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Poland`s aid to Ukraine if Russia invades - part 3

15 Jul 2022  #61

What exactly did they abandon?


It is a terrible realization how many lives are lost every day. Ukraine has ceased to exist. Sadness and tragedy, of course. But there is that old folk saying "as you sow, so you shall reap".



Ukraine is considering legalizing same-sex marriages. Their country is about to disappear, they are dealing with queer rights. Do you need any more proof that mother Russia is waging a war against the Globohomo West, not Ukraine?

If you want to receive aid, then you have to give some dupa.


Hundreds of people die for them every day, young men mostly in their prime and over 9 million refugees mostly women of reproductive age and children have fled the country, their state is getting smaller and smaller every day, and the debil deals with gay marriages... Some say that Zeleni works for Russia... it's hard to be this stupid and alienated from the precarious moment your country is in... but in fact he just follows the narrative of the Puppet Master without question, and you have to take it a little bit more up the keister for you to be modern...

As Russia Overwhelms "Ukraine," Zelensky Focused on Trying to Legalize Anal Marriage


15 Jul 2022  #62

Well if it's true, he lost me as a supporter.
Marriage is holy and sacred. He might have build toilets within churches and shot priests now. Same category of unholy acts

15 Jul 2022  #63

Being the 3rd most important supporter

What are standards? Seems like propaganda.

15 Jul 2022  #64


Zelensky to consider replacing Catherine the Great statue with gay p0rn star monument in Odesa


Ukrainians demand that the monument to Catherine the Great be torn down and a monument to the American p0rn actor be erected! Ukrainian President and former comedian Vladimir Zelensky will consider a petition whose 25,000 signatories demand that the monument to Russian Empress Catherine II (the founder of the city) be dismantled in Odessa. Without which that great Black Sea city would not exist.

The signatories of the petition, which appeared on the website of the Ukrainian president, claim that Katarina is "a debatable historical figure who caused great damage to Ukrainian statehood and culture with her actions." It is proposed that the monument should depict Herrington sitting at the bar with a bottle of beer. The authors of the petition believe that the Herrington monument will be popular among tourists and, in addition, show that "Ukraine supports the LGBT community."

15 Jul 2022  #65

Worshippers of backwardness and ignorance (aka russians) bombed two universities in Mikolajiv today....

russia (and its supporters) reject all standards of human behavior and are turning into snarling wild animals...


15 Jul 2022  #66

Isn't it funny how every Russian and Putin coxucker is always hyper focused on LGBT issues? Its like they are all closet homo's. They must spend all day searching the gay news in between masturbation sessions. But then again, half the Russian army are rapists and the other half perform gay sex acts for money or for their superiors. So it shouldn't surprise me.

In between gay sex acts today, Orc's have been dying like flies in the summer heat. Wild Ukraine dogs now said to be avoiding the free meals now as there are too many corpse's rotting in the sun. Happy gulag biatches!

15 Jul 2022  #67

hyper focused on LGBT issues?

I'll just put this here....


15 Jul 2022  #68

Wow, what kind of footage, there are no better soldiers in the world, nor have there ever been nor will there ever be, better soldiers than the Russian Spetsnaz soldiers, it is a pride to watch this, and I can imagine what a pride it is to be a member of this machinery


I look at these guys from the VDV - Paratrooper Battalion, their movement, speed, shooting... I was in the war, it's completely clear to me that any of hamerican units would last for about 2 seconds against these guys, that's how long the ukri at the airport in Kiev also lasted...

the kind of sick crap I expect from the degraded russian culture....


Priorities have to be known.

15 Jul 2022  #69

So obsessed with the trans and gay stuff. Its ok if you're gay or just wish you were a woman. You dont have to post about other people doing things. Just come out of the closet and get it over with. No one will think any less of you because you cant be thought about any lower.

Russians have lost more men and material in 4 months than USA did in 20 years in the middle east. The only thing the Russians do quickly and better than anyone is dying.

In the mean time. In the real war, Orc roasts with a special Spetsnaz sauce will be taking place tomorrow across Ukraine.

15 Jul 2022  #70

Priorities have to be known.

If your priorities are showering with men, then find some willing guys and knock yourself ou! But stop spamming the thread with your repressed desires!

johnny reb
15 Jul 2022  #71

The world has now thrown over a trillion dollars in charity at Ukraine so far.
Question: How much went to help the Ukranian people and how much went into Sippin' Whiskey's pocket ?

15 Jul 2022  #72

Well if it's true, he lost me as a supporter.

You are hopeless, really.

15 Jul 2022  #73

The world has now thrown over a trillion dollars in charity at Ukraine so far.

The majority from the USA. It seems like the Eurps have lost interest in this war as well as the Americans. They could have ended months ago if they had some planes huh?

15 Jul 2022  #74

The majority from the USA. It seems like the Eurps have lost interest in this wa

I can't speak for Americans, famous for their short attendancy spans, but Europe has not lost interest and especially not the UK.
We are in this till the bitter end......long live Ukraine!

Bratwurst Boy
15 Jul 2022  #75

Cool! 👍

Soldiers from the Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria marched down the streets of Paris together during yesterday's celebration of Bastille Day.

Central Eastern Europe is united through NATO.


15 Jul 2022  #76

Central Eastern Europe is united through NATO

Without question!

16 Jul 2022  #77

This is the Russian way


16 Jul 2022  #78

No one will think any less of you because you cant be thought about any lower.

Ain't that the truth, that Crnogofag3 could come out as a pedo and post his photo id on this forum and he wouldn't sink any lower. thankfully i have the sub iq individual on mute (thanks for the feature admin!). I bet he's not even paid to post his bs, just dumb ass total looser. if he lived in russia that might elevate him from scum to scum, but he's not even there.

16 Jul 2022  #79

It is just incredible that Australia does not take advantage of the opportunity and import 300k to 400k Ukrainian immigrants. I have a feeling that those Western countries are headed by idiots with no strategy and no brains. We often overestimate them. They are not multicultural enough apparently. And in reality, it would be wise for both Canada and Australia to import as many Ukrainian immigrants as possible, there are already a lot of them in Canada, they have relatives and they would get along quickly, and Australia would also benefit from such an injection. However, both countries have totalitarian governments and there is a justified fear that people coming from the war zone in Eastern Europe will not become unquestioning followers, that they will rebel when they are locked up in their house for 2 years or when their bank accounts are frozen for criticism of the authorities on social networks.

16 Jul 2022  #80

At the head of all these western countries are puppets, their real owners are the elite whose names are often unknown, various interest groups, bankers, freemasons, motherfvckers, the occult oligarchy as some call them or as I call them in the shortest and most correct way - satanists. Presidents and prime ministers are ordinary marionettes, carefully selected and cultivated, in the style of, for example, Zelensky in Ukraine, which are sometimes proven in this way;


Although gesticulations are irrelevant here, actions that are even clearer are important, they all work together to destroy fundamental values ​​such as family, religion, nation and create a globohomo uniform mass, a mass of brainwashed by media, p0rn, video games, drugs, etc., a mass of retards - materialistic consumers, a robotic mass of slaves and serfs without any values ​​and without any signs. For those who don't understand it by now, I don't think they ever will...

16 Jul 2022  #81

Funny amiga500 only said you should post you ID, not a full picture of yourself while out strutting around. But hey, good luck with that. IF its not you, then clearly you have an extensive collection of all things gay.

16 Jul 2022  #82

Regardless of facts, everyone can see plainly that you are a loser that complains about those who got a lot of materials and wealth, so... It stinks from you, and I don't even have to smell you with my nose :)

16 Jul 2022  #83

Question: How much went to help the Ukranian people and how much went into Sippin' Whiskey's pocket ?

Analysis of bitcoin and ethereum blockchains can give you some idea.

16 Jul 2022  #84

We are awaiting the reaction of the World Ukrainian Congress from Canada.

🇺🇲🇷🇺❗"US Treasury began easing anti-Russian sanctions

The United States withdrew from the sanctions the former "daughter" of "Gazprom" Gazprom Germania GmbH, as well as the "daughter" of "Alfa-Bank" in Kazakhstan.

The United States also allowed transactions with the Russian Federation related to fertilizers, food, seeds, medicines, and medical equipment. And US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen proposed not to limit the amount of oil sold by Russia if its price is limited."


16 Jul 2022  #85

awaiting the reaction of the World Ukrainian Congress

Musk rocket engineers should observe this reaction. I think anal thrust will be comparable with best rocket engines designed by humankind.

Bratwurst Boy
16 Jul 2022  #86

The partisans of Crimea and Donbass


The Russian army is now fighting on two fronts. A growing resistance movement, which consciously describes itself as partisans, is organized behind them. ....

Wow! If they are only as half as good as back in the days.....the Russians are in for a hellish time!

....a booby trap detonated next to the car of a Ukrainian who works for the occupiers as head of a Russian prison, injuring him. Another car bomb killed a man employed by the Russians as part of the new regional government a few days later. Unknown persons shot Russian soldiers sitting in a café on June 20, killing two of them. ....

Months before the invasion, Ukrainian authorities had begun training civilians in weapons. Shortly after the invasion, the Ukrainian government handed out handguns on the street in Kyiv to anyone who wanted one, for example. Then, some time ago, the army launched a national resistance center and website for partisan struggle . Since then she has been publishing training videos, instructions and news on the . For example, a masked man explains in detail how to open the hatches of an unguarded Russian tank and how to render it unusable afterwards.....

16 Jul 2022  #87

Wow! If they are only as half as good as back in the days.....the Russians are in for a hellish time!

I hope that you are proved righr!

17 Jul 2022  #88

You mean they should watch crypto currencies that are in the toilet and look at funds? That's actually pretty easy to research transactions. Such big buying would prop up crypto and this simply has not happened. I see you too now are making references to deviant sexual behavior. Maybe it is that most Russian men are just gay and their supporters are cross dressers? This could explain a lot.

@Bratwurst Boy
The resistance movement has to be pinpointing the ammo dumps behind the front lines for Ukraine as well. 20 of them hit by missiles lately. That kind of information being so accurate has to be coming from somewhere. This is simply not a war that Russia can win.

Meanwhile, Putin has signed the law taking Russia to a war time economy. This, we know will crush the rest of the remaining quasi western economy. Before the end of the year, 1990 will be looking like the good old days. And in the spring, just as the west is preparing to pull out of what is not a recession, Russia will be completely isolated, sanctioned, and struggling to sell resources because the rest of the world will have already filled all their reserves. Already Russian oil and gas being sold at a discount. Even Saudi Arabia is buying oil from Russia. Saudi Arabia the largest oil producer and oil rich reserves country in the world is buying Russian oil because it is so cheap. This says everything about where the Russian economy is now and where it is going. Happy gulag biatches!

cms neuf
17 Jul 2022  #89

Talking of crypto wasn't that Velund's way to protect his earnings from the troll farm ? How is that working out ? Wouldn't want to think that all your defending of child murderers was for nothing

20 zloty cheaper at the pump yesterday to fill up my car - we are learning to cope without your dumb oil

johnny reb
17 Jul 2022  #90

That kind of information being so accurate has to be coming from somewhere.

U.S. spy satellites would be my guess.

....the Russians are in for a hellish time!

Sad to report that the whole world is in for hellish times.

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