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Why AfD is the most important party in Germany

Bratwurst Boy
28 May 2019  #1,381

So you think that the Greens and the global warming con artists want to save the environment

It's less important what I think but what their voters think...don't you think?

And once they cut their inner leftties back down to a bearable level they have mainstream potential...at least in Germany!
(Contrary to the real bolsheviks who have no real option of power in Germany at all)

PS: People who call global warming a con are in Germany usually laughed about and mocked...they are not called naive, but dumb.

PPS: It seems immigration had been for this election less important than the climate...at least for Germans.

28 May 2019  #1,382


Yeah and what we get from that? Serbs never helped Germans or stood with us.

@Bratwurst Boy

Climate chant be influenced by Germans. I´m german and i see it as laughable and dumb to believe we can cool down climate and that opinion is evrywhere around me.

The Green Party and climate hysteria is a non issue in Eastern Germany. So dont talk for "Germany" from your bubble.

Go to any thuringian city and ask for climate change stuff. People will laugh you at the face.

28 May 2019  #1,383

Serbs never helped Germans or stood with us.

We did. We defended Europe from Islam during Turkish invasion while Germany prospered. Then German policy sought opportunity to cooperate with Turks behind back of Serbs.

I suppose, once when Germans betrayed its Serbian self, later was much easier to cooperate with Turks, as today is much easier to mix with Semites in general and form some hybrid even newer nation with them. Even Hitler nicely said that he prefer Islam over Christianity. Here in region he organized Nazi-Islamic military formations. Hitler, slayer of Whites and pawn of Islamic spawn.

28 May 2019  #1,384


I told you before and will again, respect my people.

We are Germans, Germanics. Not Serbs. We have no Serbian self.

And your people obviousl did not defend very well against the Turks. It need German and Polish troops to kill the Turks off.

Beside that, Turks are not "Semites". The big majorty of "Turks" are simply islamified Greeks.

28 May 2019  #1,385

Turks are a "TURKIC" people, of Uralic extraction and related to the Ughurs (Arab influence notwithstanding), much as the Hungarians, Estonians, Finns, Khanty, and Mansi, the latter of whom reside in Siberia.

28 May 2019  #1,386


There are almost zero turkic people in Turkey.

You suck in history. It was once byzantine empire. Genetic input from Turkic people in Turkey is below 3%.

29 May 2019  #1,387

Am I correct that even if so-called anti-immigrant or ultra-right parties will get lot of power in Europe (by some miracle), there is no reasons to expect any principal changes? Even these parties call just for diminishing of immigration and not complete ban on it. But Europe accept a few legal immigrants already, and demographic changes will continue for account of different fertility rates, so what is going to change principally? A leaders like Marine Le pen call for EU dissolution, what could be rather meaningless, because majority of EU countries share the same problems and better need to stay united.

Rich Mazur
29 May 2019  #1,388

Are you a Russian? If I already asked, remind me.

29 May 2019  #1,389

I never lived in Russian Federation. Was question about that?

29 May 2019  #1,390


"русский это состояние души, а не цвет кожи" - Эфиоп, фильм Жмурки

Translation: "Being Russian is a state of the soul, not your skin color" - from an African-Russian character called the "Ethiopian" in the movie Zhmurki

Rich Mazur
29 May 2019  #1,391

I never lived in Russian Federation. Was question about that?

I asked because your forum name is Russian or Ukrainian. Either way, I see a pattern here that some of the best posts come from Russia or from the posters of the Eastern ethnic background.

I am not trying to give out trophies here. Just saying what I noticed.

29 May 2019  #1,392

I told you before and will again, respect my people.

And you should respect my people and stop stealing our history. I don`t mind if you want to be Germanic but don`t hate me because prior to Germanics came to existence Serbs already lived in what is now Germany. When German archeologists excavate something, lets` say, 1000 years old, it is contribution of Serbian culture, not of Germanic. Sure, it is now Germanic too, only if you face fact of your own past and stop denying real origin of it.

How I see things, we share our past. To me that is reason for love and not for hate.

29 May 2019  #1,393



Something in Germany 1000 years old? Like Emperor Otto or Emperor Heinrich?

Dude get real.

My people are called Germanics since 2000 years at least. Tacitus called us Germanics. Before that no writtenr record exists.

We have genetic stability that can be traced back almost 5000 years


You act like those negroids who try to steal egyptian history.

To come back to topic. AfD propably will adjust some politics.

The Junge Alternative wants to implement more nature protection and climate protection in our program.

Protecting nature must be part of protecting our nation.

Our man enemy are the greens.

SPD is no enemy, since its a dead party that currently collapses and will not recover.

CDU is no enemy either. They will sooner or later support us.

Bratwurst Boy
29 May 2019  #1,394

And you should respect my people and stop stealing our history.

Oh please...since I knew you you are trying to deny the Germanics their history, you declare them to some kind of "brainwashed" Slavs.

Whenever has someone here tried to do the same with the Slavs (declaring them to brainwashed Germanics) or denied the existing history of the Sarmats or the Serbs?

Who is stealing here whose history?

29 May 2019  #1,395

God didn`t even had plans for Germanics when Serb name was used to designate rivers, places, mountains and lakes in what is now Germany. Actually, in entire Europe, near East, Eurasia, northern Africa.

Go complaint to the God.

Bratwurst Boy
29 May 2019  #1,396

God didn`t even had plans

We have GODS behind us, thats far more than your puny lonely god! :)

29 May 2019  #1,397

You think old boy Svetovid is alone? First, our Lord Jesus Christ goes hand in hand with him. Plus, believe me, you don`t wish to meet with Baba Yaga in the middle of the night.

29 May 2019  #1,398


Your Jesus got nailed to a cross.

Our god Thor has a Hammer.

Enough said.

Who the **** is Baba Yaga?

29 May 2019  #1,399

What word thor/tor- as it is sound, mean in German? In Serbian that word have perfectly clear and logical meaning.

Who the **** is Baba Yaga?

Odin will know.

`Odin` also has clear and logical meaning in Serbian. In German?

29 May 2019  #1,400


Thor means Donar means Donner which means thunder.

Odin is named Wotan in German and it comes from "Wut". Which means Furious

Bratwurst Boy
29 May 2019  #1,401

`Odin` also has clear and logical meaning in Serbian. In German?

You still keep making the same error to get your information from non german sources...

In German he is also known as Wotan....in English he got it's own weekday, Wednesday:

"The modern English weekday name Wednesday derives from Old English wōdnesdæg, meaning "day of Woden" (Wotan:)

"....The Old Norse theonym Óðinn (popularly anglicised as Odin) and its cognates, including Old English Wōden, Old Saxon Wōden, and Old High German Wuotan, derive from the reconstructed Proto-Germanic theonym *wōđanaz. The masculine noun *wōđanaz developed from the Proto-Germanic adjective *wōđaz, related to Latin vātēs and Old Irish fáith, both meaning 'seer, prophet'. Adjectives stemming from *wōđaz include Gothic woþs 'possessed', ..."


The same with Thor:

"Old Norse Þórr (ᚦᚢᚱ), Old English ðunor, Old High German Donar, Old Saxon thunar, and Old Frisian thuner are cognates within the Germanic language branch, descending from the Proto-Germanic masculine noun *þunraz 'thunder'.[2]"


And he, of course, got also his own weekday: Thursday (german: Donnerstag:)

Bratwurst Boy
29 May 2019  #1,402

PS: To know the lingual connections to the past you need to learn German, Crowie...and as much as you are concerned with the Germans and their continued non-existence I wonder why you haven't already! ;)

29 May 2019  #1,403

It is you who know little of history, Weimarer, or you'd realize that Turks AREN'T Arabs, Semites, Hamites, Cushites, not even close!
Turks, Azerbajanis, Turkmenistanis are NOT related to Kurds, Iranians and the like, but are of Uralic origin.

You probably think that Farsi's also related to Arabic, when in fact everyone knows it's an Indo-European tongue
written in Arabic script:-)

@Pretty spiffy stuff there, B.B. ol' man!
You happen to be linguistically accurate and from me, you know I'm posting the honest truth. Otherwise, I'd tell
you you're full of it.

29 May 2019  #1,404

The same with Thor: Old High German Donar,

Does the word have any relation to 'Donnerwetter'?

And he, of course, got also his own weekday: Thursday (german: Donnerstag:)

Montag is related to 'moon', isn't it? What about 'Dienstag', 'Freitag' and 'Samstag'?

29 May 2019  #1,405


You are too far below my intellect.

I know full well that Farsi is not arabic. Same counts for Dari and Pashtu.

That said, there live no ethnic turks in Turkey. The absolute majority are islamized Greeks.


Yes Donnerwetter comes from Donner and Donar.

Montag comes from Mond-Tag which comes from Moon.

Freetag comes from Freya, the germanic godess of fertility and spring.

Dienstag comes from Thingtag. Thing was a germanic tribal meeting

29 May 2019  #1,406

@ Crow

What do Thor and Odin mean in Serbian?

Bratwurst Boy
29 May 2019  #1,407

Does the word have any relation to 'Donnerwetter'?

Could be... es kracht und donnert ! :)

Montag is related to 'moon', isn't it?


"...The English noun Monday derived sometime before 1200 from monedæi, which itself developed from Old English (around 1000) mōnandæg and mōndæg (literally meaning "moon's day"), which has cognates in other Germanic languages, including Old Frisian mōnadeig, Middle Low German and Middle Dutch mānendag..."


What about 'Dienstag', 'Freitag' and 'Samstag'?

Here is a good overview where the naming stemmed from:


Bratwurst Boy
29 May 2019  #1,408

....Otherwise, I'd tell you you're full of it.

I wouldn't expect anything less! ;)

29 May 2019  #1,409

Here is a good overview where the naming stemmed from:

Thanks. I'll certainly have a look at that.

Thing was a germanic tribal meeting

Thanks for your explanations. You may perhaps find this book here interesting: "Das barbarische Europa. Zur sozialen Ordnung von Germanen und Slawen im frühen Mittelalter" by Karol Modzelewski.

A critical review in English by Francesco Bori on recensio.net:


The work has, however, many merits. Ethnic delimitations are surpassed and Slavic and Germanic-speaking barbarians are discussed together. Also the traditional chronological edges of the disciplines are overcome, and the reader is struck by the easiness showed by Modzelewski in quoting from the ever-present-Tacitus or the Ottonian charters. The greatest worth of Modzelewski's book is to offer a blink to European history from a different angle, including in the narrative regions too often left at the margins of the debate between historians of Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

29 May 2019  #1,410

Weimarer, the shoe is clearly on the other foot!
YOU are far below most people's intellect on this forum:-)

As far as your silly contention about most contemporary Turks, you haven't a leg to stand on.
Bist einfach schon wieder auf dem Holzweg!

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