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johnny reb
26 Sep 2022  #181

OMG - Now who is Mutt attacking !

26 Sep 2022  #182

Darling, it isn`t the Pentagon which is prolonging the war.

Oh, yes it is, dear maggot. Without the US participation that war would now be a quickly fading memory.

Just that it will be bloodier, more expensive, and take much longer...

...than 20 years the US spend chasing goat herders and still left with nothing.

Oops, sorry, except for the billions in weapons we gifted to the Taliban.

26 Sep 2022  #183

OMG, another nutcase American conspiracy theorist!

The only proof I need is his picture. No woman would want to have sex with that weasel. That's why he is married to one of his high school teachers.

26 Sep 2022  #184

Did you think we would stand by while you raped and murdered our neighbors ?

This is a lie. Epstein rapes girls in the West. That is the truth.

Cargo pants
26 Sep 2022  #185

ask Deepak, he probably

YES,your daughters boyfriend is fully supported.Does he pray to Di.ck god too???

johnny reb
27 Sep 2022  #186

Not true because Epstein is dead making your claim impossible.

27 Sep 2022  #187

OMG, another nutcase American conspiracy theorist!

They are mentally ill, the two of them.

I doubt they believe a word they post.

johnny reb
27 Sep 2022  #188

joun, we all know that you are the owner of this forum

I doubt they believe a word they post.

Bet me :-)

27 Sep 2022  #189

Doesn't matter what the USA "would have done". Deeds matter, not speculations.

Are you illiterate or just pretending...The US DID nuke Japs! To make matters more open to criticism, without a compelling military need. Duh! So how is what I posted speculation?

To all the idiots here who have a problem understanding what "Russia defending itself" means...When Donbas becomes part of Russia - just as Hawaii became part of the US - an attack by anyone on Donbas, including Ukraine, is the same as an attack on Moscow. How many countries recognize Donbas as part of Russia means nothing, just as it would mean sh*it to the US how many crapholes recognized Hawaii as another state. The US would defend Hawaii the day after it joined, regardless of who approved and who did not.

The same with Gitmo - a piece of Cuba we don't even own.

Yes, I know...America is a democracy and Russia is evil. Therefore, whatever the US does is good and what Russia does is bad.

There is no justification whatsoever

Dragging this discussion to the third-grade level is childish. Justifications are not necessary when you have a big fist. Just call the White House...Or my hero Truman.

27 Sep 2022  #190


Don`t fail your ancestors, brate. If you are brat.

At the decisive moment Poland will stand with Serbia.


It was so since the beginning of time. Northern and Southern Sarmatian Dragons.

And we won`t let hostile non-Slavs steal Slavic resources from Russia.

27 Sep 2022  #191

It's all about the Holy Roman Empire.

Empire of Holly Sh*t.

27 Sep 2022  #192

On this we agree.

27 Sep 2022  #193

The US DID nuke Japs

In a war in which Japan had attacked them and in which the Japanese had conducted themselves worse in every way imageinable. Not to mention that a quick American victory did undeniably save not only American and Japanese lifes, but also those people of other nations who were still being brutalized by Japanese occupation (e.g. Korea).

be chasing reconstruction contracts

This is such incredibly petty thinking. It is entirely possible that the war may take years and you worry about construction contracts.

Holy Roman Empire

I doubt much of our politicians have much of an idea about what the HRE was aside the basics. Which is a shame, given that it was the best polity construct Europe had between the fall of the Roman Empire and the creation of the EU. Who knows, maybe Vienna will one day again become the capital of a united Europe. It would make sense historically and geographically.

27 Sep 2022  #194

Time to end all delusions on this continent.

27 Sep 2022  #195

Why Eastern is not Western?

27 Sep 2022  #196

In a war in which Japan had attacked them

BS. Learn history before you post. The US was the aggressor by meddling in Asia and making Japan desperate for resources. To their credit, the Japs attacked only the US military targets and went home.

The US didn't have to use nukes four years later when Japan was on its knees. I am glad the US did but that's another story.

27 Sep 2022  #197

The US was the aggressor by meddling in Asia and making Japan desperate for resourc

the US stopped supplying Japan with oil after the Japanese invaded China - of course you can argue that the US just cynically wanted China under its wings but in my humble it would be a big oversimplification - let's look at it from another angle - so the US have no right in meddling in Asia but the Japanese have the rigth to subdue China? - how kind and patriotic of you

27 Sep 2022  #198

No one you Fing moron.

What the US did in Iraq or any other place is irrelevant.

We already covered that subject so I will not repeat the point that the right to invade is not a right at all but the result of the invader having a bigger fist than the invaded. The US did it half a dozen times since 1945 so now it's Russia's turn.

BTW, next time can you ease off on personal insults, you piece of sh*it...

27 Sep 2022  #199

Hampstead outside London.

Hampstead is an inner suburb of London, about 3 or 4 miles from the centre.

It's also untypical of general opinion there.

People in Poland are generally interested and even if they aren't, are rarely hostile.

27 Sep 2022  #200


In Hampstead, they're probably far from typical.

27 Sep 2022  #201

They did leave home to go study at City University Graduate Center in New York rather than stay home, and so, they probably aren't typical then.

27 Sep 2022  #202

contact on-line with colleagues either from or presently living in the UK, specifically, Hampstead outside London.

You just show off your complete "Metropolitan American" ignorance yet again.
Hampstead is not outside London, whilst not exactly central London, it is just minutes away and has a postcode of NW3.

You have just proved that your opinions are worthless.

Please stop posting nonsense about Britain when you clearly know very little about ir.

27 Sep 2022  #203

NOBODY'S opinions, statements are "worthless", Milo, so long as they are anchored in the reality of direct experience.
For instance, is your knowledge of the distance between Brooklyn vs. Staten Island any more accurate??
Somehow, I doubt it.

I'm about as America- as you apparently are Anglocentric:-)

There's an old saying regarding Americans who are travelled and know much, yet not all, about visiting abroad, in contrast with the majority of Homer Simpson couch potato, ignorant stay-at-homes:

"When two adult hippos make love, it's not that it works well, but that it works at all." LOL

27 Sep 2022  #204

For instance, is your knowledge of the distance between Brooklyn vs. Staten Island any more accurate??

No,it is not.
The difference is that I don't pretend to be a know all about America and state my opinions as facts.
I may state my opinions, but only as an outsider.
You should do the same.

27 Sep 2022  #205

Please stop posting nonsense about Britain when you clearly know very little about ir.

Im still trying get a straight answer out of him why he still supports the lefties that are destroying his crime ridden city.

I dont want a greeting card response as well! Hahahah

johnny reb
28 Sep 2022  #206

Im still trying get a straight answer out of him

That's an oxy.
Be easier trying to stick a hot poker up a wild cats ass.

28 Sep 2022  #207

It looks like my old stomping ground Ft.Myers, Bh is going to take a full hit from Ian. I would get the hell out of there!

That's an oxy.

He wont answer questions when he knows hes wrong.

28 Sep 2022  #208

Do you think it was the Queen that ordered the hit on Diana ?

Did the Queen have her killed because she was dating a camel jockey?


28 Sep 2022  #209

I'm not pretending either, Milo!
Never once have I ever claimed, either on this or any other
fora, that I'm anything other than what I am.

Never have I claimed to be a Brit or a Pole.

28 Sep 2022  #210

Yaroslav Dronov - Shaman


What medication would you take if you had HIV-Aids? Curious? [11]Tour agencies from Poland interested in Serbia [30]

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