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Music I have never got bored of

1 Jan 2020  #1

Since we have already a thread about Polish music, I thought we could use one for music from other places around the globe as well. Feel free to post your favorite songs or ones you have particularly fond memories of. Thread inspired by Miloslaw, by the way. Thanks, man.

Brainticket - Places of Light


Nektar - Desolation Valley


Rich Mazur
2 Jan 2020  #2

I like chanting...USA...USA...USA... That's music to my ears.

2 Jan 2020  #3

All you need is love ...

Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin - Je t'aime... moi non plus


Stranglers - Nice 'n Sleazy

The video above is not available on Youtube anymore. The thought police didn't like it.

Man - Erotica


2 Jan 2020  #4

Hendrix. End of. Light years ahead of any other guitarist in artistic terms.

2 Jan 2020  #5

What songs in particular? He produced a lot of garbage, too, over the years. I like this one:

Jimi Hendrix - Johnny B. Goode


2 Jan 2020  #6

Carla Bruni. In this piece here: "Le plus beau du quartier", she obviously incarnates herself into a young Anglo-Saxon lad who seduces them all, women and men alike, in Paris. And Carla knowns how to pronounce French accent so sexy!

[YT with subtitles in French]


The same performance once again (it starts at 49'38'') together with several more of her songs including my favourite, the excellent "Quelqu'un qui m'a dit" (5'04''), and "Raphaël" (54'30'') with the splendid solo guitar at the end of the song by one of her musicians - all this in a concert she played at the Théâtre du Trianon of Paris in 2014. [Elle aussi chante ici l'une de chansons de Serge Gainsburg - c'est pour toi, TheOther :-)].


2 Jan 2020  #7


A brave thread to start, if the admins allow it to continue I will find many songs to post.
I liked all your posts. Especially Brainticket.You must be about the same age as me or a bit older, I was in my early teens in the early seventies.


Yeah, Carla Bruni is surprisingly good isn't she?

2 Jan 2020  #8

What songs in particular?

Hendrix's covers were mostly curiosity pieces in my opinion. Do you play guitar TheOther? JohnnyBGoode was a throwback for Hendrix, very simple to play. A cracking cover would be this - Blue Suede Shoes - from the soundcheck from the same show - 30th May '70 Berkeley community centre on the original Hendrix In The West LP.


The boots have been circulating for years, and it's a great Hendrix show (both matinee and evening shows are great - my pick would be Voodoo Chile which finished the night, as seen on the Jimi plays Berkeley movie).

I sometimes go a couple of years without really listening to Hendrix, but then the greatest rock record ever produced, Jimi's Electric Ladyland, sucks me right in again:)

Serge Gainsburg

An artist with a legacy of some superbly produced records, which have stood the test of time.

2 Jan 2020  #9

So far the posts on this thread have been mainly French and German, so I'm gonna stick with that with two classic folk tunes,

One French, one German.
This is Maxime le Forrestier with "San Francisco".


And this is Reinhard Mey with "Gutte Nacht Freunde".
Gutte Nacht! Dobranoc!


2 Jan 2020  #10

the posts on this thread

Could I kindly suggest a look at the title of this thread? It was an interesting concept - music that never bores. A particular tune, by a particular artist, would surely?

Unless it was an opus - such as Chopin's second piano concerto....
Sorry but your posts are not in that league:):)

3 Jan 2020  #11

So far the posts on this thread have been mainly French and German

We can change that really quick! How about some Australian music??

I dedicate this to our Aussie friends, its been quite awhile since we heard this toe tapper:)

Tie Me Kangaroo down!!!


Do you play guitar TheOther?

I do! I have a SG and a Strat:)

Heres the best guitarists....





A brave thread to start, if the admins allow it to continue

We've had these threads in the past and they all get deleted:(

3 Jan 2020  #12

@ Ziemowit
Very nice, merci beaucoup. I like her. Reminds me a little bit of Nico


How about some Australian music

Every Aussie had this album back in the day. You could kiss your ear drums goodbye during their concerts.

Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs - CC Rider - Sunbury 1972


Do you play guitar TheOther?

I used to, but gave up a long time ago due to time constraints.

johnny reb
3 Jan 2020  #13

Both Stevie Ray and George Thorogood were at the top of my list in my day.

3 Jan 2020  #14

I have a SG and a Strat:)

Yes, we spoke about this before. Wonderful. If you've got Clapton's number, give him a call and tell him to pack up the Strat, much as I loved Derek, and get the Gibson Les Paul back. It's never too late!

I used to, but gave up a long time ago due to time constraints.

So go back to it. A very (self) satisfying hobby in older age. The missus said to me the other day "That's a nice tune - one of your compositions?" It was supposed to be a rendition of Hotel California, only my upstroke (or was it downstroke?) was way off!

their concerts.

Billy Thorpe - Bigger than AC/DC in Aus back in the day, I read TheOther. Was that true?

3 Jan 2020  #15

Sorry but your posts are not in that league:):)

Each to their own mate, but both were pretty big songs for many Europeans of a certain age.
You fit the age bit but maybe are not that "European" :-)

3 Jan 2020  #16

maybe are not that "European"

I agree that Le Fronglais is excellent for pop music, but Der Deutschen musiken? Halt bitte! :)
Neither of your (interesting) musical pieces are "never to be bored of" shirley? Let's ask BB, or our own resident French music expert, the omnipresent Iron.

Serge Gainsboro or Johnny Hallyday might fit the bill (for a French person) but not your posts:)

3 Jan 2020  #17

They were certainly bigger stars but for our generation Maxime was right up there and "San Francisco" is probably his best known song.
Back in the day most amateur guitarists could play it and it was often played by groups of "Cheveux longs" around a campfire.......... :-)

3 Jan 2020  #18

How about a trip back to 1969


Nothing is good as the original, but check out this Japanese cover band playing Pink Floyd.


3 Jan 2020  #19

Billy Thorpe - Bigger than AC/DC in Aus back in the day, I read

Thorpe's live album from Sunbury was a bit like "Frampton Comes Alive"; it was everywhere. Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs are sometimes considered the predecessors of AC/DC in terms of music style. AC/DC only became popular in Oz in the mid 70s.

Although I'd wish I could, picking up the guitar again isn't an option at the moment. I'm not retired and travel abroad on a regular basis.

George Thorogood

Good. one. Reminds me of some really wild parties...

George Thorogood - One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer


... and this one, too:

Bob Seger - Nutbush City Limits


3 Jan 2020  #20

You can't have a music thread without an Irish band :)) Here's a favourite track of mine from one of the less well known bands, Mama's Boys. This is the original version of Needle in the Groove, later it was re-recorded and over engineered in my opinion.


3 Jan 2020  #21

Catchy tune. Never heard of that band before.
You're right: no music thread without Irish musicians. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Pogues - Thousands Are Sailing


Get a dentist, dude... :)

Rory Gallagher with Jack Bruce - Politician


3 Jan 2020  #22

This guy has started an incredible thread.
I hope that Mods and Admins don't delete it it because it is not about Poland.
And I will tell you why.
Because there are plenty of threads on here that have nothing to do with Poland and they are mainly divisive.
But this is about music.People can agree or disagree about what they like, but it is not divisive.
In the end, we all accept other peoples tastes.
And all the posters on here are either Polish, of Polish origin or live in or have an interest in Poland.
So I think it will be interesting to se their musical tastes too.
Rant over.... so far the main interest seems to be guitars...that may change, but tonight I'm posting guitar tunes.
Kicking off with the best American Southern band of all time.....


Probably the best improvement on this Stones song ever.


This guy used to live round the corner from me and drank in our pub.I saw him live just once, but he was superb.


One for Doug, who hated my earlier posts....


I am a huge Black Sabbath fan and I love Zakk Wylde.....


Another genius guitarist.....why are most of these American?


Great riff.....thrashed well and truly....


Like Doug, I think that Jimi Hendrix was way ahead of his time and was one of the greatest guitarists ever.
But I think this guy is better.....and here is why.....


3 Jan 2020  #23

Yeah, the list of great Irish bands is much longer than both my arms... :-)
The Mamas Boys song you posted still sends tingles up my spine..... we played it to death on the radio and at live gigs.
You have probably seen this video before, sound quality not great but energy 100%...... I saw Lizzy many times,they never let you down.

3 Jan 2020  #24

I hope that Mods and Admins don't delete it it because it is not about Poland.

There's a fair chance it might as someone has to follow behind you deleting the videos and turning them into links. Members could help by not posting as many as 8 videos in one post or just providing a link minus the " "

4 Jan 2020  #25

someone has to follow behind you deleting the videos and turning them into links

Then leave them as is and don't turn them into links. Why is that such a big deal anyway? The videos are not on the PF server. They are loaded from Youtube and embedded when you open the thread. Don't say GoDaddy puts size limits on PF traffic.

4 Jan 2020  #26

but tonight I'm posting guitar tunes.

All good bands dude! Ive seen Johnny Winter live in concert a few times, too bad he passed away. Ive also seen Skynard (after crash) don't really like their new stuff, its just not the same. I also have a video on my phone with Zakk Wilde only 10 feet away from me playing Hendrix`s voodoo Chile:):) He was in town with Ywngie Malsteem...

Great riff.....thrashed well and truly....

The last time I seen him was 5 years ago at this tiny club out side Chicago and still have my autographed CD:)


Thorpe's live album from Sunbury was a bit like "Frampton Comes Alive"

Frampton knocked it out of the park in 1976. I would not compare anything from Thorpe to him?????

All Thorpe has done is " children of the sun" and its 7 mins of repetitious rubbish.

4 Jan 2020  #27


I didn't compare the music quality, I compared the distribution of the albums. In that respect, they were similar: what "Frampton Comes Alive" was in the US and Europe, Thorpe's "Live at Sunbury" was in Australia. Regarding the Aztecs' music, you are mistaken. They were one of the leading live acts in Oz, and they often delivered performances that were simply awesome. Party time every time, just like the early AC/DC gigs. You need to listen to the whole Sunbury album.

I'm suprised, by the way, that you are into Pink Floyd's "Atom Heart Mother"/ "Ummagumma" phase. These orchestral pieces were garbage in my eyes. I liked the Japanese cover band you posted, though. Very close to the original. I prefer the older Floyd stuff, too, but more the melodic songs like...

Pink Floyd - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun



Liked your post above. Some truly talented guitarists and bands. Johnny Winter and Pat Travers I've seen, and Pink Floyd also when they released Wish You Were Here. Can't remember much of the concert though. Too stoned... :)

4 Jan 2020  #28

You need to listen to the whole Sunbury album.

Ok. Ill listen to it in a little while. You have come up with some really good bands in the past, Frumpy...

Pink Floyd's "Atom Heart Mother"/ "Ummagumma" phase

I like AHM, but Umagumma is too weird for me. Maybe good for 60s acid trips.lol How about the Meddle album?

Pink Floyd - Echoes (Full Pompeii Version)


Pink Floyd - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun:):)

I used to listen to Floyd practically everyday in H.S

johnny reb
4 Jan 2020  #29

Floyds Dark Side of the Moon every night at college while working out the bedsprings.

4 Jan 2020  #30

every night

Impressive. We all used to love bonking - but every night?
The Pink Floyd, I can understand.

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