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Merkels power crumbles rapidly

Bratwurst Boy
8 Mar 2020  #391

OMG *face palm*

You are such a boot licker!

8 Mar 2020  #392

@Bratwurst Boy
A Alpha is never a boot licker. You are the submissive one

Bratwurst Boy
8 Mar 2020  #393

A Alpha is never a boot licker.


And he is the smartest of the pack, you are only a dumb boy!

Rich Mazur
8 Mar 2020  #394

We must stay cool, act without mercy and do what must be done.

That is why I actually wrote to Trump to offer to go to the border and do anything legal to protect the US from the hordes.

What the pussyfied weasels here never admit is that eventually, when the limit is reached, they would have to come up with some way to stop the limit+1 migrant. That is why these morons never answer my "how many" questions because, as stupid as they are, they are still smart enough to figure what my next question would be.

...gave you the antidote to Tacitus nonsense.

Thanks. God knows I needed it. If I want a pussy, I will find me a cat, not a guy.

8 Mar 2020  #395

@Rich Mazur

The migrants are not the problem, just the symptom. You have to fight the liberal left. In Greece tehy now hunt all that ****. NGO. Journalists. Burn down their trash. On Lesbos they set aflame their "Happy family" NGO camp. Burned down the UNO "Welcome Center".

NGO now run, Journalists run.

Rich Mazur
8 Mar 2020  #396

The migrants are not the problem, just the symptom.

To me, they are both. And the fact that their supply is infinity. It's like trying to stop Mississippi from flooding by drinking it.

The feel-good leftists are just stupid, virtue signalling addicts that need to get their fix by taking the scum in - even in small numbers - and never mind the 6 billion getting ready to come and pound on the door. The smart people like me wouldn't admit the first one to keep the avalanche from burying me.

8 Mar 2020  #397

@Rich Mazur

The liberal left would clap and sing on the grand stair case of Titanic, when her first 5 compartments get flooded and call it ocean enrichment

Rich Mazur
8 Mar 2020  #398

Let me give a better Titanic analogy that happens every single day here and in Europe.
The leftists would give the last seat on their lifeboat to a military age, illegal male pos before a legit paying passenger. Especially if that passenger was white.

8 Mar 2020  #399

@Rich Mazur

Well, as patriotic German i see it as my duty to keep Titanic safe and 3rd worldscum out.

8 Mar 2020  #400

The selfie with Merkel reminds me a bit of that other PR photo op made some nearly sixty years earlier of the one-millionth guest worker being presented with his own bicycle as a "welcome gift".

Propaganda pure and simple.

Rich Mazur
8 Mar 2020  #401

the one-millionth guest worker

Those were not guest workers if they are still in Germany. Guests leave.

8 Mar 2020  #402

The EU refugee policy: 2020 is not 2015


Wir schaffen das nicht?

8 Mar 2020  #403

@Rich Mazur
They are not guests. They also dont work. They are a burden

9 Mar 2020  #404

Rich, you must be aware that the Germany government used both the term "guest workers" (Gastarbeiter) as well as "foreign workers" (Fremdarbeiter).

Technically, they were both:-)

9 Mar 2020  #405

Doch, Ziem, sie schaffen das schon und als Folge macht's die Deutschen zu schaffen!

Translation: 'Oh, but they can, the result of which is that Germany can't!'
One person's trash is another one's treasures.

In fact, Weimarer, those Syrians whom you people seem to detest so, DO work, albeit in limited
capacity owing to their often rudimentary language skills. Apparently, their "re-education" has been only
modestly successful, hasn't it?

10 Mar 2020  #406

"...macht's deN Deutschen zu schaffen!"

'Scuse the typo folks.

10 Mar 2020  #407

macht's die Deutschen

macht's deN Deutschen

I don't think it's a typo. You've just confused the definite article for the German plural genitive with the plural nominative.

But who can decline those correctly? I have more or less mastered the German singular, but the plural still evades me :-(.

10 Mar 2020  #408

Bullshit. My Girl works at Agentur für Arbeit and can tell you..those illegals dont work

10 Mar 2020  #409

Perhaps your girl friend has only seen those who don't.
There're usually two sides to every coin:-)

If you wish to have your posts taken seriously by an educated populace, by those whose opinions are worth anything, refrain from using vulgarity!

It doesn't make your English sound either convincing or authentic. You might also
(easily) be misunderstood by native English speakers.


As I recall growing up, and later in school, the expression is "jemandeM zu schaffen machen", .e.g. "Das macht MIR ja zu schaffen!"
Then again, Berlin dialect constantly confuses Dative and Accusative.

10 Mar 2020  #410

There are no two sides. They are lazy and parasites. Look at their country. Its a ******** becaise of its people. They never work.

P.s. i dont consider you educated at all.

Bratwurst Boy
11 Mar 2020  #411

Turkish President Erdogan compares Greek treatment of refugees to the Nazis


What? Your brilliant plan didn't work? Now you are throwing a tantrum and stomping your feet? Aaaaaw.. :)

11 Mar 2020  #412

Apparently, Weimarer, you haven't any idea of the meaning of the word "educated"!

I may not be "wohl erzogen", but I certainly am "gebildet":-)

Furthermore, only to the ignorant and primitive is the world either black or white.
Don't ignore the gray areas as well. Have you ever studied philosophy?

johnny reb
11 Mar 2020  #413

I may not be "wohl erzogen", but I certainly am "gebildet":-)

Compared to who ? lol

Have you ever studied philosophy?

You must have since you philosophize as an expert on every subject on the P.F.
Weimarer posts non stop about the AfD and one might have a clue that AfD is a philosophy.

11 Mar 2020  #414

...and an idiotic to downright dangerous one!!

Compared to whoM, Johnny? Compared to Weimarer for sure, unless of course he's playing dumb, which is entirely plausible:-)

11 Mar 2020  #415

Weimarer posts non stop about the AfD and one might have a clue that AfD is a philosophy.

So was Nationalsocialism and Communism, but I wouldnt find students of either one particulary intelligent (though to be fair, Communism is less self-contradictary).

There is nothing profound about the world view of AfDler.

11 Mar 2020  #416

Amen, brother!!

Bratwurst Boy
12 Mar 2020  #417

Communism is worse!

12 Mar 2020  #418

That is like saying that Pest is worse than Ebola, both are deadly.

Though it would arguably be less risky living in a totalitarian communist society than in one dominated by NS. In both societies you'd be killed for opposing the government, or even be suspected of doing it. However in a NS society you'd additionally be in danger because of other factors you'd have no control over, like belong to an "inferior" race, being handicapped, gay or mentally disabled.

Bratwurst Boy
12 Mar 2020  #419

Though it would arguably be less risky living in a totalitarian communist society than in one dominated by NS

To the contrary, it was much easier to live a good live under an NS regime.

Nazis have "their own" and kill "others", as long as you belong to their own Volk you have not much to fear. That's why the Nazis had to be beaten from the outside, their "approval rating" by the Germans was still high at the end of the war and even a long time afterwards. (As US polls have shown).

There are reasons for that, the same reasons why there developed never really a resistance.

With the Communists it's totally different, they will gladly kill and opress anybody not toting the line, they killed many more of their own people than the Nazis ever did and were overthrown by their people in the end because of that.

Conclusion: For a German living under the Nazis was much preferable than to live under the Communists!

12 Mar 2020  #420

as long as you belong to their own Volk you have not much to fear

As long as you were not gay, handicapped, mentally disabled, suffering from mental illness, or being seen as a social nuisance (which sometimes could apply to a single women who was reported for "undue behaviour". The Nazis killled and persecuted Germans who belonged to all of those groups. Belonging to their "own" would not save you. In fact they considered it their duty to "purify" their Volk from those elements.

No offense, but you should inform yourself a bit more about what the Nazis did to other Germans. It was shockingly easy to fall through the cracks. And it was just as easy as in a communist dictatorship to be suspected of subversive behaviour.

they killed many more of their own people than the Nazis

I really don't want to defend the GDR here, but that is hardly the case. The Nazis killed alone for political reasons approx. 1000 to 1200 German people in the first year after taking power. That is more than the SED executed during its' entire existence. And the number rose particulary in the last years of the war.

overthrown by their people in the end because of that.

Where was this the case? The SU and by extension the GDR fell because they were unwilling to resort to violence and implement a "Chinese solution" in 1989. Perhaps it would not have saved them anyway, but excessive violence against their own people did not lead to their downfall, the opposite did. The Nazis would have just executed the ringleaders early on when the first protesters assembled and be done with it.

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