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How are you spending self-quarantine?

5 Apr 2020  #181

Watching more vids.

This is a good one , we could learn allot from the Indian police when it comes to controlling virus violators.


Cargo pants
5 Apr 2020  #182

ha ha I dont want to be that person,freaking must hurt.

johnny reb
5 Apr 2020  #183

The cop was just re enforcing what Rich stated.
"Recommendations and Suggestions are for picking out wine and cheese."
When authority gives an order/command there are consequences when ignored.
To bad it is against the law for parents to be allowed the same authority.

Sun is out here today with a all blue sky so going to take the grill out of storage and clean it up for summer grilling outside.

I have a big beef center cut sirloin that I am going to throw on today while I give thanks.
Damn it's great to be an American.

Cargo pants
5 Apr 2020  #184

STFU,JR you making me jealous.Its nice sunny here but am locked up in my little 1 bedroom flat and ubereats just delivered thai curry.

5 Apr 2020  #185

locked up in my little 1 bedroom flat

You shouldn't have been such a cheapskate and bought a proper house with a garden :)

Cargo pants
5 Apr 2020  #186

lol man I bought in 2000 for 30k usd for the fun of it.And lately a place to crash for 3/4 weeks.Imagine leaving a vacant house for a month and coming back to find no windows or doors?Fellow Poles I trust but its them English teachers.

5 Apr 2020  #187

Fellow Poles I trust

I have a couple that come and stay while I am away, they normally live in a flat so they love to come and stay at my place.

I don't pay them but they can have what they want from the fridges and freezers , gardens etc. oh and the wine cellar, they never take advantage and it works well for all.

oh and they get to save on heating lighting etc.

Cargo pants
5 Apr 2020  #188

I also have a lady who takes care of my stuff here,has the keys and stays with her hubbi in centrum sometimes when I am away and always leaves it clean and stocked up with basics like milk eggs bread etc when I am coming here.

5 Apr 2020  #189

always leaves it clean and stocked up with basics like milk eggs

That's the way to do it, given the current scare do you think it might be wise to have a good bug out place in the Polish countryside?

I think there may be a market for rich Americans to have a stake in a Polish bug out den , much safer than the US in case of emergency. they could dump their jets at Wroclaw airport and I could pick em up, $250,000 per annum should secure their place here.

Cargo pants
5 Apr 2020  #190

In fact our kids dont want to come here.They are settled there.My wife owns a house in a village near Stalowawola,where she goes for a month in summer.

And a question,I could never define what is rich?How much net worth one has to have to be rich??And the rich with jets have better choices.

5 Apr 2020  #191

net worth one has to have to be rich??

About $5,000,000 of cash, or assets that can be realised in a few days, not enough to be super rich but enough to give you options.

Bet your kids would come here once the bongos start rioting in the USA.

Cargo pants
5 Apr 2020  #192

lol when I was studying even 100$ to spend in a disco made me feel rich,while working in KFC and living of the left over chicken in night and taking home for flat mates.Getting drunk on cheap 5 litre bag in a box wino.

And 5 mill invested right can make you 350k a yr minus taxes,God forbid if you have 2 kids in college in States.4 cars/insurance/house tax/cell fones/electric/gas etc.

I forgot health insurance for 2 as kids are covered by the uni.

johnny reb
5 Apr 2020  #193

once the bongos start rioting in the USA.

And my prediction is that won't start until mid -summer when the weather gets hot.
American people are not use to going without or lowering their standards.
Trump will have no other choice then to start a war to get the economy going again just like the past presidents have done.
(Never let a crisis go to waste)
It worked very well for F.D.R.

5 Apr 2020  #194

And 5 mill invested right

That's the problem someone might be worth 100 million invested, have a huge house and private jet , but when the $hite hits the fan liquidity is the king when it come to survival , plenty of rich people actually have empty pockets and it could take them weeks months or never to get hold of cash or gold to survive .

But don't worry if you or anyone else have a good watch collection you can trade it for a safe place in Dolnoland.

Cargo pants
5 Apr 2020  #195

how much you think this can hold in $ or pln damn cant load a picture

5 Apr 2020  #196

$100,000 should do it.

Cargo pants
5 Apr 2020  #197

lol I know plenty of small business owners who have mils cash in there houses.Ofcourse it is untaxed.Infact a Armenian friend in Warsaw selling meble on line makes over 2 mil $ a year.I think mostly Gatufka.

We joke among friends if we ever need money,we know where to go and the guys will not even report to cops.

5 Apr 2020  #198

if we ever need money,

Yeah plenty of hidden cash here , in case of fire priority is the cash,kids,dog,wife, mother in law.

Cargo pants
5 Apr 2020  #199

lol thats why sentry fire safe is best.I was trying to load the image in the above post.

5 Apr 2020  #200

thats why sentry fire safe is best

Good point I will look em up.

Cargo pants
5 Apr 2020  #201

If You buy the smallest model it only holds around 1 mil Pln in 500 zlot bills or max of 150k USD in 100$ bills.Best is the secound size which tripples the amount

5 Apr 2020  #202

@Cargo pants

Gold chains are always a good investment in times of trouble, you can bury them in the ground and cut off and trade links as required , always handy to have 18ct chain knocking around in your end of the world toy chest.

Cargo pants
5 Apr 2020  #203

Gold chains

No Dolno.buy 1 oz biscuits.For gold chains you pay labour.I always buy Maple leaf canadian or Swisse.In USA you can buy them in Indian Jewellery stores as Import is illegal in India.I think they said you smuggle 5 bisuits and your ticket from USA is free.I have been trying here but buggers want advance.There is a Mint on Ul Krucha or jasna by me somewhere but they want over 200 pln on 1 oz gold biscuit.

5 Apr 2020  #204

1 oz biscuits.For gold chains

I know but you can buy old chain at scrap / spot gold prices. What makes them especially useful in hard times is that once you know the weight of one link you know the weight of all thus very easy to cut off and trade a standard unit. its harder to know how much to chip off a 1 oz biscuit to buy one sack of potatoes.

johnny reb
5 Apr 2020  #205

If You buy the smallest model it only holds around 1 mil Pln in 500 zlot bills or max of 150k USD in 100$ bills.

Never put all your eggs in one basket.

Cargo pants
5 Apr 2020  #206

Dolno chain cannot be 24 C.Mint by me gurantees to buy back at the spot price also.And the biscuit comes with a serial number etc.Never buy a unsealed biscuit.Yes when selling you have to sell the whole unit.lol Yes you do have a point when buying potatoes for you and vodka for me:)

5 Apr 2020  #207

I am practically in jail. Police hour since yesterday 13h to tomorrow 05h.

Increased communication with Christ and Svetovid helping me to preserve my sanity, if anything left of it, if even matters.

Something sweet in the morning to attract and entrap mites and viruses in my throat and then awash them with rakija what vaporize them.

Cargo pants
6 Apr 2020  #208

Chose not to drink today after 22 days of drinking regularly and cant fall sleep,lol sign of alcoholism.

johnny reb
6 Apr 2020  #209

Many parents are just about to discover the teacher is not the problem.

Cargo pants
6 Apr 2020  #210

Man I thank God(lol and I am suppose to be atheist) mine grew up well and settled,never gave us a problem.I see what some of my friends go through.

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