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Merkels power crumbles rapidly

14 Mar 2020  #451

I don`t know why people criticize Merkel. She is good. She contained Germany. I know, you would say, but such a devastation. Well, Germany is rogue state. Something had to be done. Germans have that Roman influence in them of necessity to merge with Semites. See, its now given to them in plenty. So much that whey would finely learn to see truth.

See, madman Hitler, as Nazi-Islamic fanatic also fu***d Germans. Before Hitler, shorty Napoleon was on the same job. Maniacal Julius Caesar, too. Western Europe gave a lot of maniacs.

14 Mar 2020  #452

Idiotic as usual. You hate my country, thats ok. But what you dont get is, Merkel steers entire Europe into the wall. You are like a 3rd class passenger with a cabin in the stern of Titanic, laughing, when the Grand Stair Case of First Class collapsed during the sinking.

14 Mar 2020  #453

Idiotic as usual.

Sincerely thank you. From you this is truly great compliment.

You hate my country, thats ok.

No. I reprimand Germans. To me they are my lost Serbian brothers. And sisters, of course.

14 Mar 2020  #454


The difference is, you will go down. We wont

Vesko Vukovic
14 Mar 2020  #455


Crow are you aware that Yugoslavia began WWII as an ally of Germany?



"By 1938, 60% of Yugoslavia's trade was with Germany, making the Reich into Yugoslavia's largest trading partner with Germany"

"Stojadinović stated that Yugoslavia had always enjoyed good relations with Germany except when it viewed the Reich through "somebody's else spectacles" (a reference to France), leading Hitler to say that Germany no longer viewed Yugoslavia "through Viennese spectacles".

14 Mar 2020  #456

Yugoslavia began WWII as an ally of Germany

Yes, it was favor to Zagreb (Croat extremists) and Vatican`s pressure on state policy. But Serbs likes to be asked and non asked them. So, coup d'état happened in Belgrade in solidarity with Poland and Czechoslovakia. Serbs in masses moved on streets shouting ``Batter war then pact!`` and ``Better grave then slavery!``

Then, in truth, reich gave death to Serbs flattening Belgrade and genociding Serbs, and while Serbs resisted, Zagreb Croats welcomed Germans with flowers and helped them in ruling Yugoslavian realm. Even so, Vatican made Croat ustashe looks nicer then Serbs. Lesson one? Praise Pope and live and prosper. Lesson second? Things will change so Vatican become insignificant.

In the meanwhile, Poles learn something and become less naive.

14 Mar 2020  #457

Poles do not even listen to Serbo Turkish extemists......let alone learn from them.
On the contrary, you Serbs need to learn from Poles.
Poles are important now, Serbs are still irrelevent.

15 Mar 2020  #458

No problem to me. I am 500% Polish. In comparison to me you are Bantu.

15 Mar 2020  #459

No problem to me.

How do you get away with posting utter rubbish on every thread without repercussion??

Do you even bother to read the titles of the threads you post on?

15 Mar 2020  #460

I read. Merkel is also 500% Polish. Well, maybe not 500% but 300% definitely.

15 Mar 2020  #461

A month has passed and she hasn`t crumbled yet. What is wrong? Doesn`t she read Polishforums?

15 Mar 2020  #462

Its simple. She didn`t finish her job. Yet.

15 Mar 2020  #463


Merkel is not in power in Germany anymore. So i wonder where you get your news from.

She sits in Berlin, but has no power left, she just takes the money and sits on the chair. Right now Germany is without functional government and leadership.

15 Mar 2020  #464

What is wrong? Doesn`t she read Polishforums?

She's probably hanging on his every word.

15 Mar 2020  #465

It all looks like that Merkel have big painting of Gavrilo Princip in her bedroom. Every night she goes to sleep she tell to the painting: ``You shall see. I will do even more then you. You fu***d only AH Empire. I will s***w all Germanics.``

15 Mar 2020  #466


She hangs on no words at all. She doesnt read any report anymore, doesnt attend any events, holds barely any speeches anymore.

15 Mar 2020  #467

She hangs on no words at all

Certainly not on yours.

15 Mar 2020  #468


Not on her own as well. She says nothing, does nothing.

Im ok with that.

15 Mar 2020  #469


15 Mar 2020  #470


Its not a Fantasy. Even Bild German biggest tabloid, calls her a phantom.

You are not German. You could not even Spot Europe on a map

15 Mar 2020  #471


Hardly known for reliability or balance, but hey, it's got pictures of Becker's identical wives!

15 Mar 2020  #472

Weimarer has like all AfDler a strained relationship to reality. Merkel has so far done anything that is reasonable and within her power. The trouble is that many decisions regarding the virus are out of her hand due to Germany's federalism.


15 Mar 2020  #473

So, how long will Merkel stay in office?

Rich Mazur
15 Mar 2020  #474

As long as Germans are like Tacitus and BB - obedient and apologetic betas.

Bratwurst Boy
15 Mar 2020  #475

*epic eyeroll*

Rich Mazur
15 Mar 2020  #476

Did you ever write to your legal representative to express your opposition to ANYTHING?
How is that "epic eyeroll" now?

15 Mar 2020  #477

I prefer it to talk to my MEP face to face when he organizes a meeting with his potential voters.

Rich Mazur
15 Mar 2020  #478

I didn't ask what you and the other one prefer. I asked if you or the other one ever objected to ANYTHING - on record and with your real name known.

If so, what was it?

Bratwurst Boy
15 Mar 2020  #479

How is that "epic eyeroll" now?

It's either that or a *facepalm*!

More often than not I can't decide between both reading your inane posts. It's always the same...and it doesn't get any better after the umpteenth repetition!

15 Mar 2020  #480

Sure, I did, regarding the Euro crisis, I wanted him to vote for bailing out Greece.

USA tried to steal German vaccine against Corona Virus [437]Music I have never got bored of [489]

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