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Merkels power crumbles rapidly

12 Mar 2020  #421

were unwilling to resort to violence and

What about the SU crackdown in Lithuania in 1991?

Bratwurst Boy
12 Mar 2020  #422

No offense, but you should inform yourself a bit more about what the Nazis did to other Germans.

Give me a number Tacitus! Even when you all put together that was hardly more than 5 or 10% max of the whole "Volk"....that means that more than two thirds till up to 90% had not only no problems but actually profited from the policies geared to support them.

As a recognized full blooded member of the Volk you could even dare to voice disagreements. I remember being totally taken aback learning the fact that even soldiers in the Wehrmacht could openly chose not to fulfill certain orders like becoming part of an execution commando.


Perhaps it would not have saved them anyway, but excessive violence against their own people did not lead to their downfall, the opposite did.

And that's the point! The Nazis never had to think about using excessive violence against their own people to stay in power....to the contrary, their own people fighted for them till the end! You can't discuss that away.

1945 the NS regime was 12 years old, not enough time to brainwash all, in comparison the GDR had more than a generation time and it didn't helped them in the end.

I know, it's uncomfortable but herein also lies a warning. National Socialism is even today much more dangerous...but not because they are so bad, but because that ideology is so seducing!(As long as you are part of said Volk, mind you)

Bratwurst Boy
12 Mar 2020  #423

Here you have it..

After a survey by the US occupation troops the Germans preferred to 40% National Socialism to Communism (10%) in 1949....only 4 short years after the total destruction!

(And nobody by then could say they "didn't know" what the Nazis had done!)


12 Mar 2020  #424

Merkel is Same as Hitler regarding that

12 Mar 2020  #425

Comparing Merkel, for that matter ANYBODY, to Hitler will always be a losing argument!
Hitler remains unique in the annals of both despots and the suffering inflicted upon a captive population.

12 Mar 2020  #426


Merkel is responsible for terror, rape and plunder of Germany. Its that easy. Her guests also visited Nice and the Bataclan in Paris.

12 Mar 2020  #427

You can't give any examples and so your posts are worth nothing:-)
The woman has been at the head of Germany for the past fourteen years, and so she needs a vacation.

Steinmeier's the president. In Europe's hour of need, he's the German equivalent of our Veep, and therefore is expected to fill in when his boss requires rest!

12 Mar 2020  #428

You can't give any examples and so your posts are worth nothing

Oh, the Irony! Thanks for the chuckle.......

12 Mar 2020  #429

Well he can't!

Merkel's inviting Syrian refugees to escape Assad's bloodshed is hardly comparable with a leader with willful intent pillaging and destroying except in the warped mind of some pseudo-educated and frustrated crack pot.

12 Mar 2020  #430

had not only no problems but actually profited from the policies geared to support them.

In communist societies, that number would be closer to 100% in theory. Of course, in practice, it was always different.

recognized full blooded member of the Volk you could even dare to voice disagreements

That is hardly qualifies as an disagreement. Even the Nazis were smart enough to understand that forcing people into commiting mass executions was not a good idea, and they could afford to be lenient because there were always those who prefered working in a KZ to fighting at the Eastern Front. Aside from that, any dissent was ruthlessly squashed.

You can't discuss that away.

The point is that the NS regime was far more brutal in its' oppression than the communist regime succeeding. They executed any ringleader before there was even a chance of an uprising forming. The Volksgerichtshof alone sentenced more than 5000 people to death. Compare that to the number of political executions in the DDR. The Monday demonstrations would have never happened if the SED had rounded up all those who prepared those gatherings and executed them.

My original point was that you would likely be safer living in a communist dystopia than in a NS dystopia, because in the former you can limit your risk of being killed if you stay completely out of politics and never voice any criticism. Under a NS regime, you could still be killed if you were born with certain (real or perceived) disabilities, factors which are completely outside of your control.

I also stated that Communist theory has a bit more intellectual gravitas than NS, because unlike the latter, Communism is not based on completely absurd and unscientific observations. Karl Marx is to this day credited for first understanding the importance of material factors in the advancement of history. It all falls apart once he disregards an important anthropological absolute in human history: Namely that humans always tend to form capitalist societies, and thus the goal of forming a communist society is doomed from the start. Still better than the - even by the scientific standards of the time - laughably absurd invention of human races.

40% National Socialism to Communism (10%)

It is a bit more complicated than that. Many Germans had - from our point of view - a rather strange attitude towards Communism. Communism was heavily associated with Bolshewism and Russia, and by 1949, Germans had been exposed to 30 years of anti Bolshevik propaganda, starting with the Russian Revolution, not to mention the war and occupation. However socialist ideas were still very popular, as evidenced by the fact that the SPD - which was in theory still a socialist party - came in second place during the election. Many socialists believed firmly in Marxist theories, but decried the SU as "red-painted fascists" for perverting everything socialism stood for (which to be fair, they kinda did). Schumacher, the leader of the SPD is a very good example of a socialist who was also a firm anti-bolshevik.

12 Mar 2020  #431

Im not frustrated. Actually im quite happy. You saw the video at greek coast with the rubber boat full of orientals? How the headscarf ******* screeched when coast guard swapped them with waves and shot near their boats?


Btw German politicians have no mandate to save the world. I give a **** about non europeans

12 Mar 2020  #432

During the time of the GDR, the key difference was of course, that one might have easily survived in East Germany, Jew (Hermann Axen, Spymaster Wolff another) or gentile, so long as one curried favor with and towed the party line. If one was "linientreu", basically no problem.

In addition, compared with the ultra-xenophobic N.S.D.A.P., in order to prove the East Germans WEREN'T Nazis, they were well known to have invited Nigerian exchange students in certain disciplines during the late '60's -'early '80's to come and study at East German universities, almost as "tokens" in response to the state propaganda against the "evil" West, i.e. "Hey, you Wessis!

See that? We're not those racist Germans reported in your press; we have BLACKS in Germany studying alongside Germans!!"

Bratwurst Boy
12 Mar 2020  #433

Many Germans had - from our point of view - a rather strange attitude towards Communism.

Nah....they knew it by heart...by that time the people in the communist occupation zone made already their choice with their feet.

This apologizing for Communism is quite common in western Europe, they never had to live through it!

12 Mar 2020  #434

The only Eastern Block nation though which prospered under Communism was apparently Hungary under Kadar with her compromise "Goulash Communism":-)

13 Mar 2020  #435

The thing is, that Merkel is a weak *****. She cant protect Germany and fails in evry aspect. Letting 1.8 milliom 3rd worlder in is one thing. She now also fails completly at the Corona Virus, she has no plan, has no courage to do something. She holds pathetic speeches like "The Virus reached Europe. Now it is here". Thanks *****, we know that since 8 weeks from newspapers. No words why china travel was not banned, no words why carnival was not cancelled. No words what she plans to do.

She is such a pathetic worm, that one wants to throw up when she starts talking.

13 Mar 2020  #436

@Weimarer, Merkel's strong! She resists giving in to, that is, pandering to the current primitive trends. When she does what she believes to be right, she's pilloried instead of constructively criticized!

Good news! The AfD's finally on the German gov't's watch list for subversive anti-democratic institutions, threatening to destroy German democracy. YEA!!!

Vesko Vukovic
13 Mar 2020  #437

Seems we have a democrat here. Democracy (demos-kratos) literally means mob-rule. It's not a coincidence that it failed in Ancient Greece.....
Jews in the "Protocols of the elders of Zion" explained very precisely how mob is a brainless mass, it can be easily manipulated and (((((they))))) can use the mob as a tool to achieve (((((their))))) goals.

Quote from the protocols:
"The abstractness of the word " freedom " made it possible to convince the mob that the government is nothing else than a manager, representing the owner, that is to say, the nation, and can be discarded like a worn-out pair of gloves. The fact that the representatives of the nation can be deposed delivered these representatives into our power and practically put their appointment into our hands."

"When the time comes for our Worldly Ruler to be crowned, we will see to it that by the same means--that is to say, by making use of the mob--we will destroy everything that may prove to be an obstacle in our way."

Bratwurst Boy
13 Mar 2020  #438

....still preferable to any alternative!

13 Mar 2020  #439


I hope Merkel dies soon, she already looks like she has a stroke.

As for watch list, its nonsense. The Linke is on that list since decades. Its a no brainer. If there would be no AfD, NPD would get the 25% here in Thüringen. People like you dont get it. People dont vote AfD because AfD is so cool. We vote AfD because the rest is so pathetic.

Rich Mazur
13 Mar 2020  #440

I hope Merkel dies soon, she already looks like she has a stroke.

Send her a die soon card. I did with McCain. A year later he was gone.

13 Mar 2020  #441

@Rich Mazur

Hurry up then. I dont want wait a year. Evry passimg day with that shivering weak slob as chancellor of our great nation is one day too much.

Rich Mazur
13 Mar 2020  #442

If the French and the Bolsheviks had a reason to kill their ruling class in the past, the Western Europe and the US are getting very close to that point. Voting these bastards out is like sending an email to the NY rats to please go somewhere else.

13 Mar 2020  #443

Merkels power crumbles rapidly

The thread`s title reads: rapidly. I imagined it is the matter of two, three weeks when Merkel`s government collapses. However, she still rules. What`s wrong?????? Doesn`t she read the Polishforums? Does she read anything at all??????

Bratwurst Boy
13 Mar 2020  #444

Yeah....that crisis might actually help her. The last thing that an electorate wants during such a time is an infighting government or an opposition which thinks about themselves more than about the country.

And Merkel might not be the one for the great dramatic speeches and gestures, but most Germans actually prefer some quiet levelheadedness at their helm right now!

All big disagreements will have to take a backseat till this virus is beaten...

Rich Mazur
14 Mar 2020  #445

The last thing that an electorate wants during such a time...

What the electorate wants means squat. If it did, you, Germans, would not be bit*ching at Merkel for the flood but at yourself for being that stupid. You don't because you know your opinion didn't matter.

Bratwurst Boy
14 Mar 2020  #446

I dunno...it rather seems the only opinions which are constantly being ignored are yours and the like of Dirk Diggler etc...

Rich Mazur
14 Mar 2020  #447

So your opinion did matter to Merkel. I wonder how she found out what you, Germans, thought about the planned flood. Interesting....

Bratwurst Boy
14 Mar 2020  #448

How do you think democracy works? Do you really have no idea about the millions of people down to the communal, town and village level who keep things going? Who are totally immersed with their neighbourhoods? Merkel would need to live on Mars to NOT know how the majority feels and thinks.

Did you ever try to change things yourself with becoming part of the political life in your own neighbourhood? To really gain some influence, to actually DO something besides grumping endlessly on an internet forum about a "mean" world overrun by "stupid" people?

Just try it....

14 Mar 2020  #449


Merkel has no power anymore. She is a phantom. She doesnt even act anymore. The problem is that so many pathetic worms depend on her so they basicly keep her corpse in office. Its a problem for Germany and Europe as a whole. We are in crisis and in Berlin is no leadership.

14 Mar 2020  #450

As usual, it is very reassuring to have someone like Merkel at the helm in a time crisis.

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