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Poland`s aid to Ukraine if Russia invades - part 3

17 Jul 2022  #91

For those who don't understand it by now, I don't think they ever will...

What destroyed the ""western civilization"" was the RETARDED idea of "lets abandon individualism and demonize the groups which are the most productive for the society" Thanks to Frankfurt school. But I don't think that a KGB bunker Dwarf is better.

And that invasion is doing nothing against "USA hegemony". Wanna destroy USA hegemony? Start fighting against petrodollar power, try to make MBS to accept any other currency(Gaddafi got killed by being a threat to petrodollar but he din't had nukes + hypersonic missiles, if China, Russia and India start to use a gold backed international currency and maintain their ruble/yuan/rupee inside, USA could't do **** against it). That is how you fight against USA hegemony. This invasion is only making USA stronger and Europe as a whole weaker.

The idea that you can invade a peaceful country, impose your will there and kill USA hegemony is ridiculous. Even if Russia had destroyed the entire UA army and annexed Ukraine in 1 hour, USD would be the dominant currency. USA military the dominant worldwide. USA would still dominate most of the world trade and culture...

17 Jul 2022  #92

@johnny reb
If spy satellites are people with cell phones transmitting gps coordinates on photos then Russia better keep cleaning up the satellites walking around occupied areas. Had a nice coffee with some American military this morning. Ukraine apparently has a few other MRLS like systems in their possession from other countries that are being used highly effectively. One mentioned 40 missiles being fired in less than two minutes. Pretty impressive.

johnny reb
17 Jul 2022  #93

You know PolAm, I haven't been drunk in many years but it may just happen in celebrating if the bridge gets taken out.
That will be better than the sinking of Russia's flag ship.
Fortunately, Putin will be meeting his Maker before that happens.

17 Jul 2022  #94

Its going to turn into a quagmire over there as the Europeans aren't really doing much at all.

17 Jul 2022  #95

During that Russian attack on Vinnytsia 24 people were killed, including 3 children: two boys aged 7 and 8 and one 4-year-old girl named Lisa with Down syndrome. It was Lisa who was lying dead next to a stroller in that photo posted by mafketis together with comments of Russian psychopaths rejoicing in her death. The 33-year-old mother of the girl survived, but lost her leg. They were coming back from speech therapy when the attack happened. Some time before the attack the mother posted a video of both of them taking a walk with little Lisa pushing the stroller - here it is:


Here's her mom's leg lying next to the stroller in one of the photos:


Here's an article about little Lisa's funeral:


Her grandma said during the funeral: "Look, my little flower! Look how many people came to you."

The family didn't tell the mother that they've burried her daughter, because she's still in the hospital in critical condition and they fear for her health.

Among the buildings partially destroyed during the attack are the Yuvileyniy residential building and a medical diagnostic center.

Ukraine was lost when its politicians abandoned their Slavic identity - Lukashenko

That's funny coming from a man who whiped out his own country's identity by turning it into some kind of Russian speaking Soviet kolkhoz-like open-air museum.

17 Jul 2022  #96

including 3 children: two boys aged 7 and 8 and one 4-year-old girl named Lisa with Down syndrome.

Therefore what?

17 Jul 2022  #97

Thanks to CCTV cameras working in Vinnytsia there are some videos of the Russian attack.

In this video there's a huge quickly growing shadow visible after the blast - I guess this must be a shadow of a dust cloud coming from the explosion? 😳:


CCTV footage from one of Vinnytsia shops at the moment of the Jul 14 Russian missile strike:


One can imagine how strong the explosion was if the road signs now look like this (a photo of a road sign literally wrapped around a pole) O_O:


Photos of a wreckage of the Russian Kalibr missile - one of two shot down on their way to Vinnytsia on July 14.

In total, a Russian submarine launched 5 missiles, three managed to penetrate the air defenses:


DSNS data from the first link I provided as of 22:00, Jul 14:

🔸23 (24 now) died including 3 children
🔸117 sought medical aid
🔸66 hospitalized including 3 children
🔸34 in serious condition
🔸5 in critical condition
🔸39 missing

Therefore what?

Russia is a terrorist state? By Velund's logic :):

So, pure act of terror against local population, without much military significance.

17 Jul 2022  #98

One can imagine how strong the explosion was

Explosions are meant to be strong. Weak explosions do not do much damage.

17 Jul 2022  #99

Russia is a terrorist state

Even more - RuSSists are executing genocide in Ukraine. It is obvious they are intent on killing as many non-combatant Ukrainians as possible. Fekking Mongols.

17 Jul 2022  #100

RuSSists are executing genocide in Ukraine

Like I said... once putain realized that the overwhelming majority of Ukrainians don't want to be russians his goal changed - now it's depopulation, chase away as many civilians as possible through random attacks (state terrorism as in Vinnitsja) and then destroy the infrastructure so that they can't go back (Mariupol 500,000 before the russians arrived and now about 50,000 - the percentage in a number of other places that have had the misfortune to come under russian control....

not exactly genocide but rather ethnocide (similar to cultural genocide)

thos who support him in this project are filth

17 Jul 2022  #101

Vinnytsia there are some videos of the Russian attack.

there are also some videos showing ukras collecting pieces of air defense missiles

17 Jul 2022  #102

@gregy741, sure, there's great "logic" in that suspicion lol I mean, it's better not to strike down a hostile missile flying to your city and allow for even greater damage! :D

And, of course, soldiers right after the blast would be able to tell apart pieces of air defense missiles among all the scraps of metal coming from the damage and quickly whisk them away in a matter of seconds lol

Seriously, what moron writes script for Russian propaganda?? LOL

From what I can see they are taking and reaching for some metal poles - maybe they'll use them for first aid to help the wounded (broken limbs)? It's difficult to tell though, because the video isn't in great quality and it's happening fast.

17 Jul 2022  #103

During that Russian attack on Vinnytsia

That officer's home in Vinnitsa where they de-nazified and demilitarized their command staff:


Another civilian victim of the Vinnitsa hit. There will be more such announcements in the following days, it was not convenient to announce all the names on July 14.


18 Jul 2022  #104

hostile missile flying to your city

what missile?there were air conditioners exploding killed those ppl. dont you know that?

18 Jul 2022  #105

Details can be looked up in Ukrainian blogs back in 2014... There was massive AC fatal explosions "epidemy" in Donetsk and Ukras had a lot of fun...

18 Jul 2022  #106

Seriously, what moron writes script for Russian propaganda?? LOL

I share your indignation and contempt. Governments should be hiring better people to lie for them.

18 Jul 2022  #107

How nice that all the Putin coxuckers return on the same day at the same time. All you boys must have been busy looking for more gay video of Russian soldiers. But welcome back anyway.

Still returning to arguments and justifications from 2014 I see. Excellent strategy. Omitting the fact that in 2014 Russia was again an invading force. Meanwhile in the real war, Orcs are getting roasted more quickly than ever as more MLRS are on the scene, and missiles are raining on those dumb enough to have not deserted yet.

18 Jul 2022  #108

in 2014 Russia was again an invading force.

In 2014 invading force was from other side. State coup, orchestrated by western intelligence services was an invasion, the rest was reaction.

18 Jul 2022  #109

State coup, orchestrated by western intelligence services was an invasion,

...but that, my dear Russian friend, was for "democracy" so it was a good invasion.

18 Jul 2022  #110

so it was a good invasion.

Hey, there is so much thing mixed since then, so it is hard to extract only good from this cocktail (cock tail - what a word, of course). But we have what we have and looks like PAK chosen wrong place for calm and peaceful retire.

18 Jul 2022  #111

was again an invading force

bro.you got it wrong. Russia is using humanitarian bombing campaign. by the international law its called -"humanitarian aid."learn some legislation. its all legal

not to mention that donbas rebels are moderate.

18 Jul 2022  #112

not to mention that donbas rebels are moderate.

I can testify under oath. Still, I slept with one of them, and she was more than moderate - I don't know if there's a non-destructive way to get to know a person more deeply. ;)

as more MLRS are on the scene

Here we look how HIMARS is utilised by RA - both launcher and resupply vehicle.


18 Jul 2022  #113

that donbas rebels are moderate.

...and mostly peaceful...

18 Jul 2022  #114

like hell.

18 Jul 2022  #115

First polish Krab reached place of utilisation...


18 Jul 2022  #116

like hell.

...but excused. You would feel like hell waking up to those "democratic" artillery thingys going boom every damn day since like forever.

18 Jul 2022  #117

Retire? I don't think so. I am too busy making money here and in the US to retire. Never leave $ on the table. But Russians wouldn't understand that. And if a Russian comes walking down my street one day, he will be leaving in a bag.

Russia has all but admitted they sent in the Wagner group and a bunch of others in 2014. Please stop wasting time on these false claims. But what all of you could do instead of wasting time is to sign up to go to the front lines and fight for your country.

18 Jul 2022  #118

State coup, orchestrated by western intelligence services

See there's your problem right there. That's not what happened and as long as that's what you believe you'll end up being wrong, wrong, wrong and even wronger than wrong.

Oil deposits discovered around Poltava in 2013... russia invaded less than a year alter because russia wants to steal natural resources from another state because that's what russia does.... steal. It's a nation of thieves (apparently normalized at all levels of russian 'society'....).

Stop being thieves and maybe the world will take you more seriously!

18 Jul 2022  #119

Never leave $ on the table.

Now whole world know the rest of this saying - "... but if you are really smart, never leave any value in $"... ;)

because russia wants to steal natural resources

What you are smoking now? I'm not ask to mail me some as it will definitely not pass the customs control, but at least detailed description will be nice. Looks like it is atomic strong thing.

BTW, do you know what is "Burisma"?

18 Jul 2022  #120

Value is not in the $. Value is what you purchase with $. This is a concept most Russians can not comprehend. Even the oligarchs who buy stupid money pit mage yacht's for a billion that cost millions to upkeep. Simply money wasted or at the least not used effectively.

I have never met an honest Russian. Never had a business experience or personal interaction that did not come with some level of deceit on their end. Even the simplest of dealings there is always some other agenda with them. They are stealing grain, oil, and children. These are criminal acts of a criminal nation. The world will be a better place when Putin is dead, and many of his followers are left with nothing.

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