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Music I have never got bored of

17 Jan 2020  #121

I will be posting loads of early Santana later..... enjoy....


No, I didn't know that one as I was into the earlier stuff, but yeah, it sounded pretty good to me.

So I have loads of Santana tunes to post.
Nearly all of them are old ones.
But as I have fifteen songs I will only post five per day.
Don't blame me.... it's all Jokers fault :-)
He reignited the fire in my belly for early Santana..... and I thank him for that.
So I will try to keep this in order of time.
So we are kicking off with the first Santana album, just called Santana and "Savor".


This was also from their first album and this is them performing it live at Woodstock.
This is "Soul Sacrifice".


We now move onto their second album, "Abraxas" and this is the cove of the Fleetwood Mac song "Black Magic Woman".


Also from from "Abraxas", this classic.. "Oye Como Va".


The first of my posts from my favourite Santana album, their third album.
This is "Batuka' and my last post for tonight.More to follow.
Mods.... be kind to me....leave the links up at least until tomorrow......


17 Jan 2020  #122

This was also from their first album and this is them performing it live at Woodstock.

He said, he was so high on a mind altering substance that he thought his guitar turned into a snake..lol

Don't blame me.... it's all Jokers fault :-)

Its always my fault:)

How about this one??

I aint got nobody....


Do you mind if I wear my Batman costume? LOL!

Do you have one?


I just love this song as little kid...lol Isn't it the Ventures? This version has a funky flute:)


Ghost Riders in the Sky, this is badass...


17 Jan 2020  #123

Another over enthusiastic Nazi mod has killed off my embeded videos, but i caught yours in time.
I am pretty sure you do not understand the concept of pIrate radio, but nearly all the songs you just posted are regularly played by European pIrate radio stations....good stuff.....

17 Jan 2020  #124

Do you have one?

Nah. Only my Batmobile ... a black Lamborghini Centenario ... :)


I love Santana. Seen him a couple of times already, although it has been quite a while since the last concert (some 30 years or so). Here's a rare live performance from 1968 at the Fillmore West.

Santana - Live at Fillmore 1968


Here's another band that plays similar music:

Los Lonely Boys - Onda


18 Jan 2020  #125

my favourite Santana album

Me too. Do you have the original LPs Milo? Worth a pretty penny in vgc today!

I aint got nobody....

Probably my favourite Santana track

18 Jan 2020  #126

my favourite Santana track

Mine is still

Santana - Samba Pa Ti


I was a regular in a pub/ music venue once which often played that song and others like Lucky Man by ELP. Beer kegs as tables, the walls made of gipsum so it looked like a cave, and the only light source were candles. Aah, those were the days. All you needed was your girlfriend at your side, some friends and a lot of dope ... :)

ELP - Lucky Man


18 Jan 2020  #127

Me too. Do you have the original LPs Milo?

I do, they are in good condition but maybe not mint. :-)
Before I make my posts I just want to pay tribute to Doug.
A great poster to PF for over 10 years.
Doug and I disagreed on politics and Brexit but we are of a similar age, both British and both Rock fans.
I would happily spend a few hours with Doug sharing a few pints together, but we would not discuss politics.... :-)
He has cited his reason for leaving and I respect that.
But I suspect that other aspects of this forum has made him leave too.
The same reasons why a few other previously regular posters are now absent.
I, like many of you, love this forum but the owner,admin and mods need to note that people are leaving.....
I am not going to tell you what to do with your forum.
Just a gentle suggestion, on some things you are not liberal enough and on others you are too liberal.
I believe in freedom of speech, but on a Polish forum, that should only stretch to people who have an interest in Poland and Poles.Not for people who use it as a propaganda platform.

OK.Rant over.
Doug agreed with me that his favourite Santana album was Santana 3, so all my posts tonight are from that album and for Doug.
This is "Everything is coming our way".


"Everybody's Everything"


"No one to depend on".


"Jungle Strut".


Last one for tonight, "Guajira", all songs from Santana's third and, in my opiion, best album and all dedicated to Doug.
Mods, please respect this post and leave the embeds up longer than normal......


18 Jan 2020  #128


Doris Dragović - "Ja noćas umirem"


Oliver Dragojević - "Cesarica"

18 Jan 2020  #129

Whilst I accept that there have been some very good Yugoslav bands and singers, Doris is obviously not one of them.....and Oliver is no better....

Terrible and painful Serbian rubbish... My ears hurt....

18 Jan 2020  #130

and Oliver is no better....


He was one of the rare artists who had the honour to perform live at New York's Carnegie Hall, London's Royal Albert Hall, the Paris Olympia, Opera House in Sydney... so with such comments once again it really shows just how clueless you are.

Perhaps you could better understand his deep lyrics, but then again you are not fluent in Polish.




Vesko Vukovic
18 Jan 2020  #131

Many singers are known by 4 to 5 hits that they produced over the span of their whole career... Oliver Dragojević had about 20 of them.


Oprosti mi pape = Forgive me dad


Oliver Dragojević - Što to bješe ljubav = Remind me what love is

19 Jan 2020  #132

Loved all your posts

but then again you are not fluent in Polish

But I am and he is not singing in Polish.
Sorry, but I think you have to be Serbian to like this music.

@Vesko Vukovic

Again, this guy just does not do it for me because I am not a Serb.

Time to close my Santana posts.
From the album "Borboletta"this is "Mirage".


These are all my favourite Santana tunes.
From the album "Amigos" this is "Gitano".


Again from the "Amigos" album this is "Dance sister dance".


Fast forward to more recent stuff, I rather liked this....


For my last Santana post I will return to the roots and a great oldie.
From the very first Santana album this is "Treat"....


20 Jan 2020  #133

Very nice. Thanks for posting, Miloslaw. Some blues from me tonight:

Stone The Crows - Love 74


Blodwyn Pig - Up And Coming


20 Jan 2020  #134

Wow, two amazing posts.
I know both of these bands but both the songs you posted are new to me.
I thought I knew my stuff, but you seem to know more......I
I find it hard to believe that you have known all these bands just living in Oz and the US.
Come clean, did you live in Europe and if so, where and when?

20 Jan 2020  #135

Britain and Germany in the 1980s.

21 Jan 2020  #136

Stone The Crows - Love 74

Cool band! Hes got a bit of the David Gilmour finger. I thought it was the Stone Roses at first.


Stone Roses from Manchester. UK

Terrible and painful Serbian rubbish... My ears hurt....

All the Dogs around the neighborhood started howling! LOL

Again from the "Amigos" album this is "Dance sister dance".

Good Santana compilation! Remember " Flor de Luna"? " moonflower"



Time for some Seattle Grunge!


Alice in Chains




Pearl Jam

This was the best of the 1990s

21 Jan 2020  #137

Hes got a bit of the David Gilmour finger

Their guitarist was Les Harvey, the brother of Alex Harvey of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. Sadly, he was electrocuted on stage in the early 1970s. Remember this one?

Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Faith Healer


21 Jan 2020  #138

Remember this one?

No, this is one of the strangest things I've seen and the guitarist is dressed as the Joker Haha

Its kinda of hypnotic, its freaking me out!!


21 Jan 2020  #139

Britain and Germany in the 1980s.

That would account for it :-)

21 Jan 2020  #140

Its kinda of hypnotic

Let me post the club version of that song. It's much better than the live one above. I'm sure you 'll enjoy it.

Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Faith Healer


Here's a similar hypnotic song by a German band called Birth Control. Ignore the lyrics and the funny German accent, and concentrate on the music. Crank up the volume!

Birth Control - Gamma Ray


That would account for it


21 Jan 2020  #141


SAHB never really did it for me, though I did see Zal Cleminson's band live once and they were pretty good.
I think they were just called Zal......
Birth Control I know, a bit weird but I quite enjoyed your post.

22 Jan 2020  #142

Little bit of punk rock. Well, more rock than punk...

The Plasmatics - Butcher Baby


Nina Hagen Band - TV-Glotzer


cms neuf
22 Jan 2020  #143

Love that Plasmatics track :). Never heard of them but after a visit to Wiki it seems the singer is no longer with us :((

22 Jan 2020  #144

Love that Plasmatics track :)

Wonder why ... :)
The Plasmatics were really wild; especially their singer Wendy O. Williams.

Alice in Chains/ Soundgarden/ Pearl Jam

Although I like some of their songs, I'm generally not digging grunge bands from WA. They were and still are way overhyped by the industry in my eyes; Nirvana being the worst example.

23 Jan 2020  #145

The band was infamous for Rory Gallagher deliberately screwing up songs during gigs.

He was probably drunk as usual. I see a video of him yesterday screwing up another song. The drummer and bassist looked pi$$ed off as well.

They passed a law in the USA after Mickey Mantle (another drunk) was allowed to skip to the front of the line while other patients were waiting for a liver transplant. Soon after receiving the new liver, he went right back to drinking and died soon after.


Livers for alcoholics debated after controversial new study

Nirvana being the worst example.

Ya, Nirvana sucks! I don't like any of their songs and Kurt Cobain cant play a guitar solo at all.

These guys are good for grunge.



Hey, each band has a dead guy..A drunk ( Gallagher) A junkie(Cobain) and A Suicide ( Cornell) long live Rock!!

23 Jan 2020  #146

Audioslave have quite a few good songs (like the one you posted).

I listen to the live stream of a radio station from Seattle (KEXP) quite often. They offer a wide range of music styles; excellent most of the time. Here are a few examples:

Tinariwen - Full Performance


Psychedelic P-orn Crumpets - Full Performance


Brittany Howard - Full Performance


Plus a million more on Youtube.

23 Jan 2020  #147


You have very wide and, some would say, eccentric, tastes in music.
But that is cool.
Tinariwen are a band that I have been following for some years.
Love them.
Let's see if I can get your juices flowing with some of my posts tonight.....
I think you might like this, originally from Mali, Songhoy Blues with "Al Hassidi Terei".


From Argentina Seis Cuerdas and "La Posada".


Believed to be Russian, this is Estas Tonne with "Song of the Golden Dragon".


Last one for tonight, from Mexico, Rodrigo y Gabriela with "Hanuman".


24 Jan 2020  #148

The music from the above post brought me back memories from this artist' numerous performances I had the pleasure to experience in Orlando:
Nicholas Marks




24 Jan 2020  #149

Believed to be Russian, t

Nice mellow guitar for the morning, won't last long though:)

Audioslave have quite a few good songs (like the one you posted).

I seen Soundgarden back in "95". I missed Audioslave when the came through, too bad Cornell is gone, another amazing talent lost.

Psychedelic P-orn Crumpets - Full Performance

Not too shabby, a nice change from all the metal.... Have you heard of CAN?



Milo, How about some more classic British Rock!!!


Wishbone Ash

Dig the psychedelic attire:)

24 Jan 2020  #150

You have very wide and, some would say, eccentric, tastes in music.

Well, that's probably a natural development over the years. Joker and I talked about it briefly once. Can you imagine still being stuck in that early phase when the only bands that counted were Hard Rock bands? I moved away from that within a few years because it got boring, and I'm on the lookout for great musicians and songs ever since. One of the reasons why I started this thread, by the way.

Music has changed a lot since the first appearance of Napster (remember?). Concept albums are out nowadays, long songs over 20 minutes almost impossible to find unless you listen to jam bands, and there is an avalanche of one hit wonders because the kids don't care about a whole album anymore, but only about one specific song. Not to mention that the social role that music played back in our day has changed completely now. It's by far not as important anymore as it used to be to define yourself as a member of a certain group. The times they are a-changin'...

Have you heard of CAN?

Oh, yes! I actually posted the same song as you somewhere, but the mods binned it. Paperhouse is one of their famous pieces, just like the following.

Can - Mother Sky


Wishbone Ash

Awesome band. I've seen them four or five times.

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