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Music I have never got bored of

10 Jan 2020  #61

Do you know this guitarist???

That's their regular guitarist, Craig Chaquico.

10 Jan 2020  #62

Joe Cocker has the worst voice

Now isn't that weird.
You And I share very similar musical tastes and yet I love Joe Cocker's voice.
Janis Joplin sometimes grated with me....
But I love the rough, gruff voices, male or female.....
Rod Stewart with The Faces, Steve Marriott with The Small Faces,Humble Pie and The Packet of Three,
And what about Beth Hart???
Another rough voice that I love.

10 Jan 2020  #63


Saw them twice Milo. Loud and funky. 110 db one fan said. Damaged the ceiling at the Albany Rooms in Nottingham I recall 😂
Never saw Budgie 😠

10 Jan 2020  #64

Shame, you would have loved them.
They were heavy, but funky, soulful and a bit acoustic too.
I am sure you know their music though.

10 Jan 2020  #65

Sure. I only have one Budgie album though strangely, must have played it 100 times over the years - "Never Turn Your Back On A Friend"

RIP Neil Peart.
One of the greatest rock drummers. And his lyrics helped Rush become a prog monster. I will crank up my CD of Caress Of Steel tomorrow am. and lift a glass of Canadian whisky to a true pioneer.


11 Jan 2020  #66

check out Man

They are awesome. I posted one of their songs (Erotica) on the first page already. Here are some more from two of their many live albums:

Man - C'Mon


Man - 7171-551


11 Jan 2020  #67


Check out their performance on the 4 LP set of Live at the Roundhouse - "Spunk Rock" is easily their best ever jam captured on tape.

No drugs required. The music takes you there.

11 Jan 2020  #68

Live at the Roundhouse

4 LP set? Which year? 1976 or 1975? The album Maximum Darkness I posted above was recorded there. That's probably the one you meant, right?

No drugs required.

The band smoked more dope than Cheech & Chong...

11 Jan 2020  #69

Maximum Darkness

Yes - just realised that TheOther - I used to have the album I refer to, but traded it:(( It is an album of multi groups such as Brinsley Schwarz and Hawkwind, as well as Man.... and the 20 plus minute version of Spunk Rock was akin to Little Feat in it's magnificence.

The band smoked more dope

But like with all good rock music, you didn't have to take drugs yourself. I never smoked as a 20 something year old, because listening to Hendrix and others was mind altering.

11 Jan 2020  #70

"Jam up Jelly Tight / Oh No, Not Again (Spunk Rock '73)" is another great jam. 21 minutes long.



I miss Stacia... :)

11 Jan 2020  #71

another great jam

Thanks The Other. Smokin.'
Just trying to take in the news about Neil Peart. 25 pages already on SteveHoffman.tv. Very sad:(

11 Jan 2020  #72

Check out their performance on the 4 LP set of Live at the Roundhouse

I was at that gig!!

And the air was full of the smell of hash...........

And I have just remembered that at that Roundhouse gig, supporting Man were Deke Leonard's Iceberg and the amazing Quicksilver Messenger Service.
It was a very hippy gig................

11 Jan 2020  #73

It was a very hippy gig........

Cracking days. I just thought of that as normal at the time. Amazing that you were there. I had tickets for Knebworth one year but my parents wouldn't let me go:(

11 Jan 2020  #74

And the air was full of the smell of hash

Have you ever been to a five hour long Grateful Dead concert with a few thousand potheads? :)

Speaking of: anyone remember these guys?

David Peel & The Lower Eastside - Alphabet Song


11 Jan 2020  #75

Have you ever been to a five hour long Grateful Dead

I once declined a free ticket to a Dead concert. The person with the ticket told me " Once the band starts everyone turns around and watches the real show" lol

He meant the freak show! Haha, I admit, the crowd would be fun, but the band still sucks......

11 Jan 2020  #76

a free ticket to a Dead concert

You had a narrow escape! Why bother with that tedium when we have Ronnie Van Zant and Skynyrd!


11 Jan 2020  #77

the band still sucks

I saw them once in Europe in a small concert venue. Probably 3000 GIs in there, everybody stoned. The show itself was endless and pretty much unbearable. Grateful Dead is more about the audience than about the music, you're right. They had their best phase when they released the "Live/Dead" album in 1969. That one was great. After that: too much Country music for my personal liking.

11 Jan 2020  #78

Thanks for starting this thread.

11 Jan 2020  #79

Thanks for giving me the idea... :)

Here are two concert videos for you guys. Not the best sound quality, but who cares.

Hot Tuna - Full Concert - 11/20/76 - Capitol Theatre (OFFICIAL)

Patti Smith Group - Full Concert - 05/11/79 - Capitol Theatre (OFFICIAL)


11 Jan 2020  #80

Hot Tuna

Never get into them for some reason. They missed the hooks of Jefferson Airplane....me and my school pal were looking for some guitar music to replace Hendrix - seeing as he'd upped and died...

We settled on Alvin Lee and Ten Years After, Wishbone Ash, Robin Trower and Rory Gallagher - all of which somehow failed to fill the void. It seems we weren't looking very hard, but Hot Tuna didn't make any waves in the UK.

Love Patti Smith!

11 Jan 2020  #81

We settled on Alvin Lee and Ten Years After, Wishbone Ash, Robin Trower and Rory Gallagher

Very similar to me and my friends.
But we liked Hot Tuna too.

11 Jan 2020  #82

There was this guy who could play a bit.......:):)
..but...but..we were SO serious about music and weren't wise enough to get Franks' genius.


11 Jan 2020  #83

Thanks for starting this thread.
And as you are an Aussie I will thank you by posting some Aussie music...... jeez there is so much from a nation with such a small population,

But here are some of my favourites.
Starting by going way back....
The Easybeats - "Friday on my mind"

Angry Anderson and his AC/DC clones Rose Tattoo with "Nice boys don't play rock'n'roll".

This is Jimmy Barnes with "Driving Wheels"

I like Wolfmother too, this is "The Joker and the Thief".

Last one, Doug will hate this..... he will say it is cheap and poor blasphemy but hey, it aint Hendrix but it ROCKS!
She can play and she is prettier than Hendrix......
This is Orianthi with "Voodoo Chie".

11 Jan 2020  #84

Apologies for my post above.

MODS please delete it.

I tried to post links instead of embedding videos and it failed miserably...... I will not be doing that again.
Sorry Vincent, but if I ever post music videos again I will embed them......

11 Jan 2020  #85


You like Wolfmother? Then check this Australian band out:

Airbourne - Stand Up For Rock N' Roll

Here's a live gig:

Airbourne - Live Rockpalast 2010


12 Jan 2020  #86

RIP Neil Peart.

I tried playing the drums and failed miserably. Watching him makes it look easy...RIP Neil!


The show itself was endless and pretty much unbearable.

The show was billed Dylan and the Dead back in 1987 and Im still glad I didnt go! LOL

Hey, I was listening to Budgie last night and found another band for you, if you didnt post this one yet?

Taste - What's Going On (Live At The Isle Of Wight)

I didnt know its was Rory Gallaghers band!!


I like Wolfmother too, this is "The Joker and the Thief".

Ill go grab a beer and listen to em:)

12 Jan 2020  #87

the air was full of the smell of hash...........

Sounds like a typical journey on the number 27 bus from Coolock in north Dublin into the city centre at any time of day..........I kid you not!

12 Jan 2020  #88

With apologies for my failed post yesterday, I will try again.
Sorry Vincent, got to embed them as I clearly am not capable of posting links.
My Aussie selection.
Kicking off with Jimmy Barnes and Driving Wheels".


Wolfmother "The Joker and the thief".


With apologies to Doug, who will hate this.... it aint Hendrix but she is very good and prettier....
Orianthi with "Voodoo Chile".


Last one Vincent...... this is Jimmy Barnes daughter with Joe Bonamassa and she kicks ass!!
Mahalia Barnes and "Ooh Yeh".



Zappa was a genius.I was buying his records in the mid seaventies.
Unfortunately I never saw him live.


Yeah, I know Airbourne, a bit of an AC/DC soundalike band, but they are good.

I didnt know its was Rory Gallaghers band

I was surprised that you would even heard of Taste.
You did good to discover them.

12 Jan 2020  #89

Hey Mods
You killed my embedded links in todays post but have not deleted my failed post from yesterday that I aasked you to delete.

12 Jan 2020  #90

Well, you asked:



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