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Brexit 2019 and Poland

27 Dec 2020  #3,241

alternative, however, is to keep doing the same things and expect different results.

which is what it's been doing since 2008....

Blame the French, it was the Euro or no Re-unification....

I do blame the French... the euro is right in line with every horrible foreign policy move they make (really the worst foreign policy in the world - even worse than the US)

27 Dec 2020  #3,242

Greece's structures were so feeble that with or withour the Euro, a crash was inevitable. No registry for landowners, almost no taxation on ship owners (their most important industty), no taxation on the Church (biggest landowner), no taxation system worthy of the 20th century, a bureaucracy run on clietelism and nepotism, with many unqualified in higher positions, Fakelaki, abuse of the social welfare system (an island of blind people), rampant tax evasion of the wealthy.

The last part was especially bad. There was officially almost no one in Athens who earned more than 10k€. You know what became the biggest weapon of the newly formed taxation bureau? Google Maps. They just looked whoever had a swimming pool or Yacht in his backyard and send an agent to check on, suddenly catching a lot of them.

Having a fuctioning state has nothing to do woth Neoliberalism.

Being in the Euro at least assured that the government had to implement reforms, instead of just ignoring it.

27 Dec 2020  #3,243

Having a fuctioning state has nothing to do woth Neoliberalism.

True, neoliberalism is not about state-building....

Greece had many problems and Greece has many problems but now there's no real prospect for growth... ever.

Bratwurst Boy
27 Dec 2020  #3,244

I would say there is....some very important (and long overdue) reforms have been started, or rather enforced by this crisis.

(That article was from before the pandemia hit obviously)

...According to the European Commission (EC), Greece's economy should grow by 2.4% in 2020 - a figure considerably higher than the 1.4% predicted for the European Union (EU) as a whole. ...

...Consumer confidence has also returned, helped by the unemployment rate dropping from 27.8% to 16.6%. Impatient for further changes to fully embrace a new economic era, last July the population elected a government led by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to implement widespread reforms that are bringing rewards for society, businesses and investors. "We have lowered taxes, we are deregulating, we are following a recipe that has also worked here in the U.S. and the economy is reacting very positively,"..."


27 Dec 2020  #3,245

That article was from before the pandemia hit obviously)

And destroyed the only functional part of the Greek economy....

Bratwurst Boy
27 Dec 2020  #3,246


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