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Why AfD is the most important party in Germany

Bratwurst Boy
26 Mar 2019  #151

I must say it is quite satisfying knowing that we were blessed at a time when other countries betrayed their christian value.

I envy you your satisfaction with how things are run...

26 Mar 2019  #152

Tacitus is a fool. Such people exist. When their daughters get raped they hold them down and spread their legs and call it cultural enrichment.

Such as Tacitus need to be isolated and its happeneing already. They are publicly shamed for their pro migrant bullshit and some of them now claim they never really supported it. They are a bit like the Nazis after 1945, who quickly changed sides.

Ignore them, move forward and destroy whats important to them. Make their multiculti utopia impossible amd see how their little hands shake.

For example with this:

Another boat full of illegals returned to Libya...look at their sad little faces. Their deams shattered. No freeloading for them. All they wanted was cultural enrich amd now end in libyan camp


26 Mar 2019  #153

She prevailed and the EU is now overall in a better shape than e.g. at the height of the Euro crisis when it looked like it can break apart any day

She did well. Hopefully her successor will be as effective.

When their daughters get raped they hold them down and spread their legs

foreign human crap

True colours...

Rich Mazur
26 Mar 2019  #154

Do you want them next door? Or in your town?
Me neither.

26 Mar 2019  #155

Want what 'in my town'?

26 Mar 2019  #156

Tacitus may well be an idealist, but surely not a fool!

If we all give up on the bedrock of Judeo-Christian values at a time when they are most desperately needed as none other since 1933, we all might as well

hang up a shingle in front of our country "CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!"

Tough times don't last, but tough people do. (Dr. Robert Schuller)

Rich Mazur
26 Mar 2019  #157

Want what 'in my town'?

...foreign human crap nobody else wants...Including their own countries.

...we all might as well hang up a shingle in front of our country "CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!"

I have a better sign on my house: YOU ENTER, YOU DIE!.
That sign, btw, is invisible but still very effective: nobody ever tried to get in, settle down, demand food stamps and medical insurance at my expense.

Isn't it amazing how it works?

26 Mar 2019  #158

You make the mistake to debate with them.

Reality shows those like Tacitus and other weaklings buckle when you counter them.

In Sachsen-Anhalt a mayor who was pro migrants now says he was forced to be pro migrants.

When you look at Germany you can see quite good how the AfD could crush their multiculti utopia quite easily.

The the thing is easy. They need a compromise to make their goals happen. All it needs for us is to counter it nonstop and relentless.

The result can be seen now. Closed borders, each day harsher laws against migrants.

As for christian values, there are great christian role models.

I realy like Isabella la catholica. Queen of Spain. She had good christian values.

cms neuf
26 Mar 2019  #159

You guys can carry on the conversation in Russian if you feel like it. Soon time to clock off and get that rusty tram home

26 Mar 2019  #160

foreign human crap

Remind us when you first became an immigrant...

Rich Mazur
26 Mar 2019  #161

You guys can carry on the conversation in Russian if you feel like it.

Other than that, how much did you donate to make refugees feel warm and loved?

cms neuf
26 Mar 2019  #162

As I have said before - this is a democracy. We pay taxes to an elected govt. The govt can use them how they please. That can include humanitarian aid.

Simple really - unless you live in somewhere where representative govt was a brief drunken experiment for a few years in the early 90s that foundered in an orgy of thieving and murder.

26 Mar 2019  #163

Interesting, Rich (or are you and Dirk interchangeable).LOL

I figure that sign applies only to those you really like!

Rich Mazur
26 Mar 2019  #164

As I have said before - this is a democracy.

So was the communist Poland. We elected "govt" and paid taxes. And the "govt" used them how it pleased, including sending stuff to the USSR.

In democracies, which don't exist because democracies are a fiction for the Civic 101 kids, the ruling classes would do what the voters want. Like closing the borders and keeping the factories at home. They don't because they, the ruling classes, don't give a s*** what the peasants want. Just as they didn't in the commie lands. No difference. So, skip the lessons about "democracies".

Remind us when you first became an immigrant...

June of 1967.

26 Mar 2019  #165

Thats why the AfD is a really interesting experiment.

Its interesting to see for the first time how a super corrupt government that rules a pseudo democracy starts to crumble because an oppossition party hunts them.

Some morons here who believe we want AfD rule Germany, are too dumb to even graso whats going on.

We dont need an AfD government.

Even at 15% in federal elections everyone can see how the AfD changed the entire political system in Germany.

One just has to look at the SPD retard Stegner here, when his party collapsed during federal election and when he ehared teh AfD result.

Stegner insulted everyone who does not want migrants as Nazis, scum and all that.


pure gold.

Rich Mazur
26 Mar 2019  #166

Its interesting to see for the first time how a super corrupt government that rules a pseudo democracy

Perfect way to describe both. For future use and convenience, super corrupt government = SCG, pseudo democracy = PD.
Again, to be fair, both apply to the US just as well.

26 Mar 2019  #167

You should see how those morons like Merkel use words ...

"We must explain our politics better"

They think people are too stupid to understand their politics. This shows how deep merlel is in absolute delusion. They see the electorate as stupid children.

Rich Mazur
26 Mar 2019  #168

"We must explain our politics better"

...by using simple words, s l o w l y. After all, all the crime and destruction the foreign human garbage brought in is just a vicious and baseless rumor.

Also, the so-called rape victims were not victims at all. They provoked the alleged attacks and some actually enjoyed it. Yeah, that's it.

27 Mar 2019  #169

Here is some gold from Merkel...

"We must explain our politics better"

"Now they are here"

"I cant see where i did anything wrong."

"Those who live longer here (her new wording for german people)

And from her moronic minions:

"There are no terrorists migrants (then justice minister Maas)

"Those migrants are more worth than gold!" (SPD candidate Schulz)

"You must keep one arm length distance!" Cologne mayor advice to rape victims

Btw Merkel needed one year to say something to the families of the berlin christmas market attack. One year...

This government is rotten to the core and it cant be repaired, the entire system is a corrupted pseudo democracy flanked by a state propaganda in massive proportion and journalists who say they see their duty in reeducation of the people.

What the AfD does quite sucessful is to show how rotten this system is.

cms neuf
27 Mar 2019  #170

Another long night talking to each other, wondering if there is a soul who cares about you. Just like being in the nickel mines except this time at least you have a coffee machine.

Rich Mazur
27 Mar 2019  #171

"You must keep one arm length distance!" Cologne mayor advice to rape victims

Finally! It's a woman's fault if she gets raped. I am so relived. I have to do it more often.

Bratwurst Boy
27 Mar 2019  #172

I am so relived.

Well...Frau Reker got a sh-load of flak after that comment, and deservedly so.

27 Mar 2019  #173

As with the ill-fated Clinton campaign, Reker, Merkel and many others are too full of polyannish idealism and have left their voters behind for way too long.

The ultra liberal wing of the SPD faction's as out of touch as the radical right, as near as I can tell.

27 Mar 2019  #174

@Rich Mazur

Not just that.

As a grandfather told a mayor that his granddaughter gets massively molested on her way to school, when she walks near the "migrant house"...

he gets the answer that she should walk another way.

Look how the audience explodes


27 Mar 2019  #175

Short sighted and stupid, the mayor's response to the situation.
Here in the States, he or she would have been roundly called on the carpet for such,
publically censured, perhaps even forced to resign!

27 Mar 2019  #176

Why? Its exactly your ideology.

Since 2015 law has collapsed in germany. Our own interior minister calls it reign of injustice. And you still dont
Understand why people vote AfD?

You know what? I dont want multiculti, i dont need it. It disgusts me and many people have enough.

27 Mar 2019  #177

You forget though that as an essentially capitalistic society, Germany too feels she must adopt certain
American ways, among those, the lure of cheap labor, even at the expense of a more financially remunerative,
if often less talented, work force. Paying for Teutonic precision has been passed over for a quick fix at the bottom line.


No, the mayor's is not my ideology, it never was. I would have reacted with much the same initial anger as you. The difference though in

our thinking is that we don't blame the sinners, just the sin. Go back to the Bible. You remember what that is, don't you, Weimarer?

It's that thick, usually black-covered tome with the words inscribed in gold that read "Holy Scriptures"!

27 Mar 2019  #178

Im atheist. I dont need old books to guide me. I see whats right and wrong.

Beside that Merkel is socialist and not capitalist. Never beforr Germany wasted so much for bizarre leftist projects than under her regime.

Rich Mazur
27 Mar 2019  #179

the lure of cheap labor,

There is no such thing as cheap immigrant labor! How many f***king times do I have to repeat that? It's cheap only to the scumbags who hire them. The rest of us have to deal with other side of that unpublished ledger - the cost of educating their little bastards, the cost of food stamps, the cost of medical services, the cost of the money they send "home", the cost of incarceration...and, then, the cost of perverting our customs and culture. And, as if that was not enough, these foreign scumbags eventually are allowed to vote!

27 Mar 2019  #180

"I'm an atheist."

What has that to do with it? A normal person believes in something, not in nothing! Besides, despite being born in the former East Zone,

your parents I'm almost certain were themselves raised in good, Christian homes, right? I'd hope they would have instilled some values of decency. The past is our guide to both the present and the future, you're talking rot as usual.

Perhaps Merkel has undertaken such "bizarre leftist projects" as you call them, because never before in human history prior to 1933- '45 had any government committed the unspeakably ghastly horror of the Third Reich, and maybe she in her own cockeyed way believes she can try to makes some sort of amends for the past.

As a German, you are as responsible for the sins of your fathers, as much as anyone who's ancestors committed genocide. This goes for modern Turks, Japanese as much as it does for the Germans!!

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