.

Sanepid should have all their people working on testing - not issuing stupid fines for petty reasons

Cargo pants
1 Apr 2020  #166

you are still allowed to jog

Really? I thought.City bikes are not allowed to be rented,but I have mine.I will go jutro with my friend to jog weather permitting and will let you know.

cms neuf
1 Apr 2020  #167

I think you have to jog on your own or with a family member - god knows. But anyway I went for a walk with my son tonight and there were people jogging

johnny reb
3 Apr 2020  #168

Today I tried to put a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle together and I strained my eyes and got a headache.
So tomorrow I am going to build an alcohol still to refine some corn mash into some, some ....hand sanitizer...yeah, hand sanitizer.

3 Apr 2020  #169

So tomorrow I am going to build an alcohol still to refine some corn mash into some

good, tinkering is a useful activity to kill the time. But you know, too much alcohol will make your sexual drive stronger but the ability to satisfy it much lower. You need to be careful and keep balance.

And if we talk about carefulness, remember - during a quarantine make love only in rubber gloves and a mask on.

3 Apr 2020  #170

I'm going to try and make masks from vacuum cleaner bags , I don't need one but it sounds fun

Vesko Vukovic
3 Apr 2020  #171

quarantine make love

This is for educational purposes.


3 Apr 2020  #172

make masks from vacuum cleaner bags

Yes, good idea. Don`t accidentally turn your vaccuum cleaner on with your head inside, though. It might suck out what has been left of your brain. You would come back to the forum in even worse condition than now. :):)

This is for educational purposes.

Yes, they are proper positions in times of the plague.

However, I have bad news again (And AGAIN mentally challenged members will call me a scaremonger and remind me I am a fekking teacher and parent bla bla bla.).

The distance of 2 metres is not enough coz the virus can actually float the way of 8 metres - these are the latest findings.


johnny reb
3 Apr 2020  #173

Damn internet speed is down to a crawl with all the kids inside on social internet on this beautiful warm sunny day.
My parents would have kicked my ass outside and told me to rake the lawn, fly my kite, take the dog for a walk, build a tree fort, target practice with my .22, till the garden up, wash and wax the car and all kinds of fun for self entertainment while getting some exercise.

Today these fat little spoiled brats sit on their dead asses social networking while eating pizza and pounding the Pepsi down.
What the hell has technology done to our kids/parents in the last three generations to make them so useless/worthless.

Rich Mazur
4 Apr 2020  #174

Today these fat little spoiled brats sit on their dead asses

When I see them, with that blubber spilling over on the sides, I feel like screaming: hey, fatso, soon you will be spending weekends masturbating when your fit friends are on dates.

The problem with that kind of tough love by stranger is not the kid. It's the parents who would sue me for the infliction of emotional something.

4 Apr 2020  #175

looking up some cool video's on youtube:




Fun fact - the most popular veg in Poland - onion.

johnny reb
4 Apr 2020  #176

sue me for the infliction of emotional something.

That is what the G.I.'s use to do when they came back from Nam.
Guys that were in tip top shape, had been taught how to kill with their bare hands, had smelled death and feared nothing at that point in their lives.

The limp wristed hippies would be calling them names like baby killers and the such.
The Nam Vets would look at these useless morons girlfriend and give her a wink and a smile.
And that is how the ass kickings started. HOOT !
Plus more time then not the Vet would bang her to cause even more emotional something on the loudmouth.
Oh the good old days that have since been outlawed by Political Correctness.

4 Apr 2020  #177

Coming back from the farm today I used the car wash. Oops, it is illegal, three drivers were fined in Olsztyn.


cms neuf
5 Apr 2020  #178

That's ridiculous- deprives 3 ordinary people of a weeks wages for a trivial reason, does not save any lives and as word gets around you can add car washes to the lust of businesses that will be screwed.

A 50 zloty mandat or a talking to would be more appropriate

I will go on cleaning my works car whenever I feel it is too dirty

Cargo pants
5 Apr 2020  #179

Getting up at 12 is becoming a routine,have coffee then shave,shower and order food.as it gets dark around 8.30 hit the bottle and fone.Sux but i rather be in a small place then in a picture frame.lol wife dont like it but that the only time I get to talk and she hears it.

Rich Mazur
5 Apr 2020  #180

This is for educational purposes.

Is she a transgender weirdo, a guy with a wig, or a woman like Eve?

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