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Why AfD is the most important party in Germany

27 Mar 2019  #181

There is no such thing as cheap immigrant labor

I second that.
And in The UK we also subsidise low paid workers with various benefits.
Of course the workers benefit,but the big winners are the employers.

27 Mar 2019  #182

Wrong again as usual, Rich! There most certainly is something called cheap labor and it's part of the reason our society's in the royal mess it's in today. Where made in the USA, Germany, Italy or Switzerland, is replaced by made in China, Mexico, or Calcutta's the beginning of the end for a quality economy.

We all know the reasons why. That doesn't make it any more palatable.

27 Mar 2019  #183

There most certainly is something called cheap labor

You have missed his point Lyzko.
It is not cheap when you weigh in the other costs.

27 Mar 2019  #184

It surely is, Milo, if you further weigh in the low wages, underbidding competitive higher-earning salaried employees vs. those working off the books,
Don't argue economics if it's not your bailey wick.

27 Mar 2019  #185

It surely is, Milo

Then you agree with Rich Mazur and me......why are you arguing?

27 Mar 2019  #186

I'm not arguing AGAINST either, save to defend the concept that multi-culturalism is merely a buzz word for outsourcing and off shoring, plain and simple:-)

27 Mar 2019  #187

Then we are all agreed.
Let's leave at that shall we?

Rich Mazur
27 Mar 2019  #188

You have missed his point Lyzko.

He missed "immigrant" in my very first sentence, and forgot that I am never wrong.
The foreign cheap labor is just as deadly to the middle class.

27 Mar 2019  #189

Rich,I think he actually agrees with us.
He just has a funny way of showing it.....

Rich Mazur
27 Mar 2019  #190

I can see it now. Thanks for your help in clarifying it.

Another long night talking to each other, wondering if there is a soul who cares about you.

The only soul who really cares about me is me. And that's all I need. Almost.
Weimarer, Dirk, JR and others like them here are the antidote to the poison I get from the leftists and the weasels.
However, it may please you to know that I already gave up on the RINO's and Trump.

28 Mar 2019  #191


I give a **** about god. Im my own god. Also what christian homes? Im 24 years old. Born after reunion. Im atheist. My parents are atheist and my grandparents are atheist as well. I know nobody who believes in some fantasy.

Values are not bound on religion. Infact religious people temd to be rather immoral in many cases.

Also i dont care about "sins of the past". I live now and i want a good and secure life. Same counts for my friends and family. And if that is in danger, i will do anything to defend that.

Merkel gives a **** about the past, she only wants power. She wastes money to calm the hordes down. Once no money is left, she runs away and here will go evrything to hell.

Btw my father is born in 1971. What sins did he do? Do you grasp what rubbish you tell?

One thing i promise you though. I will not allow that my future is destroyed because some psycho wants do "amend for the past". In that case i would make sure, that those idiots have no positive future at all.

Rich Mazur
28 Mar 2019  #192

I give a **** about god.

Believing in god and communism is for the little people. The top never does. They know how the sausage is made and that is why they, like you and me, are non-believers, too.

And that rear view mirror - it's time for everybody to unscrew it and throw it away. Acting on feelings is best left for teenagers and women.

28 Mar 2019  #193

Those who don't remember the past are condemned to repeat it! - Geo. Santayana

You might do well to remember this factoid, Weimarer, or the next time 'round (if there is one), a future regime might decide to go

after white Aryans.

What'll y'all do then??! Just sit on your hands, twiddle your thumblings and do nothing? Or would you kick up a holy row!

Rich Mazur
28 Mar 2019  #194

Those who don't remember the past are condemned to repeat it!

The stupid, guilt-ridden Merkel - and that's the best she can claim - and her apologists did their best to help resurrect Hitler. I am not a German but that is exactly what I would secretly dream would happen. I wouldn't be surprised if the Poles saw Hitler light as a positive just as well. With the US still around, the risks of something really bad would be zero.

Just the vision of an all-white Germany makes even my heart beat faster...

28 Mar 2019  #195


History can tell many lessons.

For millenia the egyptian Pharaohs fought evryone who tried to enter Egypt. When the kingdom of Mittani conquered what is today Syria, thousands of syrians tried to escape into Egypt. There ruled teh young king Amenophis II. He was just Pharao since a few weeks. When teh "refugees" asked him for asylum, he answered they shall lay in the desert and accept their inevitable death. He then ordered his troops to kill all. He said: " Those who die today, will be forgotten tomorrow. But the world will remember Amenophis The Great. He, who saves Egypt.

MAny decades later it was at the end of the reign of Ramses III when first time ever large masses of foreigners were allowed in. It marks the end of the egyptian empire. A culture spanning millenia went down. Under the eyes of giant statues, silent witnesses of an enormous culture...a once great civilisation became scum, dirt and garbage.

History also proves that evry invasion can be blocked with enormous bloodshed and an inferno of hate. Isabella hunted the muslims out of spain. Not with tolerance. She freed her nation with the sword.

And thats what people liek you dont understand. Its your sick perverted ideology that will bring up someone far harsher than Hitler ever was. It is your ideology that scares so many people in Europe. Not just in Germany. The far right wins evrywhere.

Who knows what the future brings? In Italy Salvini is most popular. in France Marine lePen gets record ratings. The further to push for thei mass immigration madness, teh more you push the people into desperation.

Eastern Germany is all white and destined to stay that way. The people are so extreme against any form of immigration from 3rd world, thst it generated an extreme rift already.

Who knows what the future holds?

Maybe in 300 or 400 years east german troops reconquer west german lands and crush the caliphat there.

I´m a german. This is my ancestors lands. I will fight for it.

My fatherland is the most holy thing for me. To protect my people. No matter how extreme the things are that must be done to protect it.

This great nation was handed down to us from hundreds of generations of our fathers. I will not give it to 3rd worlders. I will not throw our nation into the dirt.

Rich Mazur
28 Mar 2019  #196

Good history lesson.
Now comes the puke pablum from the softies.

28 Mar 2019  #197

I´m a german. This is my ancestors lands. I will fight for it.

Which means you're willing to invade Lower Silesia and Pomerania.

28 Mar 2019  #198

I think America was meant to be darker... I mean white people here are very ugly! I can smell the cringe of the universe.

28 Mar 2019  #199

History does indeed teach us lessons, but none are either as simple or as transparent as you would have us believe, Weimarer!
The lessons from the Hitler Era are NOT, that Germany should revert to her old, barbarian ways. This is to be sure a false lesson, not to add

a dangerous one. The lessons from that time are if anything acceptance and the willingness to see into the soul of the other.

Sadly, far too many migrants have been sold a false bill of goods as to what Germany is, and herein lies the real tragedy of Merkel's "Willkommenskultur", and

why many former East Germans such as yourself, have opted instead for "Leitkultur".

28 Mar 2019  #200

Which means you're willing to invade Lower Silesia

I don't think so, he will probably find many friends and allies here, why do you lot taunt the guy with stories of hitler and the nazis , his dad was born in the 70's he has a right to live a free life , he should not be hounded by schekel hunters for sins he has not committed

Rich Mazur
28 Mar 2019  #201

Amen to that.
Plus, if he wants Germany to be to his liking, that's his sacred right, both moral and legal, and without being told that he is somehow a bad person. Are Nigerians bad because they want Nigeria to be black?

28 Mar 2019  #202

Slighly less then analogous, Rich!

Nigeria, along with nearly all of Africa, was colonized by Europeans. Such is scarcely the reverse, is it?

28 Mar 2019  #203

why do you lot taunt the guy with stories of hitler and the nazis


Are Nigerians bad because they want Nigeria to be black?

Of course not.

Nigeria, along with nearly all of Africa, was colonized by Europeans. Such is scarcely the reverse, is it?

But it is.......

28 Mar 2019  #204

How, pray?

Don't now let's get all sarky and chunter on about how "Now it's the blacks who've invaded the (White) Continent...!" etc.

The historical relationship between Africa and Europe beggars comparison, it really does.

28 Mar 2019  #205

Yes,but in what way does history define the present?
We all agree that you can't blame young Germans for Hitler.
How can you blame current Europeans for the sins of their ancestors?
Hell,I,like many Brits,do not have a drop of British blood in me.....do you want to blame me?

28 Mar 2019  #206

I think the issue revolves around the statement to the effect that Nigerians, for example, want to keep their country black, much as Morawiecki and Duda want desperately to keep Poland white.

My point was that the analogy is faulty at best. That's really all I'm saying, the comparison is facile.

28 Mar 2019  #207

But why?

28 Mar 2019  #208

Because it overlooks more profound questions of both nationhood as well as homeland status.

28 Mar 2019  #209

people who deny evolution are partly demons :)

28 Mar 2019  #210


I say it simple that you understand.

Im german. I want live in my country. The nation i call home. I dont want live in ugabuga land or any middle eastern ********. I dont want those around me.

This country is the only home i have. I will not allow it to become a ********. And i guarantee you...the things i would do to protect it, are far more than what you call "barbarian".

Dont push people too much lyzko.

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