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Author Looking for a Polish Tutor in Leeds, UK 4
Author Any Polish community in Leeds? Looking for a flat 5
Author U.S.C. Requesting birth certificate Polish language help 2
Author Polish designers wanted in London UK
Author Second hand clothes from UK for partners in Poland
Author Polish T-shirts | Original Designs 2
Author Twoj Weekend 1994/1996 - four Polish magazines for sale (with adult content) 5
Author Polish gentleman for dating(UK) 3
Author Job opportunity for IT Sales Managers, frontend and backend developers
Author Polish language course in Bydgoszcz
Author A good source of sales contacts- BF is handling sale of a Warsaw property for his grandmother
Author For rent: Great 1-bedroom apt. close to the Błonia and Rynek - Krakow, Poland
Author Final Four in Warsaw 4
Author Sunrise Festival (Kołobrzeg), time of main event and after party? 2
Author Anyone in Zakopane? 5
Author Looking for an Eskimo for Polish lessons 5
Author Blog about Polish language! If anyone would like to learn this language! 3
Author Traveling from essex uk to krakow (end of March 2014) 4
Author Anyone travelling from Poland to Wales / Uk with space in vehicle. 3
Author Bus Rental for 18 - 24 seater in Poland required 2
Author Co-operation in Poland 2
Author Anyone going to the festival in Lublin tonight? 19
Author Warsaw Village Band - Ireland 2
Author FAW meetup Irish Embassy in Krakow 12
Author Tennis lessons together in Warsaw, anyone? 9
Author I'd like to plan a reunion (in Wrocław at the medical school) 21
Author Poznan: any Django-jazz players out there? 6
Author Wroclaw - meetings with English or American families 2
Author Local news and events in Poznan?? 7
Author Scottish festival this weekend in Szkotowo 6