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Poland`s aid to Ukraine if Russia invades - part 2

24 Apr 2022  #91


Chinese journalists in the field in Mariupol. Western "free" journalists in a hotel room in Poland.

24 Apr 2022  #92


More Russian troll BS and this time from a Chinese source...... LOL!!!!

24 Apr 2022  #93

Like Putin has done?

Putin wanted the Minsk agreement to be followed as agreed on and brokered by France and Germany. Z had a chance to comply. He refused. Bye.

Western a-holes thought that Putin's red line is a movable object like Obongo's. Or a hologram. Wrong.
BTW, this war is between the US swamp and Russia. The swamp is doing everything to prolong it. Z is just peripheral and a handy useful idiot.

24 Apr 2022  #94

No. I don't make idiotic decisions that kill thousands

Like Vladolf Putler.

This push for the Ukrainian Donbas is likely to be his last chance, and russia be pushed back in a bitter insurgency. The orcs are losing.

cms neuf
24 Apr 2022  #95

But it's not "bye" for Zelensky - Russia invaded, got nowhere near Kiev and is screwed in the rest of the country. They just proved that they are drunks incapable of organizing a p-up in a distillery

24 Apr 2022  #96

So why didn't Russia invade a NATO state then, if they felt 'threatened' by NATO? Just a short march over the border into Poland.

A brilliant question! Not a one that russian child-raping cowards, or their anus divers here, will gladly answer though :)

24 Apr 2022  #97

A brilliant question!

A stupid question. Russia didn't invade a NATO state for the same reason why the US didn't invade a Warsaw Pact country like Poland to bring to it prosperity and democracy. Russia invaded Ukraine for the same reason why the Union invaded the South or the US would start WW3 when the USSR decided to get even and move bad sh*it to Cuba.

You see, children, Russia and Ukraine were once one country. A neutral and separate Ukraine was acceptable to Russia. A NATO Ukraine is not.

How many fu*cking times do we have to come back to this point?

24 Apr 2022  #98



the Russians

I couldn't help but notice that some posters here, who are generally decent people and on the right side in this conflict, would seem to consider the rules of ortography to be more important than the rules of common decency. They are most emphatically NOT more important, so let's stop being ortography nazis and start spelling 'russia', 'russian' and 'the russians' in the way that common human decency and conscience surely tells us to - with lowercase letters.

There are very few sanctions that we, ordinary people, can impose on russia, so let's impose at least this one - a full and complete ban on capital letters in relation to all things russian on PF.

24 Apr 2022  #99

was acceptable to Russia.

Who cares what is acceptable to Russia?

24 Apr 2022  #100

Dead Ukrainians. Not Zhole with his ticket to Florida and a 35,000,000 dollar pad there.

so let's stop being ortography nazis and start spelling 'russia', 'russian' and 'the russians'

Hey, what happened to the idea of joining the brave Ukrainian fighters for nothing? Too scary? On the other hand, those lower case Rs are so cool...

How old are you?

BTW, it's "orthography".

24 Apr 2022  #101

They really are orcs. I hope his death hurt just as the appearance of his body shows.

24 Apr 2022  #102


Tactical nuke talk projection. Poland's "Stop Russia Now!" campaign. Green US Military.


Azovstal news. Chrystia Freeland upset at G20. Maria Zakharova's "double line" for Greece.

24 Apr 2022  #103

let's stop being ortography nazis

it's "orthography"

See what I mean?

johnny reb
24 Apr 2022  #104

what happened to the idea of joining the brave Ukrainian fighters for nothing? Too scary?

Look who's talking.......Hypocrite....LOL !
The U.S. is Pepsi's number one consumer of their product and Russia is number two.
Pepsi pulled out of Russia and now Pepsi cola has almost doubled in price in the U.S.
How we sacrifice for this war.
And, I have not heard one word what this war has done to our environment.
Has anyone heard ?

24 Apr 2022  #105

They really are orcs

Hard to disagree.

as the appearance of his body shows

So Skeletor really does exist!

Meanwhile, a refugee staying in our home travels tomorrow to the U.K., and has enjoyed her stay in Warsaw.

24 Apr 2022  #106

I just don't like this histeria on the news, Govermnet spending tons money they don't have and going overborad on refugees. Aslo they dumb propaganda is disgusting.

You can't ask a question to be name as Pution this or other, what a scumbacks.
What about all those moeny they lost for Covid? They are going pay billions for vaccination from that Ptz company. Those compenies took part in scam but why our government got scammed and nobody aswer for that with their head.

They behave as if Poland's money was their money and that they can do whatever they like with it.
Help for Ukrainie sure but I would like to know that someone is taking care of the Poland's interest rather than ride the tide of sentymental wave or mastrubate with it is the rigfht thing to do over and over again.

Are we suppose to vote on them because of all that? I think not.

24 Apr 2022  #107

russia has of course already lost this war...

Looking objectively at the facts:

- Putler is now seen as a war criminal, a global pariah. He will never stand on a world stage again.

- russian armed forces have proven to be inept and have repeatedly violated international laws.

- russia hasn't achieved any of its original war aims/strategic objectives

- The russian economy is isolated and in decline.

- The people of Ukraine will never be subjugated...and Ukraine will never be successfully occupied.

- Ukraine's govt has emerged as a modern nation-state and will play a key role in future Europe.

- NATO is more united than ever and will become even stronger, with Finland and Sweden joining.

- The majority of the World's countries have united in revulsion against Putler and dictatorships.

- There may be some tactical defeats on the horizon for Ukraine and perhaps some operational challenges...but the end state is obvious.

- russia and Putler will not achieve their strategic goals or gain any "wins" from this conflict

24 Apr 2022  #108


"Video 18+
Not the most pleasant shots, but you also need to know this. In the cellars of Azovstal, without medical assistance, the wounded militants of the national battalion "Azov" are rotting alive. The stubborn leadership of Ukraine forbade them to give up and receive qualified assistance from Russian doctors, dooming them to a painful death.

Fierce beasts do not spare even their own. Imagine how they tortured civilians in their torture camps all these years."


The Russians could at least air drop them a box full of razor blades so they can kill themselves before starvation or gangrene does. :)

They're probably cannibalizing civilians and their own dead at this point for food. It's probably one, big satanic slaughterhouse. It's gonna be a real horror show when Russians do get in there.

Some great comments:

DPR Militia had Mariupol in 2014 when they defeated the Ukraine Nazi army. Merkel got Putin to get the DPR Militia to pull out and back allowing the Azov Nazis to move it. This could have all been avoided in 2014 have tne DPR been allowed to wipe out the Ukraine Nazis

When AZOV marched in Mariupol 8 years ago and murdered,tortured and brutalized the civilians I wonder if they ever gave a passing thought that it may end up like this

The forces of the evil satanic Pentagon, abandoned, betrayed and left to die. Turn up the heat Russia and run them out of Europe. Z

"Anything for NATO, as long as Jens is safe and making $500K a year." I thought I heard them say!

24 Apr 2022  #109

A bad day for Putler. Not only has France no longer got its "election pressure" and can start acting for good (and they are now talking about sending artillery systems), but also Slovenia had an election too and the Putler ally Janez Jansa, a right-wing populist, has lost and will be replaced with someone more moderate and not pro-orc.

Video 18

Fake news...

24 Apr 2022  #110

russia has of course already lost this war...

Good analysis. I wouldn't be surprised that many in Russia who have the numbers have come to the same conclusion.
One clear lesson: when you decide to have war, have war, not a soft police action. It never works.

As they say, if you want to inflict pain, do it quickly.

It's probably one, big satanic slaughterhouse.

Russians should invite a dozen of neutral observers and give the last chance to come out - with cameras rolling to shut Zhole up.

24 Apr 2022  #111

russians should

... stay within their borders.

24 Apr 2022  #112

Send that memo to Moscow and copies to DC, London, and Warsaw. Great advice.

24 Apr 2022  #113



Neo-Natziz can now shout things in Manhattan, New York.

My my, things change so fast! (joke. kosher-approved neo-natziz have always enjoyed ZOG's approval i.e. Tommy Robinson, Richard Spencer, etc.)

24 Apr 2022  #114


You will never hear of a pro Putin rally as the majority of Americans cant stand Russians.

24 Apr 2022  #115

Newly captured ukro-nazi:


Video of the battle, occupation of the stronghold of the armed forces of Ukraine near the settlement of Kremennaya...


Chechens capture one in the bunkers in Azovstal, interrogate him where the others are...


New Russian night hunt, fortified Ukrainian checkpoint found and destroyed...


24 Apr 2022  #116


Fake news...

24 Apr 2022  #117

Can you reveal your algorithm? I mean how your fake news detector works. I want one, too.

24 Apr 2022  #118

Can you reveal your algorithm?

Can you cure your verbal diarrhoea and not comment pointlessly on every thread.

24 Apr 2022  #119

That image, by the way, is the remains of a russian T90 tank, neutralised today by brave Ukrainians.

Baked orc!

24 Apr 2022  #120

The Russians captured Primorsk...




BloJo said that the Russians have a realistic chance of victory in Ukraine...

Destruction of the AFU building with the help of UR-77 (the explosion near the end of the video)...


russia has of course already lost this war...


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