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European News Thread

24 Nov 2018  #901

Agreed,time the British Police regained control.
There was a big phone in on LBC this afternoon on the subject,not one single call,text or e mail not supporting The Police.

We have had enough!
24 Nov 2018  #902

Would have been better to never been infected with the problem in the first place.

Never going to see this type of scene in Warsaw, How many murders in London so far 103?

Anyone know who the main perpetrators are ?, must be ethnic white male Brits as they are the majority in the country
24 Nov 2018  #903

You and I know exactly who the main perpetrators are.....
24 Nov 2018  #904

Really, tell where I can read about who are the perpetrators in the press and media.

Honest question.
24 Nov 2018  #905

And that is the problem in a nutshell......we all know,but nobody has the balls to call it out.
24 Nov 2018  #906

But the problem will never be solved and just grow worse until it is called out and the issue is addressed objectively.
24 Nov 2018  #907

Agreed,honesty is the best policy.
All this PC nonsense about not wanting to "upset"people just causes more problems.
In my life I have generally been honest with my opinions,but in my youth I sometimes bit my lip so as not to upset others and then saw the problems that caused.I no longer do that,I shoot from the hip all the time now.....sometimes it causes upset,but always short term....in the long run,honesty is best for all concerned.
25 Nov 2018  #908

EEC meeting to ratify Brexit. Not too late to stop this bullshit, and guarantee that our next generations will not be imprisoned in their own bigoted worlds and that our children will be free to live and work where they wish.

A very important day for us all.
25 Nov 2018  #909

Agreed,honesty is the best policy.

Of course it is, but you'll notice in Poland that the groups demanding 'honesty' only like it when it suits their causes. Mention certain taboo subjects (such as Polish crimes against minorities) and you'll be met with a wall of abuse, yet insult Muslims and they'll be cheering you on.

That sort of hypocrisy is absolutely vile.
27 Nov 2018  #910

Some news about increasing your online privacy using European search engines;

"European privacy search engines aim to challenge Google"
Bratwurst Boy
2 Dec 2018  #911

Nordstream 2 in question?

In Germany at least...

The recent days have seen german journos and politicians discussing hotly the pros and cons of this pipeline since....ever!

Since the russian bruhaha in the Kerch Strait more and more Germans get a stomach ache and it could be that a new gov without Merkel could give the project the boot...(at least the political support from the government, doesn't mean the pipeline won't be build nevertheless)

Interesting times!
3 Dec 2018  #912

Nordstream 2 in question?

Well, they are slow. Aren't they? It has been talk about for years and they woke up only now? sheesh ..
Bratwurst Boy
3 Dec 2018  #913

Well, they are slow. Aren't they?

Putin's chutzpah with Ukraine just gets abit much, even for those who always show great understanding...
3 Dec 2018  #914

Lots of people must have been making money from that relationship. Also there is a very attractive looking from the German point of view a policy of making a lot of different business with Russia on many levels. Nothing wrong with it on a surface but as I said it is not a viable long-term solution for German as its history has proven.

Good, there is a some kind of recognition of the fact amongst German elites.
Bratwurst Boy
3 Dec 2018  #915

....I think also the constant criticism from other european countries seems to wear the pro-camp down. Then Putin pulls such a stunt again and defending the pipeline just got even more harder.

I personally doubt Merkel will pull the plug, but should there be new elections and Merkel gone there could develop a new governmental majority rethinking that project. The mood has changed.
Bratwurst Boy
3 Dec 2018  #916


Even the SPIEGEL picks up on that mood change...only in German for now:

Ukrainekonflikt heizt Debatte ├╝ber Pipeline-Projekt an

(The conflict in Ukraine is heating up the debate about the pipeline project)


Most interesting is WHO is now criticizing the project...mainly members of the Green party and the CDU...a constellation which could very well build the new after-Merkel government coalition....only the SPD (foreign minister Maas) is still fully behind it and she might not get enough votes in a coming election. (And of course Merkel but her time in leadership both of the CDU and Germany is waning).
8 Dec 2018  #917

Marxists incessantly seek to destroy the glue which binds Western nations; God, Family, Race.

"Why men should give their wives permission for infidelity this Christmas"

By Rosa Silverman

Read the twitter comments on that news item here:

Write the Telegraph and get her fired.

dtnews@telegraph.co.uk Tel: +44 (0) 20 7931 2000

telegraphenquiries@telegraph.co.uk Tel: 0800 316 6977 | +44 (0) 1622 335030
8 Dec 2018  #918

God, Family, Race...

That sounds so 1930s.

"Why men should give their wives permission for infidelity this Christmas"

No nookie for you this Christmas, Slavictor... ;)
8 Dec 2018  #919

Write the Telegraph and get her fired.

It won't get you anywhere. The Telegraph isn't an internet forum where anybody can post; it's a newspaper which commissions people to write articles on given topics - like this one. The more cranks that complain about articles they can't handle reading, the more page hits they get, and the more they get from advertising.

No nookie for you this Christmas, Slavictor... ;)

Or the rest of the year, probably...
8 Dec 2018  #920

And, the Marxist peanut gallery is back...

Write and call the Telegraph. Remind them they are the Telegraph, not the Mirror, and that they are a business which have shareholders. Choose any advertiser in the Telegraph and call them to express your dismay with the authors' warped opinion, preferably one with a half or full page ad. Associate that dismay with their product. They'll get the message.

See the author is fired, after first issuing an apology to the readership. Borrow a page from Sauls' book, isolate and destroy her reputation. Ad hominem the hell out here. Critical theorize up one side then down the other. See she is censured from other work in "journalism". Be as degenerate as they in your tactics, then crank it up a notch.
8 Dec 2018  #921

Write and call the Telegraph. Remind them they are the Telegraph

They don't need reminding. Their sales are good too.

They'll get the message.

There's no 'message' to get. Some foreign eccentric disagreed with an article that conflicted with his ultra-conservative views on human relationships. Their readers and advertisers are too intelligent and sophisticated to care.

Feel free to write though; they'll enjoy the laugh.
Dirk diggler
10 Dec 2018  #922

"Why men should give their wives permission for infidelity this Christmas"

Does this surprise you? We're talking about the United Kaliphate after all... the place where women can marry chandeliers and dead pirate ghosts too. That's what happens when you get a bunch of cultural Marxists to **** up your society and make the natives become a minority in their own capital.


Surprise surprise.... not...
10 Dec 2018  #923

dead pirate ghosts too

You're 'thinking' of Ireland. The lady is Irish.

Anyway, she and the ghost are now divorced.
Dirk diggler
10 Dec 2018  #924

Same thing. Only difference is United Kaliphate is further along in the demise of its native population.
10 Dec 2018  #925


You do realise that it wasn't actually a legal marriage? Ghosts don't usually find it easy to sign the register...

Never mind......
Dirk diggler
10 Dec 2018  #926

She should've gone to one of the many sharia courts than. Only problem is if the ghost becomes a poltergeist and starts to abuse her she's screwed.

10 Dec 2018  #927

many sharia courts

In Ireland? Anyway, why would a clairvoyant go to a different faith's marriage tribunal about their PR stunt?

Get a grip on yourself.
Dirk diggler
10 Dec 2018  #928

In Ireland? Anyway, why would a clairvoyant go to a different faith's marriage tribunal about their PR stunt?

Because UK is further along in its cuckery... hence it'd be easier for a woman to marry a ghost, chandelier, horse, toaster, etc and even groom children without police intervention i.e. rotterham, telford, manchester, list goes on and on... Perhaps our warsaw visitor who comes on and off here should try the UK.


Get a grip on yourself.

That's my gfs job.
10 Dec 2018  #929

hence it'd be easier for a woman to marry a ghost, chandelier, horse, toaster,

In your mind, perhaps.

It would benefit you to be able to discern what is actually real, and what isn't. Fake weddings done as PR stunts by clairvoyants are, well, fake.


"'Rotterham' or anywhere, Liverpool or Rome."
10 Dec 2018  #930


The hostile and sick minded never integrate.

"As young as three..."


After Brexit, Northern Ireland may obtain a special status in the EU [489]US: Time to Quit as the World Dumbest Cop [41]

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