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Religion discussion - muslims, jews, buddhist, and christians

29 Apr 2018  #91

Bullshit. Arabs brought nothing. They simply translated greek texts. They are like locusts. They run over land and take evrything. Once they have evrything they need to conquer more or they collapse.

Dirk diggler
29 Apr 2018  #92


That was a thousand years ago... in modern times they haven't contributed anything besides turning Sweden into the rape capital of Europe, turning paris into a tent city, dividing the EU because some Europeans won't accept white genocide with a smile on their face, not to mention the tens of thousands they kill each year in terror attacks..

Of course it isn't all arabs and muslims - I'm not denying that... however, one thing is for certain - the muslims do not have a good reputation in Europe for a reason. If they as a people were more gracious towards their generous hosts than Europeans wouldn't have a problem letting them in and wouldn't be calling for mass deportations.

30 Apr 2018  #93

The only thing Islam offers the world is TERROR now.
Yes, In their brief golden period they stole from Hellenistic teachings in Greece; philosophy and maths.
Islam is a failed civilization and is currently in denial of this.
Terrorists might be a minority within Islam but the doctrine is hostile and opposed to other cultures and faiths.

and Well done Canada for just passing a stupid law stating its a crime to insult Islam.
To Muslims this is a sign of weakness of Infidels.
Canadians are so stupid. Maybe some terrorism will give them a reality check.
I guess God is using Muslims to punish a complacent Europe and the west. Wake up!

30 Apr 2018  #94

Canadians are so stupid.

The ones who set policy, that is, the ones who are armed, have implemented a program of cultural marxism in the west (including Canada). Cultural marxism was specifically engineered to destroy the pillars of western society; God, Family, Nation and Race. Those who created this weaponized toxic apparatus were twisted, nihilistic freaks who hated themselves and everyone else. Their modern acolytes exhibit the same dysfunction as you will see. Have a look at the two videos in my post on Polishforums entitled: Understanding Critical Theory as it relates to the Modern Era

  • Hi, my names' Peter, Peter Pan

1 May 2018  #95

Canada has become a freakshow!

johnny reb
1 May 2018  #96

have implemented a program of cultural marxism in the west

Just look what is being taught in our schools today to brainwash our youth and there is no denying it.

marxism was specifically engineered to destroy the pillars of western society; God, Family, Nation and Race.

Does obama and Crooked Hillary come to mind.
obama did everything he could to destroy the United States with his Marxist beliefs and his followers are what Marxist Saul Alinski called "Useful Idiots."

He took God out of our schools, Daddy's boyfriend is your mother, tried to change the Constitution and Black lives matter.
Crooked Hillary Clinton's senior honors thesis was an analysis of the works of Saul Alinsky and the effect that they have on politics today.

Barack obama can also trace his roots to the teachings of Saul Alinsky and the use of them at the Alinskyite organization ACORN.
obama had a passion for Alinsky's work.
And just look at what it has done to Western Civilization and the HATE that goes along with these Useful Idiots.
Very good post Slavictor even though the Useful Idiots (Snowflakes) have been brainwashed past the point of return to see the trees in the forest.

1 May 2018  #97

become a freakshow

Yes, that is the point of cultural marxism; to destroy host countries. Poland will suffer the same fate if men allow it.

johnny reb
1 May 2018  #98

Don't let this happen to Poland !

1 May 2018  #99

Problem is, Slavictor, is that when you take those "ideals" you just mentioned to any extreme, you're left with Nazism.

Dirk diggler
1 May 2018  #100

@johnny reb

Poles wont. We love our country, culture, and christianity too much to let it be replaced with cultural marxism. Also polish men arent a bunch of pussies like the swedes. There's a video of a migrant in Sweden who gets on a bus, sits next to some young swedish girl and starts masturbating. And no one does anything its so pathetic. In Poland he wouldve got his ass whooped and thrown off the bus, preferably into oncoming traffic

1 May 2018  #101

The post-War generation of Swedes has indeed been raised from their mother's milk to bend over backwards in order to appear ultra-liberal, that's true.

The average ethnic Nordic Swede feels he or she's getting lost in the shuffle and their tired of it!

Dirk diggler
1 May 2018  #102

Lyzko, Swedish liberals think that the image of milk is xenophobic and displays white supremacy for God sakes...

Even in Swedish high society among elites it's totally improper to point out facts showing that their integration of turd worlders has failed...

This is a country where a woman makes room for a guy on the bus, the guy (a turd worlder) sits next to her, then pulls his pants down and starts masturbating... and no one freaking stops him he keeps going till he's finished and gets off the bus... its pathetic....

Swedish men have been totally emasculated. What I find ironic though is that in the cradle of feminism, women can't even go outside in many areas at night without fear of being raped. Not to mention they're often told not to wear certain clothing so as not to provoke the savage inside the migrants. So much for female empowerment...

Islamic State of Sweden:

2 May 2018  #103

Swedish liberals

There is no Swedish liberals, those people you're talking about are leftist.

2 May 2018  #104

I'm afraid I'd have to agree with you, at least in part. When anyone is too open minded, they risk their brains falling out. This seems to be the case in Sweden.

In the government's agenda to being "fair" to Third Worlders, they're being inherently UNfair to their own, full of pie-in the-sky malarky of some American style

United States of Europe.

Can tell ya'll from experience, "IT AIN'T GONNA WORK!!!!

Dirk diggler
2 May 2018  #105


That's true and not just leftist but far far far leftist...

Norway is apparently taking precautions should swedens

They took in way too many way too quickly. Soon theyll.be like france and soon france will be like lebanon. It basically already is where you have 2 3 groups constantly fighting and a sort of nonstop civil war. Theyve already got a taste of it with years of state of emergency. Now.french are patrolling the borders more and enforcing immigration law namely kicking migrants that enter illegally back to Italy. However it is far too little and too late.

5 May 2018  #106

Problem is,

It's only a problem for organized jewry.

5 May 2018  #107

It's a problem for any people or peoples who call themselves human beings!!!

To quote the Talmud, "One who saves one life, has saved the entire world."

We've forgotten the dictum that what affects one human affects all of us.

Just several days ago, I heard a rant from a Caucasian W.A.S.P American, claiming a Korean store keeper cheated him, calling him several

vile epithets which I shall not repeat.

I, naturally, felt I had to intervene, to which the gentleman replied at the top of his lungs, "Mind your own f***** business!", at which point I responded calmly,

but firmly, "Hatred and slander are everybody's business, sir."

Dirk diggler
5 May 2018  #108

The actual Talmud quote is 'whoever saves one JEWISH/ISRAELI life... saves the entire world'
The Talmud is very explicit in saying goy lives dont matter

The Quran also has the same quote but uses the words 'children of israel'

5 May 2018  #109

Incorrect, Dirk! You're intentionally re-writing history in order to fit your own prejudices by doctoring holy text.

Dirk diggler
5 May 2018  #110

Not at all and here is proof that is what the Talmud says... same with the Quran with the only difference being ... whoever saves a 'child of israel'....

talmud.faithweb.com/articles/schindler.html - a JEWISH source

Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 37a

I cannot copy the Hebrew here so I will post the translation EXACTLY as it appears on this JEWISH source:

"Whoever destroys a soul from Israel, the Scripture considers it as if he destroyed an entire world. And whoever saves a life from Israel, the Scripture considers it as if he saved an entire world.

The 'whoever saves a life, saves the whole world' is merely as you just said 'doctored' and NOT the original BABYLONIAN TALMUD.

5 May 2018  #111

Talmud is very explicit in saying goy lives dont matter

Exodus 19:6 Jews are also goy kadosh, we all of us are nations Jew/gentile no big deal.

6 May 2018  #112

If anyone wants a primer on this "holy text" (i.e. genocidal battle plan scrawlings of extremely psychopathic ingroup tribalists), read Elizabeth Dilling's The Jewish Religion: Its Influence Today . Smart lady. The talmud would have condoned her killing (i.e. "The best of Gentiles, kill them; the best of snakes, smash in their brains.")

Downloadable for free archive.org/details/TheJewishReligionItsInfluenceToday_201801

6 May 2018  #113

All religions are made up and dumb, it seems only the level of toxicity varies.

johnny reb
6 May 2018  #114

Religions are dumb to you because we walk by Faith and you walk by Site.
Our Creator gave us a free will to make that choice.

6 May 2018  #115

And that Creator protects and loves, and hears the prayers of ALL HIS CREATURES, including the Jews!! Pat Robertson was dead wrong there.

johnny reb
6 May 2018  #116

Your pity party is getting old.

6 May 2018  #117

Without pity, we are no different from four-legged animals, dumb beasts of the field!! Kindly remember that. Pity is what defines our humanity, as Jews, Christians, Muslims. what have you.

All it takes is for pity to be squelched, than for the normally kind and genial to be turned into another Charlie Whitman, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer or any host of other mass killers...not all necessarily confirmed felons by nature.

Dirk diggler
6 May 2018  #118

And if the social Marxists got their way, pity would be done away with. For now, they pity the minorities, gays, etc. and claim the white male patriarchy keeps them down. But what happens when they're on top and white Judeo-Christian males are at the very bottom of the food chain. Do you think then they'll show pity towards us? I somehow doubt it...

johnny reb
7 May 2018  #119

Pity is what defines our humanity, as Jews, Christians, Muslims. what have you.

Can't argue that, my argument is then let's spread some of this pity around instead of the Jews cornering the market on it.

7 May 2018  #120

You walk by faith i walk by sight? Ohhh please spare me, an entire thread dedicared to the brainwashed, still fighting each other too. Infact apart from the god delusion all you lot have one thing in common, waging war for your fake gods and dragging everyone else along for the ride.

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