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How fascist are you?

Pan Zagloba
9 Jun 2021  #151

Neither could I. hahaha

9 Jun 2021  #152

darling. :)



Darling, hahaha and :):) are my inventions. Why are you monkeying me? Sb might think you are me or I am you.

PS. monkeying=parroting.

9 Jun 2021  #153


Did you open an alter ego account just in case nobody wants to argue with you?

9 Jun 2021  #154

I, I thought it is high time for a Doppelganger.

Pan Zagloba
9 Jun 2021  #155

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, my fellow pawian. This is the way Castilians used to prosper.
Yet, I shall try not to troll in this forum. Perhaps, even if I am not able to learn Polish, I can use it to practice English.

And do not worry about not getting anyone to argue with, as I can argue with rocks, so you shall always have an arguer in me. The matter does not matter.

9 Jun 2021  #156

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, my fellow pawian

No, that is a wrong approach. First of all, you should be yourself. Even if that might cost you some image loss.

as I can argue with rocks

My vivid and incessantly working imagination tells me you go to the seashore and practice arguing with sea rocks or rocky cliffs, trying to speak over the roar of ocean waves to perfect it. hahaha Almost like one famous guy in antiquity.

so you shall always have an arguer in me

Wow, sounds really tempting. I do need an opponent to argue with. But you should be intelligent, knowledgeable, logical and have a sense of humour, Are you such a person?

Do not surrender your principles.

Firstly, can you elucidate what principles you mean exactly? We need details, not only general statements like "defend your strictest traditions" etc.

Pan Zagloba
9 Jun 2021  #157

Indeed, I doth. hehehe

I am a stubborn from the mountains of the very last place that even the Moors did not want to invade as there was nothing to be won that could worth the slightest loss, when they decided to march towards France from Spain. All in all, and as far as my person is concerned, I am sorry I am not such good things: not intelligent, neither knowledgeable, nor logical. Only khlav kalash, my dear.

All the Catholic ones, of course. Are there any other kinds of principles that we can consider worthwhile? I do not think so. :^)

9 Jun 2021  #158

All the Catholic ones, of course

Hmm, you mean Catholic..... or true Christian values? Because Catholicism is indeed widespread in Poland but Christianity is much less. Sad but true.

So, one more question - what do you think of General Franco? Don`t you think that all the victims of his regime will send his Catholic`s soul to Hell on Doomsday?

Pan Zagloba
9 Jun 2021  #159

Catholic ones, definitely. There was Arrianism, which is long over. Then there was Catholicism, if it is to be called so. And that is the path we have had since.

I mean, we do build our paths in base of changing principles. We can do so by adding new ones, obviously, as it is the common way. We can erase some of them, also, yet it is to be carefully thought and discussed.

The problems come when we decide it is time to erase the whole path and rebuild it from zero, as if we were far better prepared (or far more knowledgeable) than our ancestors, just because of the fact we are intelligent enough to be alive whereas they are stupid enough to be dead.

Well, when one does so this uncommon way, fishermen shall fish, and the matter is whether we are fishers or fishes; of course, fishers shall try to convince anyone that any of us is a fisher, and some fishes shall think like this.

Let me summarize, some people consider Catholicism as the destroyer of worlds, while I consider it as the world, for there are many Catholicisms, each different to the others and, yet, One. That is, so, Sacred Stability.

A domesticated religion, what actually is, since 17th century. All what I say, of course, as a (an?) heterodox Catholic.

Well. I do not think of Franco, usually, and I do not know which is the exact question, itself. If you ask me if I prefer II Republic or Franco, I would say I prefer fighting Franco than defending II Republic, what means I prefer Franco than II Republic, and I prefer even more something that was lost far ago. Although, I can enjoy some good things of current times, I see those good things could be far many more.

I wish I could believe in Kingdom of Heaven as I believe in God. Anyway, L'Espagne vaut bien une âme.

Dirk diggler
9 Jun 2021  #160

Oh ya!


You are 68% Fascist, which makes you a Bona Fide Fascist.

11 Jun 2021  #161

some people consider Catholicism as the destroyer of worlds

Quite a lot of people in Spain right now think so.

A similar process can be observed in Poland. People, especially youngsters, slowly leave Catholicism and the Church. It is said they are put off by the clergy`s immoral behaviour.

Pan Zagloba
11 Jun 2021  #162

If you say so... hahaha

11 Jun 2021  #163

But it isn`t funny, it is sad coz some clergy, both top and low rank, really do crazy things which discourage a lot of believers.

In Spain, the Church has lost its dominant position which it occupied for centuries. What is your opinion? Is it reversible? What could be done to bring people back to Church and religion?

Pan Zagloba
11 Jun 2021  #164

You seem to be a person that chooses the words to be used thoroughly, as if the order even should be to considered, and considering consider any of all the parts that there could be or could not. That is why I laughed at the very first consideration about the chosen extract, and only at that very thing.

Well. Let me think how to answer it, for I guess the "importance" of what I have to say lies only on the fact that I am Spanish and that you might consider thus this opinion as I consider what a Polish has to say of beloved Poland, as I am not in Poland and I can only imagine, for good or for bad.

To end, by now, I shall say, first, the line between tragedy and comedy is as tick as trag and com. Sorry, for I meant thick, not tick. And that bullshit said, I start thinking of your questions to be answered, logically, with my very own opinion, and nothing less. hahaha

11 Jun 2021  #165

I start thinking of your questions to be answered,

I see. You are probably a member of the clergy yourself coz you are replying to questions without answering them. :):):) The same as some Catholic clergy do here when they are accused of sweeping pedophile acts under the carpet, or depending too much on earthly riches or getting too closely involved in the politics etc etc. :):):)

11 Jun 2021  #166

@Pan Zagloba

If you are a priest I can fully understand why your church is failing.
Because, although your English is very good, I did not understand a word.
Do not feel too deflated, I know many English people who use similar language. And I can't understand them either....

Pan Zagloba
11 Jun 2021  #167

The thought of Spanish Church having the very same dominant position during those last centuries is quite simple, but understandable. We shall have proper occasions to discuss about, so I shall not focus this on that.

My opinion is that all we have, for bad, is deserved. For the decadence of Spain, ironically, starts with the king that we consider one of the last optimus ones (Charles III) and there are quite a lot of funny things that you might not see as fun as I doth. But, then, we are at the first point: not focus on...

The disconnection between Alt Church (I mean, bishops and every important clergy) and People comes from the 19th Century. The common error is to think Alt Church is The Church. In my town (the one which most of my ancestors come from), a bit traditionalist town, there was a lack of Christianity, because of that disconnection, at the beginning of 20th Century, for they were merely abandoned as since the couple of desamortizaciones (confiscations) that affected those of whom had no house and lands of their own, supposed that the consecutive consecuted clergies sent to that town were no longer rooted in a lot of cases, and that was noticed, by the way. No enlacing believers with beliefs is a very good way to lose beliefs either believers, sometimes both. And that is what was happening from approximately 1880s to 1950s. The fact that stopped this faith drain was, ironically, that they started sending "rebel clergies" to my town (as a punishment for them), who helped peasants in a lot of ways. Curiously, consequently, the embers of faith were rekindled. We the People are quite a little bit selfish, we just need some quid pro quo. Bad clergies are the worst enemies of their very cause, as you rightly have pointed.

I do not think it is reversible in Spain, because of the lack of time. Some Iparraguirre's verses come to my mind. I am sad for we are not to survive, as we are at the point that marks the border. We are not growing in population, and we are being replaced; it is the end of the world as we know it... and I should feel fine. hahaha There is reversibility only if the Americans win the replacement to the non Spanishish ones. Yet I do not think so. We were, still are, but will not be. You are talking to a legend.

So, if you ask me how to reverse the situation in other countries, I can answer what I think that can be done. Stay firm, as I said a couple of days ago, act like Catholics and help your equals and those gentle gentiles. Do not surrender you beliefs to corrupt clergies and purge the purgeable, even if it is supposedly consecrated to God. There is my response to what can we do against bad clergies, so. Fight corruption from inside, know that Unity makes strength. You can think that the lack of consciousness that you see in Spain shall not ever get into Poland, but I am afraid it can and it shall, if Poland loses the principles that make Poland Polish. I say that because I like Poland, I am not very kind and I should not tell you what I am telling if I did dislike your country, as I could enjoy what I would be currently enjoying if I did not like Spain.

I am sorry this is a very extensive matter that I cannot afford as properly as in Spanish.

Pan Zagloba
11 Jun 2021  #168

I thank you for your compliment, Miloslaw, even when both of us know it is not true. Yet I try to do my best, I swear.

I am not a priest, but a sinner. hahaha A very good one, indeed.

11 Jun 2021  #169

from the mountains of the very last place that even the Moors did not want to invade

The Moors invaded all of Spain as far as I'm aware ...

Pan Zagloba
11 Jun 2021  #170

Not all of Asturias, Cantabria, Vizcaya, Guipúzcoa, Navarra, Huesca, Lérida, Palencia, Burgos and Álava, as far as I am aware, yet I can be wrong. The rest of the provinces were, indeed, "totally" invaded, if I am right.

Of course, it depends on which map we get. I have seen some that painted even Vizcaya, when that is the only province I am sure was not invaded at all. The other provinces that I have said were trodden into, some of them almost completely. And I think that there were some parts of León and Galicia that could be considered as no invaded (but I am not to assure it).

Let me link a map for you to get a big picture of the provinces of Spain:

Provinces of Spain

12 Jun 2021  #171

I am not a priest, but a sinner. hahaha A very good one, indeed.

What were the last three?

Pan Zagloba
12 Jun 2021  #172

Are you a Priest, Father Novichok? Otherwise, I would prefer not to. (:

12 Jun 2021  #173

You said you are a sinner. So what's the problem with naming a couple? Nobody knows or cares who you are.

My "sin" is that I hate obedient and naive useful idiots. With passion. They are the source of all evil.

I also enjoy when the woke open-borders leftists get badly hurt or killed by the illegal "immigrants".

I like the death penalty and have no mercy for criminals. I never forgive and I hate the idea of turning the other cheek. I think it's insane.

There. Now what? If that will get me into Hell, I am cool with that.

Pan Zagloba
12 Jun 2021  #174

Am I supposed to say shame on you? Well, shame on you, then.
I am not kind is a good beginning.

12 Jun 2021  #175

What exactly should I do to get your blessing? Love useful idiots, open-borders leftists, criminals, and the idea of getting slapped again? Is that it?

Pan Zagloba
12 Jun 2021  #176

I am against useful idiots, yet I am not to hate them for what they do might not be their very own fault, as they are fooled fools.

Open-borders leftists are useful idiots either evil people that defend what they defend even knowing what they are doing to Poles. I understand hatred against the second ones. I have said what I think about the first ones.

Criminals are to be judged. Loving, hating or adoring them is up to every single person. I do not care, for I am not kind, but I prefer that one crazy innocent kills every single defender of Death Penalty and then gets imprisoned for life, than accepting Death Penalty. Death is irreversible, so I should be sympathetic to people that teach what irreversible means, giving his own life for the greater good. Metaphorically, indeed.

Thinking is a good thing, for some slaps are to be forgiven, whereas other ones are to be given back. I do not think people have really understood that slapping thing, even 20 centuries after the anecdote they point.

My blessing means nothing. I am sorry I am not a priest.

12 Jun 2021  #177

then gets imprisoned for life

Life in prison is a license to kill in the states with no death penalty and a very bad idea.

Death is irreversible,

And so is the victim's family suffering. It will last until they die.
What would be the proper punishment for the Nuremberg lovelies?

Pan Zagloba
12 Jun 2021  #178

License to kill legally is funny for you can happily learn the meaning of irreversible with an innocent getting killed and every good guy clapping at that. You want to give someone the death? Fine, kill them yourself and spend your life in prison, there you have got that license. As I have said before, I prefer every single Death Penalty lover getting killed and the single killer getting imprisoned for life.

Well, let some relative kill the "killer" and get imprisoned for getting justice. I am content, you are content, every single one is content, but the first killer. And if we discover that the first killer was not so, we can fix it letting some relative...

The very same that got the Dresden lovelies, the Koln lovelies, and the Unit 731 lovelies. One kiss for cheek and many cheers.

12 Jun 2021  #179

What would be the proper punishment for the Nuremberg lovelies?

Pan Zagloba
12 Jun 2021  #180

Tell me first the proper punishment for the Dresden and Koln lovelies and I shall give you my answer.

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