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Let's debate American Politics

johnny reb
26 Jun 2017  #121

Another victory for Trump and the Right Wingers to keep America safe.
The Left must just becoming unglued to think undermining him would be possible.

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court is letting the Trump administration enforce its 90-day ban on travelers from six mostly Muslim countries, overturning lower court orders that blocked it.

The action Monday is a victory for President Donald Trump in the biggest legal controversy of his young presidency.

Trump keeps right on steamrolling the Progressives.

In other news 77 year old Nancy Polosi claims hundreds of thousands will die if the new health care bill passes. lol
What a fruitcake.
Even her own party wants her out now.

26 Jun 2017  #122

Sooner or later, the US-electorate will smarten up to the simple fact that the only one benefiting from Trump's agenda of "MAKE AMERICA RICH AGAIN!" is the Donald himself. Whose side is our Tweeter-in-Chief on, HIS side, of course:-)

johnny reb
26 Jun 2017  #123

And do tell just what's the matter with putting America in the drivers seat again Mr. Redistribute the wealth ?

27 Jun 2017  #124

Trump keeps right on steamrolling

Let him. Let the GOP traitors ram the wealth care bill through Congress. I can't wait for the day when Trump, McConnell and Ryan take away everything from you red state leeches. No more farm aid. No more food stamps. No more government handouts to finance your drug addiction. No more help for people with black lung disease. No more support for grandma in assisted living. No more hospitals within 5 hours drive of the godforsaken hellhole you call home. But hey, we've shown those damn commie liberals the finger, haven't we?

I would laugh if it weren't so sad.

johnny reb
27 Jun 2017  #125

I can't wait for the day

You could always go back to Australia where you came from if you don't like it here. (You have been told that repeatedly)

No more farm aid. No more food stamps. No more government handouts to finance your drug addiction.

Hey hey, I think I have you finally seeing the light now that you are agreeing with me as I have never collected any of that.

Not just the red states but all the states since all the states have these unnecessary handouts for the leeches.
Most of the leeches are Democrats that vote for a living however.

of the godforsaken hellhole you call home.

You really think America is a hellhole then why did you immigrate here as a foreigner to live ? Just so you could bad mouth it Mr. Jealous ?

The Commie Liberal Bleeding Heart Liberals like yourself have had the last fifty years of slowly implementing their Progressive agenda down America's throats and it has destroyed what use to be what we called America the Great.

Just look at how corrupt Crooked Hillary was by committing all the felonies that she did and was pardoned. (So far)
Look at no respect for authority on our streets anymore.
Look at the crap being taught in our schools while the moral things have been taken out.
Look at the massive debt the Democrats have created.
So no, we are not giving you the finger, we are taking back what has been destroying America and putting back what works to have the greatest country on earth.

When Trump gets done obama will have no legacy.

27 Jun 2017  #126

I never mentioned anything regarding "redistribution of wealth"! What a man earns, he should be legally permitted to retain as much of his fair share as admissable, after taxes, of course:-) It should be a privilege to pay tax, so long as one knows that one's hard-earned tax dollars are going into important matters such as a solid infrastructure and schools in addition to top medical care for all who need it:-)

There's also a huge difference between earning money and flaunting it! Years ago, a wealthy industrialist lived on an elegant private estate, keeping exclusive company as was their right, above all, perfecting the "upper-crust" demeanor which came with the responsibility of tremendous wealth!

Nowadays?? The hedge-fund manager's butler probably gives off more the aura of that industrialist of yore while the hedge-fund kingpin sounds and acts like the next dude off the subway, complete with expensive coifure, sewer mouth and the costly scent of unaffordably expensive cologne....simultaneously REEKING of the gutter from which he doubtless has his "manners"LOL

johnny reb
27 Jun 2017  #127

I never mentioned anything regarding "redistribution of wealth"! What a man earns, he should be legally permitted to retain

He's already filthy rich (with emphasis on the word "filthy", he doesn't need any more).

Slight contradiction there.
Since the upper 1% pay over 90% of the taxes in this country and over 50% pay no taxes in this country and you are saying Trump doesn't need anymore, I took that as you wanted the wealth to be "redistributed" more equally.

Even though you can't/won't print the precious name of God here ........ you do know what God thinks of money don't you ?

"Just look at the people He gave it to."
Mathew 19:23 [b]"it is hard for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God."

So that is how I put the pompous" reeking from the gutter" to rest Lyzko.
They inherited Satan's world while we will inherit the Kingdom of God. (Something money can't buy)
I actually feel sorry for the people you speak of as most have no idea what peace, happiness and eternal salvation is.
I am on your side but what is is and we must accept it for what it is, 'worldly'.

Dirk diggler
27 Jun 2017  #128


See that's the problem, at least in my area. The money that I am taxed is mostly not going to infrastructure, buying new computers at the high school, conservation programs for the parks and lakes around my home, etc. Its not even going to build homes for the less wealthy people who've worked in my suburb as gardeners landscapers bus boys etc. (They gave that program up even though most the residents here supported building homes for working class people) Rather the vast majority is spent on pension funds that have been stolen from, and generally mismanaged for years. Im not jim Cramer but for God sakes who thought that investing in some distant swamp land in an unincorporated area was a wonderful idea? Better yet who signed off on it? Put the funds in a mutual fund, cd, or even just leave it in a money market account. You'll lose far less in money market due to inflation than by having any of these other geniuses investing your pension. Then these people who had these pension funds, which they have earned by working I'm not denying that, are anxious that they'll have little to no pension. Hence, the rest of the tax base must make up for these differences. To put more fuel on the fire, many government workers strike demanding salaries comparable to those who are lawyers, doctors, etc. Top positions I.e. admins make often over 300k annually but most firefighters cops teachers make between $50 to $120k. Its understandable though because they want to at least have a better salary especially if they believe that their pension funds will have far less money in them than originally expected. Unfortunately the average tax payer suffers..

So what does this mean for the average tax payer like me?
Im neither a butler nor a hedge fund manager. Most butlers working for wealthy families make well into the 6 fig range in salary and are also given various expensive gifts, stocks, etc and are privy to certain information which can help them greatly grow their savings. We all are aware hedge fund managers are very wealthy and pay little to no income taxes as their earnings are mainly based on profits from investments like stocks I.e. capital gains. That's fine I have nothing against rhem. I too am furthering my education, workinf, and investing my money so I can one day amass enough wealth where I can have just enough to travel for the rest of my life and give the rest away. Anyway for now my salary is actually around mean for my area - a little higher than mean if were looking at the closest large city below the mea. By income I do not meet the 1% as I do not make over $450k. I am not even in the top 5% as I do not make over $250k a year. Due to the fact that I am single with no kids (that I know of) I am taxed at around 35%-40% for income. The main reason is majority of my income earnings are from commission which is taxed as a luxury hence nearly 40%. So even if I make 100k, after taxes and a few deductions for health dental and vision I'm left with about half.

If it were just these income taxes it wouldn't be a big issue. However when you tack on 10% sales tax and the worst of all - a ridiculously high property tax well that's when middle and upper middle class people especially those with an education start looking at other places to live and work. Middle and upper middle class families here are giving up their homes for this very reason. Soon well be a metro of renters for all except maybe the top 10% of residents. Also don't forget here you pay a tax for things like grocery bags, gas, food as well as using the highways. I'm selling my home because the property taxes alone are $14k a year and yet we have one of the lower rates in the area. In some other suburbs the taxes on a similar house worth $800 to $900k (tad above average 2 story 3-4 bedroom home - nothing fancy - no big yard, no pool, or any other luxuries) people pay $20 $25 $28k a year. So if say a married couple, say nurse and mid level businessman, the nurse will have to spend over half her post tax income just to pay the taxes on such a home which they probably chose for the good schools and low rate of crime in the first place. The businessman would have to cover all other expenses and with a large medical expense or tuition bill comes in its a huge problem. So if say this nurse and mid level manager have a household income of around 160k nearly half will be taken out for various taxes esp if they own a home. This means if they have 1 kid they'll have to really tighten the belt to send the kid to a college esp if its private. For 2 3 or more kids they'd probably have to part with the house or take out a few loans. On the other hand, a 2 story house of similar worth will have property taxes of perhaps $4 $5 $6k a year at most in all the states surrounding mine. My friend who's an architect from India owns a home in the city worth around $260k - a small ranch he shares with his wife who also works. He has a home in Arizona with roughly the same worth. He pays $9k in property taxes here but only $900 a year in Arizona. Yet the schools and other services are far better there...

Now if we have the best infrastructure, the best schools, the safest streets, the best social services anywhere in the world I could understand. However we have none of those. In fact we lag far behind especially in grade school and high school education. Our colleges are among the best but they're also by far the most expensive. I.e. an mba from sgh in poland is 30k zloty - basically what books and a few fees cost here. And as far as violent crime its not even worth discussing in detail - 30 40 shootings over a weekend gets a shrug from people here. So where is all this money going? I just simply don't understand how other municipalities and states, even other countries can have so much better schools, roads, etc with a fraction of the tax revenue that we get.

27 Jun 2017  #129

Hey, folks! No need to preach to the choir. We all know WHY Americans are anti-Affordable Care, "ObUMMERCare" ( to paraphrase Dr. Michael Savage) and socialized medicine. It's 'cuz people down South and in the Mid-to Far West are galled by folks back East gettin' benefits which end up being "malefits", since only a minority git's 'em and the rest of y'all git THE ROYAL SHAFT!!!!

Not mystery at all, pal.

Dirk diggler
27 Jun 2017  #130

Personally I liked Obama care bc my parents finally had insurance after being unable to afford it or being denied due to smoking age previous conditions (albeit very minor) etc. Sure it costs a ton now but the first few years it wasn't bad. Even now the monthly isn't bad but the deductibles are super high. The whole you keep your doc is kind of bs bc your doc may not accept it now but nonetheless there's still great places that do and for emergencies its better than nothjng

To me it doesn't matter a whole lot bc I've always gotten health dental and vision for anywhere from work so I $0 a month to $80 a month for all three.

I have to read more about trump care I just hope they don't pass it off blindly to Americans like they did with Obamacare

27 Jun 2017  #131

Well, the House's gotta vote, but they've delayed, so unlikely it'll be this week (Thurs. as promised)!

johnny reb
27 Jun 2017  #132

I hope they keep delaying it until they get it right.
Of course not everyone will be happy.
Trump's way would save over $300 billion of unnecessary b.s.
Like I said, people that really need it I am all for and they still will be covered.
People that can afford $150 a month for cigarettes and $300 a month for alcohol or recreational drugs, go out to eat fast food, go to professional sport games, a $100 a month for cable t.v., $100 a month for an I-phone, $100 a month on lotto tickets......hells bells if I spent my money like that I wouldn't be able to afford health care either.

Those are the ones Trump wants to boot off the gravy train by dismantling obama care as it is written.
The deserving people's needs will still be covered.
No one in America is turned away from the emergency room at the hospitals and you know that.
And most of the deserving poor people have government 'Medicaid' that covers their health care paid for by the upper 1% tax money.
What would we do without these filthy 1% rich bastards that pick up the tab by paying 90% + of the taxes in this country.
So stop your pity party like your Bleeding Heart Liberal Queen Polosi tried to pull with how hundreds of thousands of people were going to die if Trump gets his way.

Face it Lyzko, obama Care was deliberately designed to fail and it has.........now what big guy ?

27 Jun 2017  #133

Both sides are pretty adept though at playing psychology with voters. There's still lotsa guilt tripping and blame to go around handily!

johnny reb
28 Jun 2017  #134

I feel guilty about nothing as it was proven that obama Care was designed to fail from the get go.
I don't blame the Democrat voters as they had nothing to do with it.

Hey did you see that Trump is steam rolling right along with the Great Trump Wall to make America safe again.
Construction on Trump's border wall to begin by September.

28 Jun 2017  #135

(He needs both House and Senate approval first, last I checked!)

johnny reb
28 Jun 2017  #136

Trump will get it if he needs it.
That wall WILL be going up, just hide and watch remembering I told you so.

28 Jun 2017  #137

Wall Ok. Much more important is a change of the trading policy towards China. Somehow nothing is happening there . It would be much more important than the wall. Trump got it right in his campaign. What about implementation?

Dirk diggler
28 Jun 2017  #138


Someone explained to trump that China and Japan pretty much own America since apparently they're our largest 2 creditors. Although being trump, you'd think thatd motivate him to fight for better terms. He has a boner for north Korea now seems like those talks took precedent over yuan manipulation and economic issues.

@johnny reb
A wall will definitely help although I don't think it will do much about drug trafficking. Human trafficking and illegal immigration, sure. Another problem though is bureaucratic. For one America's prisons are full of people who are illegal aliens that are being hosted by tax payers. Deporting them costs a lot but it's worth it if it means they don't sneak back in later. A wall can help with that. Many prisons are divided amongst gang lines with the largest groups usually being hispanic. Obama had far more hispanic deportations than bush and Clinton had combined. Whether that's due to his own policies, a general increase in illegal immigration, or overzealous and perhaps racist cops I don't know... I do know though that along with violent criminals a lot of hard working family type ppl working jobs like construction landscaping and especially at farms got deported by obama. Trump def had a lot of Hispanic support but he'll have to walk a tightrope and try to refrain from stupid comments. Actually many Mexicans are very much for the border because they feel itll help cool down the violence on the border towns and the assurance trump gave them that he's going after criminals def helped. The Hispanic population will surpass the white in 2044 - they're a huge political base. If he wants a 2nd term he should pay attention to them especially the Mexican community because they represent the largest group of Hispanics.

28 Jun 2017  #139


Oliver Stone says US is creating "wars and chaos"/VIDEO


One of Hollywood's greatest filmmakers, Oliver Stone, "explained the essence of the US policy in the last 30 years" in a short speech,

Dirk diggler
28 Jun 2017  #140

Thanks crow but most people who are either well read or simply aware already know that the whole war on terror is just a self perpetuating scam to keep funneling hundreds of billions if not trillions from the pockets of us tax payers to the military, contractors, government agencies, etc.

I can't wait to watch snowdens interview with putin

johnny reb
28 Jun 2017  #141

I can't wait to watch snowdens interview with putin

I'll bet obama and Crooked Hillary can't either. lol

28 Jun 2017  #142

the whole war on terror is just a self perpetuating scam to keep funneling hundreds of billions if not trillions from the pockets of us tax payers to the military, contractors, government agencies, etc.

Totally. Perhaps not in all cases, but look at Iraq - the whole thing was about diverting money to exactly those that you mentioned. The money being made by contractors in Iraq was absolutely obscene at one point, and of course, American contractors were used to rebuild the country.

The American economy seems to be built on keeping the country at war.

Dirk diggler
28 Jun 2017  #143


Yeah even the rank and file like truck drivers got paid like 2 grand a day. Its like whenever America goes to war the money faucet gets turned on and every agency, contractor or any one else who doesn't mind making money off war brings their cup. Its perhaps not the only thing propping up us economy due to its sheer size buts its definitely a very important factor and it influences many peoples lives even those beyond us or a war zones borders.

Its kind of similar with the whole war on drugs now. Just different players and a different system.

28 Jun 2017  #144

look at Iraq - the whole thing was about diverting money

and they didn`t hesitate to chop Sadam`s head for that. Eventually, Sadam himself wanted to take his share of interest in regional operations but he lost his head. Literally. Anyway, we would never know

Just different players

you are with them or you are against game. But, even with them, one keeps wondering what would happen to him

johnny reb
29 Jun 2017  #145

Did ya'll see where President Trump raised over $10 million in his first re-election fund raiser !
And he doesn't have all dem dare rich Hollywood Star Liberal Left Wingers, Wall Street and Foreign Countries donating like Crooked Hillary did to her Clinton Foundation Slush Fund.

The Dems are really going to come unhinged when Trump gets elected for a second term.

29 Jun 2017  #146

Thing is, he probably won't! Only so much law breaking and disregard for the average citizen's health that any sane person, be they Dem or Rep, can take:-)

johnny reb
29 Jun 2017  #147

disregard for the average citizen's health

Oh stop Lyzko, just stop with the bleeding heart b.s.
You could make a preacher swear, I swear.
One more time real slow just for you.
The disabled, single women with children, the elderly WILL NOT be effected.
Trump is kicking off those single people that are able to work from Medicaid.
Yet you keep insisting that these are average citizens. WHY ?
The average WORKING citizens family health care went up over $5000 a year under obama care.
The "average" WORKING citizen could not afford their old plans they had any longer so they are going without PLUS they are being fined for refusing to get obama care. ( $650 a year for each family member !) Got six kids do you ?

The reason they refuse to get obama Care is because most doctors and hospitals refuse to take you if you have obama care because the medical professions lose money on what obama care pays them.

President Trump is trying to give ALL people a fair shake but you cry baby bleeding heart liberals can't stand to be told NO, your Socialism way is not working so well now is it.

So please, for the sake of my sanity, quit your Snowflake propaganda.

Dirk diggler
29 Jun 2017  #148

Only about 22 mil Americans will lose their current form of care whether its Medicaid or Obama Care according to various politicians who oppose this ban. This 22 mil figure represents less than 6% of the us population....of course if the politicians said '6% will lose their insurance' it doesn't nearly have the same ring to it. Whether its a 55 year old small business owner or the able bodied Medicaid recipient that gets axed remains to be seen.

I'm not too familiar with neither trump Care or Obama Care as my insurance has been provided by my work or a subsidized university health plan. I just hope my parents can continue having health care. They've had so much trouble being able to obtain and afford health insurance that id prefer Obama Care to stay just out of the fact that I don't like uncertainty and at least I knew that they'll be covered should something bad happen. Should my mom and dad lose their insurance ill be pissed as hell.

@johnny reb
Its kind of similar in our region but the only difference is many private docs don't take Obama Care not so much because they get paid less but rather they have to fill out a bunch of more paperwork than they would with same an insurance like bcbs obtained through an employer for example. For hospitals almost all take it atleat around here - I haven't heard one locally that doesn't but I could he mistaken. I do know that when my mom had some health issues she didn't have any problem receiving top quality care with Obama Care. However the deductibles are very high and the monthly for two people costs the same a month as renting a cheap apartment.

Believe me Johnny I dislike 90% plus of obamas policies a lot especially the fact that he more than tripled out debt to 9 trillion. This figure doesn't include unfunded pension plans and if it did itd be over $50 trillion with analysts giving figures as high as $200 trillion. I really believe were headed for another recession unless trump can do something about all the bankrupt states and cities who obtain extremely high interest loans by selling junk bonds (another bubble) and unfunded pension plans which are being funded more and more through all sorts of tax increases (esp in my state) and new taxes. Stocks are artificially high, the housing market is crazy - inventory like I've never seen before - nearly 50 houses for sale in my suburb with all residents selling because they're sick of the property taxes. Were not in a good spot... Im sure being the businessman that he is he will help the American middle class. He's demonstrated this by his made in America stance and axing the tpp agreement. The question is can he pass enough policies that will offset the sluggish economy. While I'm sure he can boost GDP and cut spending, will it be enough due to the back breaking debt of this country? Second, will the fed play along and continue to keep inflation and interest rates in check or will they fool the public by lowering rates leading to massive borrowing further stimulated by trumps policies that everything's okay and growing just to lead to another crash... I guess well see... If we do have another crash and all the unfunded liabilities are too much to bear and in order to just somehow barely operate while in the read social services are cut, pensions are paid out at 30 cents on dollar, unions are gradually dismantled, unemployment skyrockets along with taxes.. I think we may see some sort of revolution. People are getting really sick and tired and if they get to the point where entire masses realize with the current system there's no future for them or their kids ... Well things could get ugly..

johnny reb
30 Jun 2017  #149

I really believe were headed for another recession unless trump can do something about all the bankrupt states and cities

It's gonna be a recession on steroids world around.
You can bet that President Trump will not print money out of thin air and try to spend his way out of debt like obozo tried to do.

Look at the end result of another one of his failures while trying to destroy America.

things could get ugly..

Oh the world is past the point of any civil return.
My prediction is that Trump is going to blow up N. Korea by the end of the summer.
That will be the start of it and since Iran has been supplying N. Korea with missile parts he will most likely take out Iran's nuclear facilities too which will draw Russia into it.

The World economies will the crash and things will get real nasty for everyone.
The poor little millenials will be committing suicide without cell phone service.

Dirk diggler
30 Jun 2017  #150

@johnny reb

Illinois is done for completely. 15 bill in bills for day to day stuff the state needs like schools police stations etc. That would be fine if it weren't for the 260 billion they owe for pensions and that's just right now.

Even cnn criticised the politicians and powerful unions in Illinois for this mess and they're overwhelmingly democrats.


I really have no clue what's going to happen because it's not just Illinois that's in this situation. Illinois is in the worst state but California Michigan connecticut new jersey are not far behind. It seems the only states with a healthy budget are the rural states like idaho, wisconsin, etc. They receive a far smaller tax revenue yet somehow the schools, roads, etc are all good and pensions are funded while illy has the highest taxes and nothing to show for it.

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