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Religion discussion - muslims, jews, buddhist, and christians

27 Nov 2017  #31


I'm offended, that's not even his best quotes about the jews! :D

27 Nov 2017  #32

@Johnny, as usual. you talk like a born-again bozo, dude! If doubt can't shake the house of cards you call a brain, try logic:-) Check out "Inherit The Wind" with Spencer Tracy!


I'm sure the six-million would have been encouraged!

johnny reb
28 Nov 2017  #33

you talk like a born-again bozo

Hey listen Kike, I don't insult you with how the Juice are the most annoying people on the face of this planet so watch your mouth before I unload on you.

And you are one prime example.

28 Nov 2017  #34


Most Semites are Arabs and Maltese, less so the Jews

Most Semites are Arabs, then there Matlese

28 Nov 2017  #35


The concept of soul/conscience existed loooooooong before judaism, check your history first - try a book not written in Hebrew this time.

28 Nov 2017  #36

No one's denying that, ktos!

I merely am pointing out the fact that Christianity evolved from Judaism, hence anti-Semitism is basically rubbish:-)


Why such hostility?? Can't you accept the truth instead of lashing out??

johnny reb
29 Nov 2017  #37

Christianity evolved from Judaism

No, Christianity was a sect of Judaism so it could as easily be said that Judaism evolved from Christianity.

Why such hostility??

Not even a Joooo Boy is going to mock my faith like you did.
What was the word I used........"Annoying."

Can't you accept the truth instead of lashing out??

If it were the truth there would be no need for me to lash out.

29 Nov 2017  #38

It IS the truth, pal! You just ain't man enough either to accept it or to handle it:-) Christianity evolved from Judaism, as all the early Christians had been Jews who followed Jesus, later known as "The Christ" aka "Kristos", as in "Kyrie eleison, Kristi eleison..."

johnny reb
29 Nov 2017  #39

You have your faith and beliefs and I have mine.

Christianity evolved from Judaism

Christianity was a sect of Judaism.
Then God sent His only begotten Son to earth Pal which was a continuation of Christianity leaving Judaism in the back seat.

29 Nov 2017  #40

At least you admit that Judaism and Christianity are connected! That was a big step for you, I'll bet.

Your negativity regarding Judaism and Jews is merely one of many instances of your profound ignorance. Read my private mail to you concerning historical anti-Semitism and it might teach you a few things. Just open up the ol' braino with a little draino.... wide, WIDER! That's a good fella, now ingest and you'll be just fine.

There now! The truth didn't hurt, did it?

johnny reb
30 Nov 2017  #41

Your negativity regarding Judaism

Sources please.
You do have a terrific imagination when you lose the debate.
Annoying was the word that I used if I recall correctly.....and when the shoe fits, wear it.
Bless ~

30 Nov 2017  #42

Well bud, you got two left feet and I can't comment as to your choice of sandals! I do detect a distinct anti-Jewish bias, based less on fact than on fancy, no doubt:-)

johnny reb
30 Nov 2017  #43

Actually I was referring to YOUR feet so understandable why you won't comment.

I do detect

What is is, what can I say when I am partial to humble people like the Polish Christians.

30 Nov 2017  #44

You lost me with your last post.

johnny reb
30 Nov 2017  #45

Good !
Thank You Lord !

1 Dec 2017  #46

So your lack of transparency therefore absolves you of responsibility to make your thoughts clear?? I don't think so.

johnny reb
1 Dec 2017  #47

News Flash, I don't care what you think.

2 Dec 2017  #48

I can see that. Your sort never does.

20 Dec 2017  #49

later known as "The Christ" aka "Kristos", as in "Kyrie eleison, Kristi eleison..."

adding words in other language doesn't make you knowledgeable just a dummy,Christ from birth was known to be the king of the Jews the messiah, the son of God hence Herod wanted to kill him

20 Dec 2017  #50

And being nasty without provocation makes you only look small in comparison with those of us truly in the know!

johnny reb
20 Dec 2017  #51


Who are "US" ?

20 Dec 2017  #52

Whom do you think, smarty?

johnny reb
21 Dec 2017  #53

Is that a trick question ?

21 Dec 2017  #54

Not unless you want to be the magician, Johnny R.

johnny reb
21 Dec 2017  #55

Well I am not Magician so you will have to answer the question that you have been avoiding out of sheer embarrassment.

Who are "US" ?

Your up Mr. Putyourfootinyourmouth

21 Dec 2017  #56

"Us" clearly refers to knowledgable folks out there who know their ass from their elbow:-) Your comments in the past about me, reveal far more about yourself, Johnny, and how you really feel.

johnny reb
21 Dec 2017  #57

"Us" clearly refers to knowledgable folks out there who know their ass from their elbow

Then that would exclude you so using the word "us" is inappropriate in this case.

Your comments in the past about me

I don't deny that I am candid sometimes but everyone here knows that if music was bullsh!t you would be a brass band.

Shall we now talk about your comments in the past about me ?

21 Dec 2017  #58

My contributions are certainly equal to yours. We merely disagree on specific points of detail. Science and religion are very different and yet both form the same conclusions based though on totally separate particulars:-)

Casual Observer
31 Jan 2018  #59

[moved from]

however christian doctrine does not call for kuffars to be beheaded. Quran does.

Oh, c'mon, have you ever read the Old Testament?! It's very violent, just as violent and intolerant as the Koran. They both came out of the same place and mentality. Stoning?! An eye for an eye (literally!)? Abraham and his son?!

There are committed Christians insulting the parents and bodies of dead American soldiers coming home, in the name of their god - they have a whole sect built around it. And didn't something happen at Waco?!

I agree, their are islamist countries that still have a middle ages mentality (but not all), but let's not forget that Christians in the middle ages were pretty much the same! But plenty of muslim-origin countries are not like that, just as plenty of christian origin states in the USA are fine with gay rights. But on the scale of Christian fundamentalism, you ahve to admit that Poland is one of the more extreme, or a par with Turkey or Morocco.

Sharia is indeed intolerant, but so is the Polish Catholic Church. Depending on who you are, there is absolutely no difference between them. If you're not fully signed up, then both of them persecute you and there are freedoms that you are not allowed whether you are in Saudi or Szczecin. Maybe not to the same extent, but with the same agenda of not accepting you as a full member of society.

Dirk diggler
31 Jan 2018  #60

Personalky, I dont see any problem with an eye for an eye but thats besides the point. Yes the old testament is violent as it describes wars, sacrifice, murders, etc. Nonetheless, whens the last time a christian or even a jew or buddhist yelled praise jesus or praise moses or praose buddha while beheading a british soldier or before detonating his suicide vest or while driving into a crowd of people? Whens the last time a polish roman catholic killed a family member for leaving the church? Whens the last time a polish roman catholic threw gays off roofs while chanting praise jesus? The polish church is certainly opinionated, but it does not condone violence against nonbelievers like imams funded by saudi arabia have on european soil. Neither does it preach seperation of the sexes like a famous 'moderate' muslim imam (video is on youtube) did to a large crowd of young muslims.

Also Waco was crazy 7th day adventist millenials - nothing to do with roman catholics.

Refugees are fine but the fact is the vast majority of migrants arent legit refugees from places like syria. They are young male economic migrants. Real refugees do not care what country they end up in as long as its safe. A pole walking on foot from siberia to claim asylum in iran is a legit refugee, a pakistani or afghani dude demanding to be allowed to live in germany and draw benefits is an economic migrant.

Also lets not forget about the mass sexual assaults ij germany. Women cant even safely enjoy nye with men in public areas anymore thanks to all the migrants who feel them up. We dont want women only areas at concerts or parties in poland because sexual assaults caused by migrants have gotten so out of hand.

The point is ever since the migrant crisis germany had to deal with terrorism and mass sexual assaults. If they took ukranians in instead, theyd be like poland which does not have to deal with such problems with its migrants/refugees.

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