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A bad omen for Christianity? Notre Dame fire.

15 Apr 2019  #31

a nice article explaining why it's so important for Catholics.

And not only. Anyone who has ever read Victor Hugo or spent a romantic weekend in Paris. Centuries of memories.

failing miserably.

Normal for Sh1tty...

Shitonya Brits
15 Apr 2019  #32

what kind of person gloats over the destruction of one of Catholicism's most holy sites?


It is the same sort who went into a immediate frenzy within the first four posts at the mere mention of Poland being a Catholic country:

Poland is a Catholic country

No, it isn't. Read the Constitution - how many mentions of Catholicism can you find?


I could also add all your anti-Catholic autistic rants over the past decade ranging from empty pews to clerical misdeeds to politics but that would take another decade.

But it is definitely worth pointing out how it was you who called for the mass execution by hanging of Radio Maryja listeners.

15 Apr 2019  #33

And not only.

Quite. Regardless of what you think of the building, the importance of Notre Dame is immense.

I just wonder how bitter you have to be to cheer the destruction of such a place.

edit: Just read this:

Whether you are french or not, whether you believe in God or not, to see Notre Dame burning is like seeing your own house burning.

So true.

15 Apr 2019  #34

the importance of Notre Dame is immense.

Instantly recognisable and important to many.

The OP still hasn't indicated whether he believes in omens or not.

Dirk diggler
15 Apr 2019  #35

On list of problems the French have, that fire ranks 97.

Indeed. The French are an endangered species in their own country. The burning of Notre Dame symbolic of France and the French people as a whole. Well they brought this problem onto themselves. Now they have to deal with no go zones, their capital filled with tents and dirty mattresses smelling of urine and stable cannibus, roving bands of turd worlders ready to pick pocket tourists.... List goes on... In some parts of the city you can't even drive through the street during Muslim prayers because there's so many of them they congregate on the streets and block them completely. It's a tragedy what France has become, but at least poles and the other v4 nations arent going down that route. They want no part of it. That's why Poland has zero Islamic terror attacks while everyday people are getting stabbed, raped, murdered, etc in Germany, France, UK and the native populations being replaced especially France. It's over for them. Paris is officially a ********

15 Apr 2019  #36

Instantly recognisable and important to many.

There's some news, but not confirmed - pbs.twimg.com/media/D4OehLcX4AEmqWS.jpg

There's also pictures showing that the interior isn't badly damaged. Is it really possible?

15 Apr 2019  #37

I worked on a church restoration during uni holidays one summer. Pretty solid stonework, those vaulted ceilings....wouldn't know anything of the technical side of it though. My work involved scooping up all the pigeon droppings:(:( Amongst other dirty jobs.

15 Apr 2019  #38

This picture is floating around: twitter.com/BusBled/status/1117921120114675713

15 Apr 2019  #39

And not to give vent to that which is on ALL our minds, admit it now, is highly disingenuous, not to mention plain hypocritical:-)

15 Apr 2019  #40

that which is on ALL our minds

It isn't.

Nor is there any suggestion of such.

15 Apr 2019  #41

Only 27% of French citizens responded that they "believe there is a God". This makes France one of the most irreligious countries in the world.


I guess majority of this 27% are Muslims and other immigrants.

15 Apr 2019  #42

We'll have to merely wait and see what happens.
Still seems suspicious to me.

15 Apr 2019  #43

On list of problems the French have, that fire ranks 97.

Real tragedy I agree but I prefer remembering ,for ever, much greater tragedy, almost complete destruction of Warsaw ,quarter of a million human souls erased

from the list of living, and I can not help but wonder how many French were grieving long ago tragedy So no crocodilian tears from me .I wonder how many of our diversity loving teachers even remember a rape committed on my country?

Why bring diversity to a discussion ? Our Muslim loving liberals Should stop and consider the possibility of fanatical Muslims involvement .Fat chance, not a word

Or they, the libs are right more Muslims is the solution. If they govern ,instead of burning they may just convert churches into mosques
Like Haga Sophia

Rich Mazur
15 Apr 2019  #44

Im willing to bet Muslims did it. Most of the terror rape murder and other violent crimes in France are caused by them.

I would go further. Even if accidental, what a perfect opportunity to hang it on the Muslim invaders.

Another point: On the scale 0 to 1000, let's place this event and the 9/11. 3000 Americans dying horrible deaths vs. old church losing a steeple. BFD.
I am glad you are back to put things in perspective. All that sobbing should be saved for France itself.

Rich Mazur
16 Apr 2019  #45

Still seems suspicious to me.

share your suspicions. That was arson or it should be investigated as arson. Just like every truck running over people should be assumed from moment one to be an Islamic terror.

Later, they should pick the most useful perp. Just like we picked the WMD's and the babies out of incubators as a pretext. A good tragedy should never go to waste.

16 Apr 2019  #46

There I gotta to agree! Sounds all too tragic to be true. All that artwork, tradition....

Rich Mazur
16 Apr 2019  #47

Good excuse now for the Saudis to step in an build a mosque on the site.

They sure tried that s*** in NY. Man, do I hate these bastards!

Rich Mazur
16 Apr 2019  #48

Quoting a comment from The Hill:
Yeah you can definitely thank the lord on this one.

Another one from breitbart.com:
They have been vandalizing churches all over France in the past weeks. Yesterday the Holy week began and now this is supposed to be a pure accident?

France fell to the Muslims along time ago. We are just now having the funeral.

16 Apr 2019  #49

The construction was made of wood - several centuries old wood. I have no idea what started the fire but it's not the first time a medieval building caught fire. I don't know if that was an accident or negliegence but I'm pretty sure it will be rebuilt. In some form. Part of it is gone forever but a new history of Notre Dame is happening now.

16 Apr 2019  #50

Quite amazing to see the response - one of the richest French families already pledged to donate 100m Euro for the reconstruction.

16 Apr 2019  #51

Not a single word of your rant contains even a scintilla of truth.

It is really disgusting that in face of such a tragedy, Shitonya Brits doesn't miss a chance to broadcast his most silly and childish propaganda.

it's not the first time a medieval building caught fire.

That is true. You don't have to blame an Islamic terrorist for that. Typically, the restoration team is quite likely to involuntarily set fire.

Even in Poland, I know of several cases when... Catholic priests were responsible for the devastation of original works of art. They usually think something (like benches in the church, for example ) is too old, so they simply decide to throw those things out without bothering to inform the conservation office. Such was the case in Gdynia a few days ago.

16 Apr 2019  #52

This reminds me a lot of the York Minster fire of 1984 when the South Transept and the medieval Rose Window were completely destroyed. The Minster is possibly the finest medieval building in Northern Europe, the fire devastated an important part of it, yet within a decade it was rebuilt.

16 Apr 2019  #53

This reminds me a lot of the York Minster fire of 1984

Gosh yes, I'd almost forgotten that, seems forever ago now!
Fortunately, the main structure and towers have been saved. Apparently the last time it suffered major damage was in the French Revolution! Much money has been pledged too, the Arnault family and LVMH Group are going to donate 200 million Euros toward restoration.

As for omens, I don't believe in them.

16 Apr 2019  #54

Omens are omnipresent. Remember Caesar on the day he got assassinated? [Et tu Brute contra me?]

16 Apr 2019  #55

As for omens, I don't believe in them.

I don't claim I do, however there were not a few interesting circumstances in the history when some symbolic events or coincidences foreshadowed major disasters. For example there was a well known and widespread legend that a terrible curse surrounds the Tamerlane grave and those who will open his coffin will release a terrible war or disaster to this world. Soviet archeologists, of course didn't believe in the bad omens. And they opened his coffin on June 21, 1941. And guess what happened the next day?

I will try to remember a few more.

16 Apr 2019  #56

Et tu Brute contra me?

No proof Caesar ever said those words, but Shakespeare certainly did :)

16 Apr 2019  #57

The attack had been planned for a long time, hadn't it? It was a mere coincidence.

As for fires of churches and cathedrals it's not the first time either. A quick Internet search will show you quite a few results. Starting with the Great Fire of London, it has happened a lot of times.

The difference is that nowadays the Notre Dame is globally recognisable.
And the sad part is that almost a thousand years of history is in danger. Part of it is lost. In a way we witness history.

Of course it happens not only to churches - think of Cutty Sark or the Azure Window.

16 Apr 2019  #58

As for fires of churches and cathedrals it's not the first time either.

There was a devastating fire in Gdańsk about 10 years ago in a church, wasn't there?

It is really disgusting that in face of such a tragedy, Shitonya Brits doesn't miss a chance to broadcast his most silly and childish propaganda.

I find it quite fascinating that despite the emotional impact on others, he chose to try and push his pathetic propaganda instead.

16 Apr 2019  #59

The attack had been planned for a long time, hadn't it? It was a mere coincidence.

There is a difference between the causes and the omens.


The year 1647 was that wonderful year in which mani-
fold signs in the heavens and on the earth announced mis-
fortunes of some kind and unusual events. Contemporary
chroniclers relate that beginning with spring-time myriads
of locusts swarmed from the Wilderness, destroying the
grain and the grass ; this was a forerunner of Tartar
raids. In the summer there was a great eclipse of the
sun, and soon after a comet appeared in the sky.


16 Apr 2019  #60

Some good news: relics from JPII have been saved, as has the Polish chapel within Notre Dame.

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