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Zionism and World War II

10 Jan 2020  #181

@johnny reb & @Rich Mazur

"Nazi" is a kike slur to ridicule national-socialists and create a false picture about them.

10 Jan 2020  #182

"Nazi" is a kike slur

Pathetic fascist...... Why are there so many of these goons in Serbia?
Tell Trump that he needs to bomb Serbia ASAP......

Rich Mazur
11 Jan 2020  #183

"Nazi" is a kike slur to ridicule national-socialists

Of course, it is. Just as I wrote in #176 above:

NAZI, Nazis, or Nazi Germany are not used to inform, but to express anger.

johnny reb
11 Jan 2020  #184

Subjectivity mascareding as objectivity.

Atheism is a non-prophet organization.

Rich Mazur
11 Jan 2020  #185

Nice play with words...If you meant it as a bait, it worked so I started reading about prophets. I soon noticed one strange correlation: the more we know, the less bullsh*it like "prophets" and prophesies. In fact, the prophet industry quit making prophets centuries ago with that child raping pos Muhammad who was declared to be the last model off the line.

I guess, thanks to the US penal code, FTC, and the concept of mail and wire fraud, it's hard to be a for-profit prophet without a signed disclaimer saying that what will follow will be lies "for entertainment only". Today, prophets are known as "psychics" - middle age women faking foreign accent. To add to the sense of mystery, they prefer to operate in dark rooms - but still bright enough to tell $10 from $20.

As with the miracles, their expertise does not include the stock market. They don't claim to have God on speed dial, either. A smart way to stay out of fed pen.

11 Jan 2020  #186

"Nazi" is and never was synonymous with "German", except among the ignorant! Germany had a painfully small, yet strong resistance movement.

Rich Mazur
11 Jan 2020  #187

"Nazi" is and never was synonymous with "German", except among the ignorant!

"Ignorant" would be excusable. "Nazi" as a replacement for "German" is deliberate.

11 Jan 2020  #188

Correct! I never once made such an error.

11 Jan 2020  #189

"Nazi" as a replacement for "German" is deliberate

It is.
It tries to distance Germans from their crimes.
Same as Soviet when we really mean Russian.......

12 Jan 2020  #190

Hmmm, I wonder if the latter is in fact analogous. Soviet=Nazi?
The Czars weren't exactly saints either. Communism though essentially replaced one form of autocracy with another, except of course, for the monarchic element of the former:-)

Furthermore, Stalin was no Hitler! Jewish apparatschiki who played ball with Stalin were spared incarceration or execution, provided they sacrifice their personal freedoms
to the State. In the case of Hitler, once determined to be a Jew (although certain exceptions were made, such as for Mischlinge), all the amount of butt kissing, flashing an Iron Cross, or standing on one's head while shouting 'Sieg Heil!', couldn't save the Jews from slated extermination. To Stalin, obedience came first and foremost. His was an ideological society as opposed to Hitler, for whom the concept of State was of a racially pure unit, hence, biological first and foremost. Russian Jews could technically be considered "model comrades", whereas German Jews were never deemed "German" enough for the Nazis!

Probably in the scheme of things, the worst of all Communist dictators was Ceacsescu, seconded perhaps by Rakosi of Hungary. The second, by the way, was a Jew by birth, ironically.

12 Jan 2020  #191

Jewish apparatschiki who played ball with Stalin were spared incarceration or execution

The Russians had no more love for the Jews than the Germans.
But they tolerated them if they were useful.
This caused a huge rise in anti semitism in Poland because so many of the Soviet apparatchicks were Jews.... and many of them Polish Jews.

Poles saw them as traitors.

Rich Mazur
12 Jan 2020  #192

the worst of all Communist dictators was Ceacsescu,

Which is why I enjoy watching his trial and the execution. All in less than an hour.
This is how we should deal with the illegals and the drug smugglers here and save a ton of money on the wall.

13 Jan 2020  #193

The Commis also never organized the systematic extermination of a single ethnic group for purely ideological-biological reasons.
Herein too lies a major difference between the two societies.

Bratwurst Boy
13 Jan 2020  #194

A difference yes, but for the sorry being belonging to to the "wrong" group it didn't matter in the end...

Rich Mazur
13 Jan 2020  #195

True. Dead is dead. But I agree with Lyzko that there is a dramatic difference between being dead for your immutable characteristics vs what you did or might do.

Bratwurst Boy
13 Jan 2020  #196

Think about it....both groups, Jews and Kulaks were declared "enemy of the people", bloodsuckers, traitors and what not.

Both had never a chance to prove that they were not. They were born into a class of people which stayed constantly under suspicion and prosecution. The Stalin purges killed millions of totally innocent people which had never wronged anybody...just being born to not so poor off farmers, owning some land or an university degree was enough to be shipped off to the gulag, if you were lucky.

It didn't matter what they really did or didn't do....is there really such a big difference between Jews and Kulaks? Both couldn't escape their labels as enemies...both were dispossessed, expelled and murdered. Neither of them could escape their heritage!

"....They were called "enemies of the people," as well as swine, dogs, cockroaches, scum, vermin, filth, garbage, half animals, apes. Activists promoted murderous slogans: "We will exile the kulak by the thousand when necessary - shoot the kulak breed." "We will make soap of kulaks." "Our class enemies must be wiped off the face of the earth."...


Rich Mazur
13 Jan 2020  #197

is there really such a big difference between Jews and Kulaks

Yes. One cannot quit being Jewish. A kulak can leave the farm, join the commie party and, thus, be safe. If my life depended on it, I would leave the country to save my ass, not just the farm.

Bratwurst Boy
13 Jan 2020  #198

A kulak can leave the farm, join the commie party and, thus, be safe

No, he couldn't! If he could had done so millions would had chosen life instead of starvation and death, as would had many Jews...but they were never given the chance, the dictators needed their scapegoats...hence the murderous numbers!

Rich Mazur
13 Jan 2020  #199

Is there any record of indiscriminate murders of the communist party members who didn't say or act against the party or the individual members?

Bratwurst Boy
13 Jan 2020  #200

That even got it's own wiki entry:


"....In response, Stalin's Great Purge saw one third of the Communist party executed or sentenced to work in labor camps. The most prolific period of executions occurred during the Great Purge, from 1936-1938. An estimated 4 million people were executed and millions more were sent to prisons..."

But communists weren't singled out as group like Kulaks or Cossacks were...that was only Stalin's paranoia in full bloom. After all he presented himself as a communist.

13 Jan 2020  #201

B.B. is correct. If one failed to curry favor with the "right" higher ups, their goose was cooked.

Rich Mazur
13 Jan 2020  #202

You just argued in favor of my position. You said that "their goose was cooked" IF they did or did not something, which is exactly what I said.

Jews had no such option. They were "cooked" for what they had ZERO control over, which is being Jewish.

13 Jan 2020  #203

Merely reiterating what I too had posted several hour ago. Bingo!

Vesko Vukovic
6 Nov 2020  #204




A film that describes the jewish overtaking of England.

(German production, Mirko Jelušić - film director)

6 Nov 2020  #205

A film

Silly and sordid.

6 Nov 2020  #206

6 Nov 2020  #207

Or contemptuous of errant fiction...

6 Nov 2020  #208

errant fiction

Nah, more like...

And there is a very good, scientifically-backed reason too for a zionist ottoman like yourself to be so defensive.

Report finds Ashkinazi Jews descended from Turks

Persian Jews converted Turks to Judaism to create the rump of what would become today's Jewish population, DNA research has revealed.

The fascinating insight, which shows that most Ashkenazi Jews descend from Turkey, was made possible by state-of-the-art computer modelling and genetic techniques.


6 Nov 2020  #209

Their (and your) true origins are all reflected in the name.

6 Nov 2020  #210

Fortunately, most genetic analyses show a very different conclusion.

But keep lying Bieggyboy, a laugh is always good.

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