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Spain to deploy police to prevent Catalonia's Independence Vote

7 Nov 2017  #91

Too bad the Catalans don't have enough hardware to stage a half decent insurgency

You're rather eager to have other people spill blood for your amusement. The real fact is that not enough of the population wants independence badly enough with all that entails and at some level they know that.

Independence would mean rapid exit from the EU and Euro and the expenses of trying to establish a new currency and the state institutions that Spain currently does while dealing with capital flight to Spain and collapsing tourism and a significant portion of the population not wanting Catalonian citizenship etc etc etc. The economic strain alone would make their current sissy complaints about paying Madrid money look like a cupcake party.

They don't want independence they want to irritate the central government.

The longer Pudgy-demon is in Brussels the more damage he will do to the Catalan 'cause' and the EU will hate them as much as many Spaniards already do.

Dirk diggler
7 Nov 2017  #92


Honestly I'm not too familiar with rhe whole Catalan issue aside from what I've read online which is oftentimes vastly different from tbe situation on the ground.

I do know that a lot of Catalans want independence but a lot also don't and prefer remaining an autonomous part of Spain.

But yes it looks like they wanted to stick it to madrid, probably over financial issues. I don't think that Madrid response is going to cool tensions tho

7 Nov 2017  #93

You're rather eager to have other people spill blood for your amusement.

My dear, what did you think. Balkan isn`t only arena in Europe. Entire Europe is arena. Go, ask world bank.

12 Nov 2017  #94

EU is there to sponsor penetration of Nazi and Islamic Wahhabi ideologies within the Slavic world, when segmentation of Slavic countries is possible, for weakening and reducing number of Slavs. For that is EU. To exterminate native European culture, to declare it to be barbarian, to even underline it, to falsify history. In Spain or anywhere on the west of Europe, EU supports official government.

And you all who support EU go and f*** yourself! You who admire to Romans, for that is what is EU in its modern form. Genocidal Roman scum. Always on the same bloody job.

But, Sarmatia shall arise from the dust and humiliation. We shall be victorious.

12 Nov 2017  #95


Dude, I am convinced after your posts you are mentally ill, go get some help. Stop playing the victim, there is no grand conspiracy towards slavs, you sound literally insane when you say that.

Dirk diggler
13 Nov 2017  #96

Eh not totally.... Crow does have a point in some ways... Poles and the V4 (3 of 4 countries are Slavic with Hungary being considered one of Poland's closest historical allies) are being assaulted by the EU for their defiance. Everyday, the EU, Soros NGOs, far leftists, 5th column citizens, etc seek to undermine the sovereignty and democratically elected populist nationalist governments of these countries. On the other hand, there's the threat from Putin's Russia due to our affiliation with NATO and missile defense systems on the border. The EU and leftists seek to create a Europe (even a world) with no borders, an altered version of the nuclear family not to mention genders, little to no cultural and religious identity (except for Muslims), certainly no patriotism (there's a video of Merkel handing a German flag back to an individual and shaking her head in disgust - the lady refuses to even hold a freakin German flag after some election win or conference or whatever it was), etc which is counter to what many Slavs want - from Poland to Ukraine to Serbia to Russia. We Slavs want our country, our God (Roman Catholic or Orthodox), and to be the decision makers within our sovereign borders. The Ukrainians keep thinking that EU entry will solve all their problems.. God how foolish they are. The Zionist IMF bankers have already pushed their usurious loans on Ukraine - which pretty much had to take them bc of the war. Poland on the other hand said F^^^ YOU IMF!!!


13 Nov 2017  #97

What fascinates me, speaking of Europe, what we see is continual war between Romans and Sarmatians interrupted with phases of interdependence and symbiosis, what makes as Sarmats sometimes forget real reason for the war. That is, Semitic Egyptians came to our Sarmatian realm, as traders and militarily, our cultures and peoples mixed on some points and seed of evil was planted. Seed of evil that grown out into the Rome. Then, that Rome, that hybrid culture started to spread and spread, to consume more and more of our realm, always tended to merge our realm with Semitic realm, in the process creating many new dots of insurgency within the very Sarmatian realm, creating more and more hybrid cultures (today`s many of those non-Slavic European nations). See, that greed is reason for the war. Abnormal greed and their necessity to control us, defeat us bodily and mentally.

That my dear is untold history of Europe, known only to those who wish to know.

Please stick to the topic

14 Nov 2017  #98

Please stick to the topic

Dobra sestro or brate, venerable Admine, God above knows I`m on topic. Topic nicely developing. See, Spain was also Sarmatian (ie Slavic) in the past. Catalonia, too. Just, first were, by Romans, assimilated Sarmats of Spain and later in what is now Catalonia. What is also important, Catalonia received a lot of fresh Sarmatian upload from regions of what is now Poland (and not only Poland), during era of slavery when ancestors of modern day Poles (and not only Poles) were mercilessly hunted and resettled in other parts of Europe, sure, when they were not otherwise sold on Arab slave markets. See, Catalonia received bulk of captured Polish slaves. Some Catalans are aware of this and they feel sympathy for Slavdom.

See, official history of Europe is BS. Many more feelings behind all what happening.

6 Jan 2018  #99


Great EU`s injustice on Catalonia and via EU and NATO, Poland is part of it

In the middle age Catalonia was independent state. It was Aragon. And if now Catalonia wants to regain its independence, what EU have with this? Why EU oppose to it? Why official Poland don`t show, at least, neutral stance on it? Why Poland stand behind morbid EU`s policy?


Flag of Aragon

While Catalonia can`t get its rights while Catalans suffer, look what kind of separatists were/are supported by EU (and NATO), in last 30 years:

* Nazis of Croatia
* Nazi-Muslims of Bosnia and Herzegovina
* Nazi-Wehabbi Muslims of Kosovo
* Nazis of Ukraine

That, my friends, is EU and NATO. Point is, Poland must do much more to distance itself from this evil or would evil consume Poland itself.

6 Jan 2018  #100

The EU has nothing to do with a possible independence of Catalonia. This is a domestic matter for Spain.

However the EU can point out that an independent Catalonia would not be part of the EU, because this is the legal reality of the situation

Also, you can stop your Propaganda now. Everybody knows that Serbia was a criminal state that rightfully lost the conflicts in the 1990s. You lost the wars, you lost Kosovo and you'll never get it back. Get over it.

6 Jan 2018  #101

You know what mass media told you. Meaning, you know nothing. But, nothing changes fact that Serbia represent sole multicultural state in the region, while EU and NATO supported extremists wherever was possible just to weaken Serbs. Whatever society, within former Yugoslavia, was supported by EU, today is society where rule Nazis or Sharia law. If needed to support Nazis, EU did it. If needed to support extreme Muslims, EU did it. EU lied, EU itself committed crimes on Serbs. Crimes in military sense, moral, cultural, ecological and religious. EU endangered lives of people.

Why? Why that? Why all that?

People, lets be frank. We Europeans understand each others very well. All that happened because Serbians are Slavs, plus in majority Orthodox and on all that pagans. Simple, non desirable factor, even in their own land. See, some Europeans have more right to live then others. Some Europeans knows how must be.

But why Catalans? Why them? See, they have another but also very similar problem. Catalans don`t want to die. They see themselves as unique people, don`t want to be assimilated in Spanish soup. They don`t care neither for EU, neither for Spain. They want Catalonia. So, they shall suffer.

6 Jan 2018  #102


Yes Mods. Why? Why is the board continually polluted by this shite? Only you can tell why this Polish forum has been made a big joke by Crows' nationalist rantings about his country of Serbia - when all the while this board has a big fat ZERO to do with the former Yugoslavia.

If the Mod was a girl we might say get a room - but as it is this admin will stoop at nothing to get Google rankings. Absolutely pathetic, and we're all sick of it.

6 Jan 2018  #103

Are you maybe Barack Obama himself?

6 Jan 2018  #104

Polish forum has been made a big joke by Crows' nationalist rantings

crow is a friend of Poland unlike those who who betrayed their own country by taking their talent to serve the Soviet block during the cold war,

6 Jan 2018  #105

Worse thing that one can tell to me is to accuse me of being nationalist, while I see myself as a mere tribal man. Man of people. I don`t care for western European definitions of nation and people. Let them be nations. I am not of nation. I am of peoples stock. We who are still Sarmats didn`t evolve into something else. We were nor Romanized nor Helenized or whatever. We are still what our ancestors were from time immemorial. So, I am free. I continuing there where my ancestors were enslaved. I braking chains and I speak for those who were silenced only because they were Slavs (ie Sarmatians). I don`t give a sh** for invented religious antagonisms among Slavs. Those antagonisms aren`t my wars. Wars for profit of foreigners. And i f*** those foreigners in the brain, with passion.

Dirk diggler
9 Jan 2018  #106

Never feel bad for being a nationalist and loving your nation and your people. Someone calls me a nationalist, i say thank you.

Slavs will always overcome - jeszcze Polska nie zginela

9 Jan 2018  #107

Crowie, I thought Serbia was against Catalonian independence because Spain doesn't support Kosovan independence?

9 Jan 2018  #108

I respect Spain because of stance on Kosovo and official Serbia support sovereignty of Spain. I just must say what is honest to be said.

9 Jan 2018  #109

I agree with you on this, Crowie. It's nonsense to ignore the vote of the Catalonian parliament and yet recognise votes in Slovenia and elsewhere.

10 Jan 2018  #110

Yes, that I talking about. EU seams to always support extremists separatists (in Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo, etc) but never normal people. Normal people gets sh** from EU.

14 Apr 2018  #111

It's nonsense to ignore

I'm encouraged to see your progress in contributing to a European themed thread which has nothing to do with Poland.

15 Apr 2018  #112

Let us love Spain, because Spain is Slavic friendly.

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