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Why AfD is the most important party in Germany

7 Jul 2019  #1,471

our current WOMAN at the helm, Iron! Why is that??? ;)

Aren't you a suspicious fellow? I simply think that VDL would a great improvement for your country and the Europe as whole. What wrong with that? Merkel not suo much.

7 Jul 2019  #1,472

I heard Macron uttered her name first....I would like to know WHY??? WHY HER???

Great question!

8 Jul 2019  #1,473

Kramp-Karrenbauer might still have a shot!
People complain that Spahn and Merz are too business friendly.

Bratwurst Boy
8 Jul 2019  #1,474

Thing is the same people who complain about that (how "horrible", business friendly politicians, the shock!!!) would never vote CDU anyhow. So it would be a double failure to try to garner their support.

The CDU must become again the law and order + business friendly party she used to be (before Merkel). Or she will follow the SPD into marginality...

8 Jul 2019  #1,475

The CDU is already unpopular.

Bratwurst Boy
8 Jul 2019  #1,476

....and she will sink further if they don't change back.

8 Jul 2019  #1,477

She?? To which Conservative female candidate would you be referring?
Merkel's not Conservative per se, neither is von der Leyen.

Bratwurst Boy
9 Jul 2019  #1,478


....yeah...my bad English....she as in "die Partei", heh:)

Merkel's not Conservative per se, neither is von der Leyen.

But that's the problem, the CDU was once the home for the conservatives. Merkel should have chosen the Social Democrats after the "Wende".
Her "modernisation" of the CDU destroyed the party system in Germany, made millions of voters homeless and kickstarted the AfD.
And with her gone, no longer be able to fulfill her promise for this "modernisation", the CDU will wither away, only her bootlicker like Altmeier and Laschet and vdL etc. being left...in the East they are done.

AKK has already proven that she won't be able to take over the helm and steer the CDU back.

9 Jul 2019  #1,479

No problem, B.B.:-))

Laschet, as I read in the German news, might well have a chance, given that he relinquish his current post as Minister President of North-Rhine Westphalia.

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