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Zionism and World War II

Vesko Vukovic
31 Dec 2019  #1

Zionism and World War II


We will now go back to the early 30's of the 20th century. This time, we will not analyze all the details regarding the causes and events of World War II. I just want to illustrate another Zionist agitation for Americans to go to war.

The Germans were outraged not only by the Zionist role in their defeat in the First World War, but also by the brutal monetary reparations which were imposed on them by certain Zionist bankers who contributed to the creation of the Treaty of Versailles after the First World War. The Germans, who in the meantime were left without much of their territory and with a difficult economic situation, elected Hitler as chancellor in 1932. Hitler and the National Socialist Party were soon overtaking control of the German media, banks, and universities, which were until then under the control of the highly influential Zionists.

Almost simultaneously, the Zionists began their agitation against Germany, all over the world. The boycott of German goods came into force and calls for Britain and America to take immediate action against Germany began to arrive from Zionist circles. On the twenty-fourth March 1933 (6 years before the start of World War II), the British newspaper the Daily Express carried on its front page a proclamation: "Judea Declares War on Germany. Jews of All The World Unite in Action." (1)


Judea declares war

The front-page story was that Zionists had launched efforts around the world to isolate Germany, and turn other nations against it. The following year, Zionist political leader Vladimir Jabotinsky wrote:

"All the Jewish communities around the world have been fighting Germany for months... We must launch a spiritual and physical war against Germany. Our Jewish interests require us to destroy Germany completely." (2)


Several years later, Lord Beaverbrook, a British newspaper magnate, also published a warning about the Zionist influence on the British press. Beaverbrook warns:

"About 20,000 German Jews have come to England. They are now doing their best so that no any agreement can be reached with Germany. The Jews have taken the highest position in the press here. They are now using their political influence to push us into war." (3)


In September 1939, Germany and Poland entered into a war over a territory which was confiscated from Germany, by the Treaty of Versailles of 1918. Under the pretext of protecting Poland, Britain and France immediately declared war on Germany. (ignoring the fact that the Soviet Union also invaded Poland). Germany appealed to Britain and France to withdraw their decision to declare war, but without reply. The Allies began a massive buildup of forces along the German western border. In the spring of 1940, the war in Western Europe began with the invasion by Germany of Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium, repelling British and French forces to the Belgian coast. Lord Beaverbrook's prediction came true.

In USA, the Zionist mafia has begun to work on the American president. Although the names of the main players changed, the main game remained the same. Bernard Baruch was still pulling presidential strings, along with other Zionist "advisers" such as Henry Morgenthau, Eugene Myer, and Harold Ickes. Myer, a business partner with Baruch, was buying the Washington Post newspaper at the time. (today Myer's grandson, Donald Graham owns this newspaper) Ickes, then FDR's Secretary of the Interior, banned the export of helium to Germany in 1934. This forced the Germans to use highly flammable hydrogen to power their famous zeppelins. Soon the Hindenburg zeppelin experiences a catastrophe, in 1937, which was in one part to the "merit" of Harold Ickes.

Now it was Franklin Delano Roosevelt's turn to deliver the Americans to another European war. American patriots, such as the famous pilot Charles Lindbergh, noticed this and tried to warn American citizens that the Zionists were trying to get them into the war using their media influence. Lindbergh said:

"I am not attacking the Jewish people. What I am saying is that the leaders of the British and Jewish people, with reasons that are so understandable from their point of view, so unacceptable to ours, and for reasons other than American ones, are trying to drag us into a war." (4)



Due to the very strong anti-war sentiment, FDR, along with his Zionist manipulators, had a lot of trouble getting the USA into this another European war. Then there was the famous "incident" at Pearl Harbor, 1941. Japan and Germany were bound by a common defense treaty, which meant that the war with Japan was also a war with Germany. FDR had imposed an embargo on Japanese oil supplies, hoping that it would provoke Japan to attack Pearl Harbor. There is much incontrovertible evidence in government documents that FDR knew in advance about the Japanese attack and allowed it to happen, so he would have a reason to drag USA into the war. (5)


As was the case in World War I, the USA's entry into the war led to another defeat of Germany. Several hours before he committed suicide on April 30, 1945. Hitler dictated his testament and in it he accused the Zionist mafia of being responsible for bringing about that war. It's no big surprise that Hitler claims something like that. However, his throwing blame on Jews is parallel to the claims of personalities such as Jabotinsky, Lindbergh, Lord Beaverbrook, First Minister Neville Chamberlain, Ambassador Joe Kennedy, and many others. In his last public message, Hitler wrote:

"It is not true that I or anyone else in Germany wanted a war in 1939. It was wanted and provoked by international statesmen of Jewish descent or those who worked for Jewish interests. Nor have I ever wished that after a terrible World War I, ever come to a war with England or America" (6)


Regardless of your views related to World War II, and whether or not USA should have participated, what is essential here and what cannot be denied is that the Zionists for years before that war began did not hesitate at all to manipulate Americans that they should die for their own personal interests.


31 Dec 2019  #2

Sound like all too familiar anti-Jewish tropes, blaming the intended victims for their sorry fate. Tempting, yet if there's any blame to spread around, let's you and I start off with the Catholic Church, which demonized Jews falsely as "Christ killers" (instead of the Romans!!!) and ostracized them from society so they were seen as the pariah folk.

Might you perchance be a Republican, VeskoVukovic?

johnny reb
31 Dec 2019  #3

Your post was most enlightening Vesko.........Excellent Post in my opinion.
The New York Times is a jewish owned media with this latest article about jews.
Their take on an article that just came out was most interesting also making racism respectable.
New York Times Cites White Nationalist Eugenicist in Piece Titled "the Secrets of Jewish Genius"
In his column entitled "The Secrets of Jewish Genius," Bret Stephens pondered the question why Jews had achieved so much despite constituting such a small part of the world's population.

For him, the answer lay in their genetic superiority. LOL


Rich Mazur
31 Dec 2019  #4

Zionism and World War II

Would you be able - without fear - publish that post in Europe?

Vesko Vukovic
31 Dec 2019  #5

because the Soviet forces prepared for an imminent military aggression on the Western border

The Germans knew that the Communist attack on Europe was being prepared. The Soviet Union was headed in the western direction (Poland, Romania, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania). There is ample evidence of preparations for an invasion on the West. This is confirmed by many German generals (eg, a conversation with General Remer) and by Russian and Western historians.

An Interview With General Otto Ernst Remer


"Only one country - Soviet Russia - can win in the event of the outbreak of the World War."--- Adolf Hitler, November 19, 1937


Stalin Intended To Strike Hitler First
By Henry Makow PhD


1 Jan 2020  #6

@Vesko Vukovic
So you're saying that Poland and Germany entered into a war. As far as I know it was Germany that attacked Poland without an earlier declaration of war.

One of the first places that were attacked was Wieluń -almost destroyed due to German bombing killing people in their sleep.
Wieluń was never in the Prussian partition. Neither was my hometown which Germans entered in the first week of September killing over a hundred civilians within a week of their arrival.

But it was all about the territories they'd lost in 1918 according to you, right?
BTW, in 1918 Poland regained territories lost lost to Prussia due to partitions. Not all of them actually. So they were previously Polish territories.

So will you please stop excusing Nazis?

2 Jan 2020  #7

Right on, kaprys. Too many war apologists out there for comfort.

Rich Mazur
2 Jan 2020  #8

So will you please stop excusing Nazis?

Those were Germans. Germany didn't have enough Nazis to fight a world war and support it at home.

2 Jan 2020  #9

Those were Germans.

Of course they were. Now ask how many of them went voluntarily.

Rich Mazur
2 Jan 2020  #10

So? How about that they were patriots?

How many volunteers are in the US army whose sole purpose is to be an aggressor all over the fu*cking world while the one country they are prohibited from defending is the USA? They are not even allowed to fire back when the Mexican military opens fire at the Americans in "America".

How about 100%?

2 Jan 2020  #11

@Rich Mazur
Not only Germans to be precise.
Others joined in the killing of civilians presenting a lame excuse of fighting Communists for example.
As for the reason why I used 'Nazi' in that sentence, I was taught not to repeat the same word all over again and I had used 'German' twice.

But since you, yourself, stated Germany didn't have enough Nazis, I really can't see any reason for pointing it out. Attention seeking?

Rich Mazur
2 Jan 2020  #12

No. The term "Nazis" or "Nazi Germany" is a new kind of political correctness. Maybe not in your case, but it is used to whitewash Germany by insinuating that it was the bad Nazi Germany that gave us WW2, as opposed to the good, non-Nazi part which, by another implication, should be treated as a victim of the bad Nazis just the same as the Poles. Brits are especially guilty of practicing this revisionism in their TV productions we see on Netflix.

Which is a complete bs, if judging by the smiling, admiring, and the cheering throngs when Hitler spoke.

Somehow, nobody ever says "Communist USSR".

Bratwurst Boy
2 Jan 2020  #13

Whereas I'm totally with you in stating that Nazi-Germany was a thoroughly german "product" that labeling has nothing to do with white washing.

It really is just a differentiation to the political states before "Weimarer Republik" or those following, GDR and FRG....no conspiracy behind it!

It has been all Germanys with mainly Germans innit, but even the one Germany today is sometimes named "Berliner Republik" after the "Bonner Republik" till the re-unification....because the differences are in many cases huuuuuuge!

Somehow, nobody ever says "Communist USSR".

And nobody needs to point out the "socialist" in the ex-GDR....but to call it just Germany and it's other western half too would be wrong and confusing and even misleading as would be to call the USSR just "Russia".

2 Jan 2020  #14

It really is just a differentiation to the political states before "Weimarer Republik" or those following, GDR and FRG....no conspiracy behind it!

The term "Third Reich" is also frequently used and that term is an equivalent to "Nazi Germany" plus - unlike the latter - it is fully formal. It also corresponds to the term "Soviet Union", the 'soviet' in it being a sort of an equivalent to 'nazi' in Nazi Germany.

Vesko Vukovic
2 Jan 2020  #15

World War II may make us wonder with its illogicality. Who fought against whom? In the name of what were tens of millions of people destroyed and thousands of cities demolished?

Whereas I'm totally with you in stating that Nazi-Germany was a thoroughly german "product"

The "Grey" side was inspired by the ideas of Friedrich Nietzsche, who did not cease to be proud of his Polish origin and expressed his warmest feelings about the Slavs in general. The ideologist of the "Red" side was the Jew Karl Marx, who with angrily hatred hated all Slavs, and especially Russians. Ideally, everything was supposed to be the other way around, but everything was just the way it was. And that makes that war even more meaningless for its participants. But very useful for the arsonists of World War II.

Would you be able - without fear - publish that post in Europe?

Europe for a long time is not Christian... forget it! I would like it if it was Christian, but the EU is being built as the JEWISH empire of evil! That is why there is no place in the EU Constitution for Christians and Christianity! If you are not in the constitution (fundamental law) then tomorrow you can be - outside of the law - as a beast!

Look at this:


What is so "terrible"? Who are they making a fool of?
What kind of sick people are they, these big "fighters" against racism? They want to destroy human thought! No, you must not even laugh, because - it is - contrary to some "Council of Europe" recommendations! Really?

Behold, a time will come when you must no longer call a criminal - a criminal! This so-called "hate speech" law is the most common jewish-masonic rubbish directed against white people. I have written this in many other forums as well. And everywhere I say it publicly. That's why we, too, need to start different citizens' associations... not governmental organizations, etc. and to promote the view that "hate speech" is in fact - the prohibition of opinion - directed against the freedom of citizens and that the so-called "hate speech" - is just HATE SPEECH against the human right to a public political stance!


Today in Germany, jewdocracy completely rules. Through the MSM, the Jews were able to suggest to the Germans the thought of their alleged guilt towards the Jews and to make them repent. And not only do they repent, but also pay huge sums of money to Israel, with which, by the way, Germany has not even had a war. Practically Jews are insolently extorting the Germans. But the Germans are not such a people that they will kneel for long before the Jews and repent. Sooner or later in Germany the National Socialists will come to power, who will take into account and will not repeat Hitler's mistakes.

Bratwurst Boy
2 Jan 2020  #16

Today in Germany, jewdocracy completely rules....


*takes helmet and wanders off*

2 Jan 2020  #17

n the name of what were tens of millions of people destroyed and thousands of cities demolished?

In the name of a country attacking another country, going into it's territory and killing it's people? If you want to rant about Jews go ahead but the truth is besides it's appalling acts towards Jews Germans also started the war and attacked it's neighbours

Rich Mazur
2 Jan 2020  #18


That's it? That's your response to Vesko's great post? You would be better off not saying anything.
For the record, I agree with Vesco 100%. There, I said it. I am not scared of anything and Rich Mazur is my real name.
In the US, 3% of the population is Jewish. Do you want to know the percentages of banks, newspapers, TV stations, and wealth they control? I read somewhere it's at least 5%.

That was the lamest joke offered this year so far. Even I am not laughing.

Bratwurst Boy
2 Jan 2020  #19

That's it?

It wasn't meant as a joke, it's the only answer it deserves...

Sometimes one has to wonder about mankinds stupidity...it get's boring! This old "them mean Jews" trope is a dead horse!

Rich Mazur
2 Jan 2020  #20

Would you want me to post (1) the list of the biggest financial crooks - like Madoff - America ever had and (2) the names of the Jews who actually, as Fed chairmen, controlled the nation's money supply and, thus, everything?

I have a nice little story about the Great Depression for you when you are ready. No, the Great Depression didn't just happen. Sh*it happens, not depressions.

Which one would you like first?

2 Jan 2020  #21

This old "them mean Jews" trope is a dead horse!

This is the old language, bigotry and stupidity of the fascists.
By fascists, I mean National Socialists, Socialists and Communists.
The fascist that posts under the false name of Vesko is a Serb Nationalist, one of several on PF.
They are wasting their time and ours.
Their time has passed.
The world has moved on and no sensible people are listening to them any more.
I am surprised at you, Rich Mazur, for falling into his trap.
I expected better from you.

Bratwurst Boy
2 Jan 2020  #22

Which one would you like first?

Why don't you start with that nice bed time story about gas chambers, Auschwitz, a whole continent destroyed and 6 million human beings murdered because they were all so mean and powerful?

Rich Mazur
2 Jan 2020  #23

I can out mean that....50,000,000 American babies killed since Roe. I win.
Back to my post #20. Any interest in (1) or (2)?

Bratwurst Boy
2 Jan 2020  #24

Nope.....my grandparents heard more of that than you will ever know...and I've heard enough of that to last a life time. Not interested, hence my "Blah".

And now I'm leaving this thread, this trope IS boring!

Rich Mazur
2 Jan 2020  #25

I am surprised at you, Rich Mazur, for falling into his trap.

I don't feel trapped. But I know the statistics and which questions nobody is allowed to ask and answer on the subject that includes the history of banking and the 3% I already mentioned. To us here, the interesting year is 1913, and the event the creation of the "Fed" and, later, the 16th Amendment.

The question, for starters, nobody wants to touch is why Hitler hated Jews, himself being almost one of them. You want to explain that in a couple of paragraphs?

2 Jan 2020  #26

The question, for starters, nobody wants to touch is why Hitler hated Jews

He needed somebody to blame.
The Commies in Russia were already pointing the way for him.
They were an easy target and he was a lazy impatient imbecile.
Your Serb "friend" is just playing you......

Rich Mazur
2 Jan 2020  #27

I see you don't like numbers like these.... From the Times of Israel:

This Congress has four more Jews than its predecessor, which had 30 Jewish members. But it's far from the most Jewish Congress ever. That was the 1993 Congress, which boasted 51 Jews - nearly 10% of the total.

All of the Jews in the Senate are Democrats, as are all but two in the House.

That's in a country that is 2% Jewish. Do you want the numbers from the banking and the "Fed"? Those are even better. Them damn numbers....

They were an easy target and he was a lazy impatient imbecile.

That comment is an insult to our intelligence.

I don't need Vesco to know this:

Yellen's ascent to the post will also guarantee that, by the end of her first term, Jews will have occupied the Fed's top post for three decades straight - an unprecedented run of Jewish power and influence. The chairman's seat hasn't been occupied by a non-Jew since 1987,

So, maybe Hitler wasn't such a "lazy impatient imbecile" if he had a similar problem.

Vesko Vukovic
3 Jan 2020  #28



That's your response to Vesko's great post?

Thank you for the compliments Rich Mazur,

I'm glad you are thinking with your own head and are putting the pieces of the puzzle together. To me, believing in the jewish conspiracy is no longer just mere faith, they defend themselves by people hating them and that it's a conspiracy theory, they just throw a label on it. When you have no facts, then it's a conspiracy theory, but when you have a bunch of facts and you understand the whole genesis, the universal plot against Goys, then it is no longer a theory but a plan and a program. To make the absurdity greater, there were notable Jews who were disgusted by that Talmud... they came out of Judaism and began to uncover all these abominations of the Talmud and the conspiracy against Christendom. One of them was the famous millionaire from USA, Benjamin Freedman (1890-1960), who in 1945 converted to Christianity and spent all of his $ 2,500,000 wealth (now that value is about $ 30,000,000) on revealing the truth about Jews. The Jews ran after him, chased him, but the man did his job. He wrote the famous book, "Facts are Facts " where he completely shatters all their lies and the true background of World War I and II where these actually false Jews (Khazars), not Semitic in origin, pulled and managed the strings of those wars.


He was a contemporary of that time, had authentic documents, he personally knew and was friends with the most influential Jews. And now they say ...conspiracy... people hate them?!. It doesn't work anymore. But few people think about that, only when they get into $hit until their neck they start to twitch. But I have to tell you that the internet is for now the most effective weapon against the Jews. It is said that nowadays many Americans over the internet are finding out about all of this, but the pressure and repression of the Jews who control America completely at all levels, is enormous! Repressive "patriotic" laws are being passed that actually prohibit any criticism. People there are scared, confused, and plus there's that extra fear of terrorism. To them over there a mayhem is to follow.




There doesn't exist not one leader in history who didn't make mistakes, and so Adolf Hitler is not sinless either. His greatness is reflected in that he implemented National-Socialism into practice, that he Germany & Poland (as well as Eastern Europe) cleansed of Jews, that he succeeded in raising a country which was ruined and humiliated. Unfortunately, he failed to achieve his aim because, from a soldier's point of view, he fought a war on two fronts.

Rich Mazur
3 Jan 2020  #29

Killings aside, when a tribe within a nation does not identify as that nation, it should leave voluntarily or by force. Why the US tolerates the Amish who are exempt from certain obligations by law is beyond comprehension. Allowing any foreigner or a dual citizen to work in any capacity for the government is the kind of madness that only the intimidated white Christians are capable of. The fact that reciting the Pledge is now viewed almost as hate speech is just one of the symptoms of the cancer that is going to kill us.

Just for fun, why was the cross in front of the White House set on fire, but menorah was not? Is there as special symbolism in that decision?

3 Jan 2020  #30

Blah seems like a good response to utter nonsense.
WW2 took lives of tens of millions of people. In fact, most of them were Christian afaik so stop grumbling about Christians not having enough rights nowadays and glorifying people who killed and enslaved others as well as destroying the European heritage - the number of historical buildings, artifacts etc destroyed in the war is horrible. Churches and monasteries burned. Museums were looted. Historical sites were ruined.

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