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Brexit 2019 and Poland

28 Jan 2019  #181

15 years is, frankly speaking, more than long enough for migrants to apply for naturalization.

Not really. There are all sorts of reasons why people forgo naturalisation or whatever term you care to use. I have lived in Poland without a break for the last 27 years, and on-off for 4 years before that. Until 2012 I would have had to relinquish my British citizenship to attain Polish citizenship. I don't know about the Polish situation but I guess it was the same.

I am British and always will be - a Karta pobytu was enough for me - I was never going to give up my British passport for any nationalist Polish government recognition thanks very much. Some Brits obviously did, but my allegiance is to my queen, not to some overweight buffoon in a wood panelled government office in Warsaw. And I am sure many Poles in the UK felt the same in reverse - that's patriotism, and matters to some of us, wherever we choose to lay our hat. Forward planning as such doesn't come into it for me - I couldn't care less about state bureaucracy or what is expected of me. I have a Pesel number and my taxes are extorted from me in the same way as others, and I expect a lot of the Polish community in Britain feel exactly the same way about the hostile Home Office there. Having had some experience of that lot, having married during communism,I don't know what people are worried about, as governments can't force them out anyway as long as they are self sufficient, unless they murder someone.

That's what membership in the EU meant...you can live and study and work and retire everywhere without having to apply for any citizenship at all.

Thank you BB. The voice of logic. Hopefully May will get hers'. If the population backs her then I really will have to think twice about going back to "this royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle......" The beer and full English breakfast would stick in the throat.

And UK won't be in the EU no more, so your point isn't valid

I wouldn't bet the house on that just yet if I were you (Dougpol shakes head in horse-like fashion - hoping against hope that the majority of his compatriots haven't really mutated into the low-life xenophobic feral illiterates that they would appear to be if taken at face value)

29 Jan 2019  #182

Poland has always allowed dual citizenship; I am unaware of UK not allowing it till 2012- if you could explain it I would be grateful.

And as you wrote- not everyone will apply for citizenship. Personally I wouldn't like to pernamently live somewhere without voting rights and still be classed as migrant. Naturalization is- for me at least- a natural step towards assimilation.

29 Jan 2019  #183

Poland has always allowed dual citizenship; I am unaware of UK not allowing it till 2012- if you could explain it I would be grateful.

RR - I'm talking of Poland not allowing dual citizenship (or "Not recognising" it in the past - ie demanding the foreign passport be handed in). I have never taken the trouble to get a definitive answer on this. Being married to a Pole gave me all the rights of abode that I needed, including property and business ownership through the back door and voting in local elections.

Life was hard enough here in 1988 without worrying about any paperwork! Later Right of Stay was enough for me.
Legally speaking after 1992, when I registered here to stay, this is how I understood the situation:

BY NATURALIZATION: Citizenship can be granted by the President of the Republic of Poland. An alien is eligible to apply for citizenship if: They have resided in Poland as a lawful resident for at least 5 years. They submit of evidence of the loss (or renunciation) of foreign citizenship.


29 Jan 2019  #184

They submit of evidence of the loss (or renunciation) of foreign citizenship.

They never, ever check this, and in any case can't enforce it.

29 Jan 2019  #185

Labour backs the Yvette Cooper plan to rule out no-deal Brexit, creating high risk of defeat for May tonight in her bid for scumming the UK. With a Brexit extension anything can happen, enabling many thousands of young Poles the opportunity to register in Blighty before May's xenophobia kicks in - if at all.

I suggest millions of Eastern Europeans now descend on the UK, just to give the Tories the finger.

29 Jan 2019  #186

Labour backs the Yvette Cooper plan to rule out no-deal Brexit,

Well about bloody time too.

Whatever happened to the labour party that I respected so much as a kid. Labour should be at the forefront of pointing out the lies and corruption behind the corrupt Brexit campaign that led so many down the garden path, And firmly stand on the side of another vote.

I can only think this new labour under Corbyn wishes to build a marxist model nation where he will be free to make the law and free of European law that currently protects our basic freedoms and rights, 1984 here we come.

The thought Police are already up and running in the UK.

'The cop told me that he needed to speak with me because, even though I'd committed no crime whatsoever, he needed (and I quote) "to check my thinking!"

Twitter user is investigated by police for posting a poem on social media site suggesting transgender women are still men


29 Jan 2019  #187

Labour should be at the forefront of pointing out the lies and corruption behind the corrupt Brexit campaign that led so many down the garden path,

Remember there was always the Benn, Skinner, thing that distrusted the EU since they might stand in the way of nationalisation. That slug Corbyn is firmly in that camp.

Corbyn wishes to build a marxist model nation where

To a point yes. It would be more accurate to say that the brighter people pulling his strings (that guy is as thick as mince) know that won't happen, however they can bring the revolution a step further via the chaos it would cause.

For the record I voted for Yvette Cooper (very local to me) as party leader and would do so again.

29 Jan 2019  #188

Yep I would agree with that choice, sane and well grounded,

29 Jan 2019  #189

Parliament destroyed. A very bad night tonight with the British right wing winning all the amendments (well the last one is outstanding, but it's a foregone conclusion). The EU now have to stand up to these thugs and do the right thing for the young people of Britain and Europe who want their freedoms protected.

For the first time I am starting to worry that No Deal is actually a real possibility now.
Disgusting to mess with people's lives,, and the Tories are utter scum. 1642 all over again.

How are you feeling tonight Atch? Will the Poles stab the Irish in the back? I would think some attempted split would be quite likely if Junker and Tusk cannot keep these scum governments (Poland/Hungary/Czech....) under control. Carrots from May for their citizens could have EU unity in doubt here. Essential that integrity is maintained and the EU don't stoop to the populists' level.

Macron and Merkel need to flex their collective power and show where the benefits are - and they are in the EU. The UK is fuckked.

One can be a little reassured by the fact that Tusk has stated that there will be NO renegotiation.
Whatever PIS says to the contrary, Tusk never lies.

Bratwurst Boy
29 Jan 2019  #190

One can be a little reassured by the fact that Tusk has stated that there will be NO renegotiation.

Even if he wanted to, it would have to be an unanimous decision, meaning ALL members need to agree to re-open negotiations (so I have read)...doubtful at least!

29 Jan 2019  #191

there will be NO renegotiation.

Risking a return to bombs in bins, Am I right feeling that the powers that be in Europe are using the threat of restarting the troubles for their own advantage.

At least there is a mood not to hard brexit.

Bratwurst Boy
29 Jan 2019  #192

Okay...lets see....the Brits today want:

1) No hard Brexit

2) A new deal

The EU says:

1) No new deal

That means in consequence:

= a hard Brexit!

So, IMHO it will come again to a standstill as the EU will surely be generous and allow the UK to extend Article 50, meaning a few month more of this chaos, because that doesn't need to be re-negotiated only granted (but also unanimously by all members).

And then?

One possibility would be of course an endless extension of Article 50, with the nods of Brussels and London...keeping Britain in the EU indefinitely without any rights though (but with alot of its duties of course)...but avoiding any hard Brexit.

29 Jan 2019  #193

And then?

Ultimately the Brits have their stubborn stiff upper lip and a certain arrogance and they WILL bomb out with no deal and suffer the consequences.

Sadly that means both the EU and Britain will suffer.

But the ones who will suffer the most are the young,

And I believed and still believe the EU is the only way forward for a peaceful and stable Europe, shame the twat Junker and his other **** head politician cohorts along with the idiots / **** heads from both major parties in the UK have screwed it all up.

Bratwurst Boy
29 Jan 2019  #194

Cameron just wrote a book saying he regrets nothing...he doesn't know what he did wrong...

29 Jan 2019  #195

That's not how it works. An extn of A50 means we are still in the EU. Full rights.
No, it looks as if MPs will be stupid enough to vote for May's original deal with the EU. Which also is a disaster for Britain in many ways, and nowhere close to what we enjoyed before.

Still - it's not your problem BB. Enjoy your freedoms. Glad for you, even if your grandchildren will not be welcome in the UK.

.Cameron.....he doesn't know what he did wrong

Police escort needed to protect him from the dogs' licks if he comes by Dougpol Towers.....Tory tosser.

Bratwurst Boy
29 Jan 2019  #196

An extn of A50 means we are still in the EU. Full rights.

No, not full rights!

Britain did gave up all rights the moment they chose the Brexit. Since then Britain has no veto anymore and doesn't even get invited to EU intern decisions anymore. That won't change now....an extension of Article 50 only means the extension of this status quo.

The best they can hope for is a Norway-model...some Brexiters dream of it, but that too means: No rights! But you have to agree to the rules the EU makes....and no veto!

29 Jan 2019  #197

No rights!

I meant, still Freedom of Movement and Single Market. That's what matters to me for my family. I don't care about EU "rules". Most of them made the UK a better place. I remember life before the Common Market, and life afterwards was definitely better, no doubt about it from my perspective.

Bratwurst Boy
29 Jan 2019  #198

And Britain would have to pay for all this...as they did as full members.

The Brexiters will get blue in the face!

29 Jan 2019  #199

You are all wrong.
Either The EU will cave in at the last possible moment.
Or The UK will leave with no deal.
Remember,I have my crystal ball.......
Either way,all your doom laden prophecies will either not happen,or come back and bite your country just as hard as it bites The UK.

You have been warned.....don't mess with Great Britain......you know,deep down,that this makes sense.....

Bratwurst Boy
29 Jan 2019  #200

Remember,I have my crystal ball.......

Mine is bigger! :)

29 Jan 2019  #201

The UK will leave with no deal.

Parliament have shown they don't want that. Voting again on February 13th will sort out that little problem when May has the door slammed in her face by the Union. Then Grieve and his parliamentarians will do an Oliver Cromwell and seize power.

29 Jan 2019  #202

Mine is bigger! :)

Size doesn't matter.
The Brits crushed German balls twice in the 20th century,with a lot of help from The Yanks.
And we will do it again.
As always,against the odds.
It amazes me how many of you hate Britain..even The Brit ex pats....

29 Jan 2019  #203

bite your country just as hard as it bites The UK.

Don't know what paper you read Milo, but that is simply not true apparently. A hit for the EU but "Great" Britain would have to set up new structures. 7 years to full WTO, but you know that.

So you don't care what happens to your fellow man? No such thing as society?

Bratwurst Boy
29 Jan 2019  #204

Let me guess....your singing the bomber song whenever Germany and Britain meet for footie, huh?

29 Jan 2019  #205


We? The Germans are our friends! (Polly pleading with Basil Fawlty.......)

29 Jan 2019  #206

Parliament have shown they don't want that.

Only advisory,not compulsory.
I read The Times,do you have a problem with that?

29 Jan 2019  #207

Of course! Scum Murdoch.

29 Jan 2019  #208

Scum Dyson yellow belly runaway abroad brexiteer.

29 Jan 2019  #209

Only advisory,not compulsory.

Yes, you would like to think so. Your dad used to say his word was advisory - then you went and did the silly thing anyway, and see where that got you!

29 Jan 2019  #210

So what paper do you read?
No let me guess.....The Guardian by any chance?
You obviously never knew my Dad......he NEVER said anything was advisory....he was a proper Pole.

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