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American Political News in relation to Poland

18 Dec 2017  #61

Poland already knows that Trump is just hot air and no substance.

Thousands of Poles gave him a warm greeting when he visited, he gave an amazing speech as well.

johnny reb
18 Dec 2017  #62

Scottish delph really should be careful what he says about Trump.
Trump may get offended and turn the other half of Scotland into another Trump golf course.

johnny reb
18 Dec 2017  #63


The Real Reason Crooked Hillary Lost The Election


But given that you're now at least getting closer to the realm of reality rather than fantasy,

Perhaps you could tell us the real reason why Crooked Hillary lost the election.

Was it the Uranium deal or
the Wikileaka Snowden ordeal or
Podesta or
Comey or
having a sexual predator for a husband or
Huma Abedin's sexual predator husband Anthony Weiner or
because the Clinton Foundation ripped off Haiti or
the subpoena violations or
her Congressional testimony lies or
the corrupt Clinton Foundation or
was it the Benghazi fiasco or
pay to play or
was it the recording of her laughing because she got a child's rapist off when she was an attorney or
the travel gate scandal or
the water gate scandal or
the trooper gate scandal or
was it the $15 million for Chelsea's flat bought with Clinton Foundation money or
her husbands interference with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac and that investigation or
happily accepting the stolen debate questions given to her or
her own secret server in her house and the distain for classified information or
the deleting of 30,000 e-mails or
having her cell phones destroyed by using a hammer or
the Seth Rich murder or
the Vince Foster murder or
the Jennifer Flower assault settlement or
was it the $800,000 Paul Jones settlement or
was it calling half the United States deplorable or
the underhanded treatment of Bernie Sanders or
was it her husbands impeachment or
was it the lie about being under sniper fire in Bosnia or
was it the $10 million she got for the pardon of Marc Rich or
the $6 BILLION she lost when in charge of the State Department or
because she is a hateful, lying, power-hungry, overly ambitious, greedy, nasty B!tch ?
Now those are just some of the real reasons she lost the election Harry, deny them as you will.
And I already know you will remain in denial and call all of these reasons Fake News. lol

18 Dec 2017  #64

Absolutely nothing to do with Poland, even in the off-topic section.

Delete this nonsense.

johnny reb
18 Dec 2017  #65

Nonsense, those are all undisputable facts Jack.
People living in Poland keep saying that Crooked Hillary should have won the election......well......her record speaks for itself dunnit.

18 Dec 2017  #66

People living in Poland keep saying that Crooked Hillary should have won the election

Do they? Could you link us to some Polish language sources stating that?

johnny reb
18 Dec 2017  #67

Not all people living in Poland know how to speak Polish and those are the ones that are still having a meltdown about Crooked Hillary losing.

Could you hook us up to a link where one of them might have insinuated that ?
Here, let me save you some time:


18 Dec 2017  #68

I'm grateful that Crooked Hillary Clinton lost. The democrats are dishonest and deceitful, may they never win another election again.

19 Dec 2017  #69

We are all grateful to Gods that they raped Hillary and separated her from her sanity.

21 Dec 2017  #70

Speaking of evolution of USA policy, from Clinton`s era to our time

When one look at next video, one might ask himself how is this related to Poland. Video is some 20-25 years old, from time when western Europe, USA, EU an NATO sided with Islamic league, while Serbians resisted to onslaught of Slavic South. In my opinion, one who is Polish have to conclude that what today happening in Europe, to Poland and around Poland, had its roots in events on Slavic South. Or to paraphrase Jan Lopuzanski who in very Polish parliament said, back in 1999, that `when Anglo-Franco-Germanics finish with Serbs, they would come for Poles`. How great truth said brat Jan, back then.

Anyway, newly discovered video is about Bosnian Muslim leader during Civil War in former Yugoslavia, Alija Izetbegovic, who saluting and communicate with worse Arab mujaheedines, known to USA and EU as proven terrorists and who informing Bosnian Muslim leader what they doing to captured Serbians. Still, regime of Bosnian Muslim leader back in time had all Anglo-Franco-Germanic support.

RTRS: Pred Alijom "Alahu ekber" i "zarobljeni Srbin" VIDEO


25 Dec 2017  #71

Jessica Chastain, whom we will soon see in the movie "Game of Everything", bravely addresses the issue of inequality and is famous for her feminist involvement in the Dream Factory. The actress even set up her own Freckle Films company, which is to produce important stories about strong heroes and promote a greater participation of women in show business.

No wonder that it was she who was criticized by the Internet users for taking part in the photo session, to which women with a different skin color were not invited. On the cover of "The Envelope", a special addition to the Los Angeles Times newspaper dedicated to the season's Hollywood awards, there are six actresses who are chosen for the Oscar in the Best Supporting Actress category - Annette Bening, Jessica Chastain, Diane Kruger, Margot Robbie, Saoirse Ronan and Kate Winslet.*

*Google translate since i'm lazy

One of the feminist activists commented on Twitter: "It is almost 2018. If you're a white woman and someone asks you to pose for a group picture, for a magazine cover, with only other white women, YOU SAY NO. "


A perfect example of racism towards whites.

This, folks, is the world leftist libtards prepare for you. I don't want to live in their "poaradise"

Polacy pogońcie lewaków.

25 Dec 2017  #72

When one look at next video, one might ask himself how is this related to Poland.

Or certainly related to Serbia

This, folks, is the world leftist libtards prepare for you. I don't want to live in their "poaradise"

Its pretty sad when Crow makes more sense than you..LoL

25 Dec 2017  #73

End of USA dominance over Saudi Arabia - no more CIA trained terrorists > good for Poland > Saudi King Bows to New Middle East Tsar Putin And Brings Billions For Joint Projects With Russia > youtube.com/watch?v=IeYUKRQ5iws

Or certainly related to Serbia

Nothing in Europe is more related to Poland then it is Serbia. Only politically stupid people don`t understand that.

Say that this isn`t interesting development from the angle of Poland`s politics. When would one Poland`s FM openly says so for same those countries?

Serbian FM Dacic names great powers that are "not Serbia's friends"


the minister directly mentioned the United States, Britain, and France.

"I cannot say that these are our friends - I beg President Vucic's pardon, they are not working in favor of our interests, they are working against them.

"The only solution for us is to talk to Trump and the new administration,

Barack Obama point his finger on Serbians and their influence in social media >

"... how do we harness this technology in a way that allows a multiplicity of voices, allows a diversity of views, but doesn't lead to a Balkanization of society and allows ways of finding common ground,"

Source: Obama warns over divisive social media use in Prince Harry interview
Source: Šta za Baraka Obamu znači termin "balkanizacija"?


What Obama fear the most is exactly Serbian influence on other Slavs and Eastern Europeans. What else could mean his use of term `Balkanization` when we know simple fact that only people and country media that represent rogue factor on Balkan are Serbians and Serbia. Serbians- only real threatening opposition to Anglo spin doctors. Rogue factor strong enough that can spread ``Balkanization`` and endanger influence of western European and Anglo dominated media. As a good Anglo servant, Obama harry to warn on things already obvious to Anglos. Things with which western Europeans and Anglos, as we all know, already pledge to deal with.

But why are Serbians dangerous?

I tried to give you picture already. Many things could be said here. One very very short definition could be this. Serbs were historically in position to cooperate with all (!) Slavs, absolutely being able to ignore regular antagonisms that follow relationships between Catholics-Orthodox-Protestants and even Muslim Slavs (forget false western European infos). Slavo-Sarmatian metha-feelings were and are basic mothor strength of the Serbs. By that already, Serbians are disruptive factor and obstacle to all who tries to manipulate with Slavs. Where foreigners bringing chaos, Serbians bringing order with their insistence to put Slavic (ie Sarmatian) civilization above religious factor, while also being able not to negate religious factor. And Serbian secret is to always tell truth to other Slavs. To all of them. No, not that Serbs are uniquely honest, they are as all other humans. Its just that, at first, we were historically conditioned to tell truth to our Slavic sisters and brothers if we wanted to receive help against overwhelming Ottoman foes. There was no space for any manipulation. Later, Serbians learned to make diplomacy of the truth, while most of others often thinks that diplomacy must mean speculation and a lie. And yes, we were also lucky to preserve original ancient Slavic (ie Sarmatian) faith (rodoverie) within our Christianity and that emotionally bind additionally other Slavs to us. Oh, this all drive anti-Slavic hostile foreigners go crazy and instigate murderous instinct in them.

So, when Serbian FM Dacic give statement like this (from above link/article):

United States, Britain, and France.

"I cannot say that these are our friends - I beg President Vucic's pardon, they are not working in favor of our interests, they are working against them.

...... it has its specific weight and impact on all Slavs and culturally Slavic influenced and Slavic friendly Europe and world.

For example. In Czech Republic, governmental stance and relationship to Serbs represent electoral question. Public is strongly pro-Serbian. By statements like this Czech are alarmed. So, if USA, Britain and France works against Serbs, Czechs aren`t comfortable. They understand then how USA, Britain and France works against Czechs- what Czechs actually already know. See? See?

Or take Poland as example. Such a statement by Serbian FM is signal to Polish patriots (often- right winged Catholics) that something is amiss, that official Poland stand in alliance with Polish enemies.

See, only Serbians can do this. For that they are, by some, hated with passion.

28 Dec 2017  #74

What else could mean his use of term `Balkanization

Once in a while Obama gets something right. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

Too bad NATO didn't finish the job. Im sure the forum is tired of hearing you moan about it.

For example: Have you noticed that you are only talking to yourself?

29 Dec 2017  #75

Obama is past. Trump is reality. Serbians already negotiate with him. And its not only us. Many with us, for example- Hungary included.

29 Dec 2017  #76

Obama is past. Trump is reality

Thats why I totally ignored Obamas interview and couldn't care less about him or what he has to say anymore. Same goes for Hillary Clinton!

Q: why did you make such a long post about it then, if Obama is past?

A: it gives you a reason to post more $hit about serbia.

This is reality!

29 Dec 2017  #77

Obama spoke about Serbia, I then spoke about him. He provoked.

Again something interesting for Polish politics from Serbia, where USA is mentioned > about mechanisms of Anglo malevolence and dishonesty >

FM says Western powers are "neither enemies nor friends"

Britain was asking ....... that we vote for their judge in the International Court of Justice, ...... at the same time their (UN) representative in New York was asking for Security Council sessions on Kosovo to be abolished," Dacic said.

on USA >

"While they're sending us letter (to support them on Jerusalem) - at the same time their UN representative Nikki Haley goes ............, to a promotion of wines from Kosovo, which is 'a very important political event'

johnny reb
3 Jan 2018  #78

Just remember if Warsaw gets hit with a nuclear bomb that it was Bill Clinton that sold the satellite technology to the Chinese that guides them,

it was Obama who gave Iran the $5 Billion in cash to design them.
and that it was Crooked Hillary who sold the uranium to the Russians to build them so don't blame it on Trump, blame it on the idiot Left Wingers who are out to destroy America along with the rest of NATO.

3 Jan 2018  #79

Just remember if Warsaw gets hit with a nuclear bomb that it was...

... Donald Trump who tweeted "I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his". BOOOM!


johnny reb
4 Jan 2018  #80

So what.........That's how you treat bullies, give it right back to them and don't let them intimidate you.
You Dems grasp at anything you can to make Teflon Trump look bad and it just isn't working for you.
I see that several investigations are opening up with Crooked Hillary's cohorts to expose enough of her wrong doings to put her in prison the rest of her life.

The bias media is slow in exposing any of it but things are starting to warm up for the old girl and hopefully there is enough to take Obama down with her for the felonies that he committed.

Much more fun to talk about all the laws that they broke because NOTHING has been linked to the TRUMPSTER in the last year of investigations.

I think we should spend this year investigating the Democratic party and watch people start going down one after another until Crooked Hillary gets her orange jump suit with FEDERAL PRISON written on the back of it.

4 Jan 2018  #81

That's how you treat bullies

With a kindergarten style pissing contest? Mine is bigger than yours. Really? He's the president of the most powerful country on Earth, FFS.

johnny reb
4 Jan 2018  #82


Yup really, I found it hilarious as Kim wants to act like a kindergartener then Teflon Trump showed him that he can play that game too.

Like na na take your threat and stuff it.

Have you read this one yet ?

Congressional investigators find irregularities in FBI's handling of Clinton email case
Republicans on key congressional committees say they have uncovered new irregularities and contradictions inside the FBI's probe of Hillary Clinton's email server. For the first time, investigators say they have secured written evidence that the FBI believed there was evidence that some laws were broken when the former secretary of State and her top aides transmitted classified materials.

I do believe that falls under the category of a FELONY which you get prison time for.
Correct me if I am wrong.
Oh this is just starting to warm up and FAR from over.

4 Jan 2018  #83

With a kindergarten style pissing contest? Mine is bigger than yours.

Basically two psychopaths with issues around the feeble size of their generative organs and very little self restraint. The world's least respected or trusted politicians.

He's the president of the most powerful country on Earth,


johnny reb
4 Jan 2018  #84

The world's least respected or trusted politicians.

I thought Merkel held that honor.
Just the opposite as the United States has shown way to much "self restraint".
The people have had a belly full of this Political Correctness crap and that is why Teflon Trump got elected.
Trump knows EXACTLY how to handle N. Koreans psychopath and I think you may see your so called "self restraint" unrestrained any time after the Olympics.

N. Korea knows this too and that is why they have decided to communicate all of a sudden.

4 Jan 2018  #85

I thought Merkel held that honor.

Contrary to what the right wing media in the US and Europe want you to believe, Merkel is still a well respected and powerful politician.


Not yet.

Like na na take your threat and stuff it.

johnny reb
4 Jan 2018  #86

Do ya have one with Crooked Hillary photo shopped with that doo.
Now that would actually be hilarious.

US and Europe want you to believe

Oh, since these are the people she has influence over then who else should we believe then ?

Merkel is still a well respected

By who ?

4 Jan 2018  #87

By who ?

I didn't say "popular", I said "well respected". Ask the Europeans or anybody else if they respect our president, and you'll be laughed out of the room. Speaking of laughing: gotta go and order my copy of "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House". Number 1 on Amazon even before its release thanks to tRump. Ha ha ha.

4 Jan 2018  #88

Merkel is still a well respected and powerful politician

Not really.

From December 2017:

German president tells families of Berlin Christmas market terror attack they were 'abandoned by the state' as Merkel is condemned for not offering condolences to relatives before unveiling memorial


Go read the article. Not only was her government ill prepared to prevent the attack but it took her a full year to finally meet with the victims' families. The families were actually sent late payment warnings for autopsies and even the invitation letters to the commemoration included directives that they should take public transportation because taxi costs would not be reimbursed.

4 Jan 2018  #89

A few weeks ago the Democrats were condemning Bannion as a rasict, liar and a monstrous demigod .
What has changed to make you to start believing him now?
You're going to give that drunk money for his book?? Haha
He has bigger gin blossoms than Tip O'Neil and Ted Kennedy put together:)

4 Jan 2018  #90

What has changed to make you to start believing him now?

Because Trump is infuriated and has ordered his idiot lawyers to warn Michael Wolff and his publisher not to release the book. That alone is proof that most of its content is true. Besides: I can't wait for Trump to file a defamation lawsuit. If he really finds a judge who is willing to take his case without rolling on the floor laughing, let them haul his sorry ass to court and force him to testify under oath.

I'm not a Democrat, by the way...

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