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Let's discuss muslims, jews, buddhist, and christians

7 May 2016  #21

have you lived in Belgium?

No, because I prefer to live with people of my own kind. I like my people like I like my laundry - whites sorted from the colors.

You arre very poor if you believe that in Europe, everybody shoots at every body, that we risk our lives 24X7.

I don't know where you have this fetish that I somehow believe people shoot at everybody all the time. I never said that - not once. I stated that there are far more terrorist attacks than in the US and that Europe has become a dangerous place due to the migrant hordes - as shown by the fact that even the police are scared to into the Muslim ghettos in Belgium, France, etc. Many respected news outlets claim that the government has lost control of these areas and they function essentially as semi autonomous zones. The fact is, poverty, drugs, crime, unemployment, terrorism, and extremism are rampant in those areas - that is fact - no, you probably won't get shot if you walk in - but those areas are nonetheless dangerous and they are the direct result of Europeans allowing Muslim hordes to settle in while providing them with food, money, and housing courtesy of the taxpayer while all these people do is breed, pray, and complain that 'society isn't fair.'

I know you have seen something on YouTube

Here is the same exact video but from the actual source...
it's the exact same video as the youtube platform... Just because an ABC, CNN, etc. documentary was posted on youtube does not make it invalid or not serious... by your argument, all the videos showing happy peaceful Europeans then on youtube are invalid and not serious.

How many French Jews do you personally know?

One - and I bang her every weekend...

She grew up in an orthodox household so she's as anti-Isreal and anti-Zionist as me.

None so don't talk on their behalf all the more as they hate fascists so respect them!

Two false assumptions in a row - first, you assumed I didn't know any French Jews which actually I do (I even said before this post that I date a French/Russian Jewish girl), second, I am not talking on their behalf - if you bothered to watch the documentary, again a documentary by a respected (very liberal actually as well) news outlet - not some idiot filming themself - you would see that i paraphrased what Jews said themselves and the statistics. The Jews were interviewed in this documentary and stated that fears of safety are their primary reason for leaving.

Russia is another example where family values and morality haven't yet been corrupted by the 1% that argues their deviant behavior is normal.

Western society's morality has gone down the drain. All you can do if you live in the West is resist and educate your children.

It's such hipocrisy that these gay groups argue for acceptance yet they have no regard for people who have opposing views because of their conservative or religious beliefs. They don't even care if there's children around - they will continue with their simulated sex acts and dress in a totally provocative, often nearly nude manner.

The freak, the outcast is no longer someone who dresses as the other sex or is a homosexual or even demands to use whatever bathroom that person 'identifies' with. Now the freak, the outcast is the Christian conservative speaking out against such things and fighting for traditional family values and morals. My how society had changed.
7 May 2016  #22

Sad but true. I am counting down the days for when I return to the East. Being surrounded by self-defeating degenerates has gotten to me
7 May 2016  #23

your "Christian conservative values"????? Like paedophilia in your churches and the hatred and murders (including génocides) of others???? You may keep them to yourselves!
7 May 2016  #24

hatred and murders (including génocides) of others????

which genocides - care to elaborate?
7 May 2016  #25

murders (including génocides)

On average some 100,000 people in the world are killed each year for one reason: because they are Christians. Most of the killers are Muslims although there are also some Hindus.

Language point: In English we do not spell mass killings génocide. The acute accent (aigu) in English is limited to a handful of naturalised French terms such as café, coup d'état, passé, etc.
7 May 2016  #26

No time to develop but basically genocides of natives in places like North America, Australia., slavery, mass brainwashing natives thru missionaries.... And as to catholics, I could mention the Saint-Barthelemy night against protestants.... The list is very long....

As to French signs, I do know but since I have confogurated my

...... I get accents and other signs automatically so I need to correct said words and sometimes I forget so reason why "é, è, ê itd;)" Since you are educated and speak languages, not hard for you to figure out!

But never mind too many nuts use their."God" to act like barbarians and this concerns ALL religions
7 May 2016  #27

not hard for you to figure out!

I reckon one tends to judge others and their equipment by one's own. I use a Polish 214 keyboard and have to type the acute accent first and then the letter "e" to get ę or the cedilla and then the c to get ć.
7 May 2016  #28

On average some 100,000 people in the world are killed each year for one reason: because they are Christians. Most of the killers are Muslims although there are also some Hindus.

Perhaps you might like to read how that 100,000 figure was arrived at. I'd like to say I'm surprised that you didn't actually bother to research it properly, but given that you like to repeat any old rubbish without checking facts, I'm not.

That 100, 000 figure includes the 90,000 Christians killed in the civil war in the DR Congo by other Christians, but obviously that doesn't suit your agenda of blaming the Muslims now does it?

7 May 2016  #29

100,000 figure

That figure was provided by the Vatican itself!

Close to 100,000 Christians are being killed every year because of their faith, according to statistics from a Pew Research Survey and the International Society for Human Rights, a non-religious organization.

These figures, which represent an "unprecedented," number of death per year amount to 273 Christian killed daily, or 11 every hour, said Bishop John McAreavey, chairman of the Council for Justice and Peace.

McAreavey, speaking to the Irish parliament on behalf of the Irish Catholic Bishop's Conference, said, "Eighty percent of all acts of religious discrimination in the world today are directed against Christians."
8 May 2016  #30

That figure was provided by the Vatican itself!

Pew Research Survey and the International Society for Human Rights

If you had bothered to read the link I supplied ( or maybe you did but didn't like what it said ), you will have read that the figure all the above organisations are quoting comes originally from The Centre for the Study of Global Christianity ( CSGC ) who publish a yearly figure in their Status of Global Mission. Their researchers obtained that figure by estimating the number of Christians who died as martyrs between 2000 and 2010. They reckoned that was about 1,000,000, and divided it by 10 to get an annual figure of 100,000.

Between 2000 and 2010, there was a civil war going on in DR Congo. Over 4 million people died and the CSGC counted 900,000 ( 20% ) of them as martyrs. Divide that figure by 10 and you have 90,000 a year.

I am not saying that you are wrong in that people are being killed for their faith, and of course this is terrible, but that 100,000 figure includes those victims who died in a civil war. So if you deduct the 90,000 from the 100,000 figure, you are left with about 10,000 Christian martyrs per year, which Professor Thomas Shirrmacher from the International Society for Human Rights says is more likely to be the order of magnitude.

In his words " One has to see that there is no scientific number at the moment. It has not been researched and all experts in this area are very hesitant to give a figure," he says.

"We are starting a research project with several universities worldwide on this topic and there we start with a guess of 7-8,000 Christians killed as martyrs each year."

Perhaps you should take the time to read the article.
8 May 2016  #31

no scientific number

Thta applies to any war or atrocity. Since victims go missing, get buried in unmarked graves or get incinerated or blown up, we don't really know how many died int he Holocaust, WW2 or other conflagrations. But even if the 7-8 thousand annual estimate is plausible, that is still more than other people killed for their religion. The problem is that the Christophobic, neo-Marxist EU and liberal-leftstream media tend to ignore any Christian misfortunes and suffering and prefer to focus on PC pet groups such as Muslim refugees, the homo fringe group, trannies, 3rd-worlders in Europe, Negroes in America, etc. That in itself is a cockeyed distortion.
8 May 2016  #32

Thta applies to any war or atrocity.

Yes of course, it is very difficult to get exact numbers under those type of circumstances. The CSGC figure of 1,000,000 over a 10 year period and therefore 100,000 per year was only an estimate. I was only trying to point out to you how and where those figures came from that the Vatican and other groups used. There are plenty of sites on the internet where that 100, 000 figure is bandied about without explanation, therefore giving the wrong impression.
9 May 2016  #33

There a ton of discrimination and persecution on Christians from many fronts. Christianity is incompatible with the pro-homo, pro-tranny, deviant liberalism we see in the West. There's tons of attacks on Christians yet they rarely get reported. Whenever a leader of a traditionally Christian country like Poland makes a disparaging remark about Muslims and the parasites they carry, or about Jews, or gays, whatever they're in the headlines for a week. Yet, when Michael Ben-Ari, a member of the Knesset, videotapes himself ripping up the New Testament, throws it in the garbage and says it belongs in the trash of history not one major media outlet reports on it.

Christianity will continue to be assaulted by every group - Muslims, gays, trannies, Jews, politicians, atheists, leftists and liberals - it's the last resistance and that's why there is such a war against it.
9 May 2016  #34

Christianity is incompatible with the pro-homo, pro-tranny, deviant liberalism we see in the West.

No, it isn't. Probably one of the most famous (and popular) pastors in America, Joel Osteen has made it pretty clear on numerous occasions that he sees nothing wrong with homosexuals and that they'll be going to heaven regardless. Likewise in Poland, there's an offshoot of the Catholic Church that openly accepts everyone regardless of sexual orientation, and many other Christian denominations have no problems with accepting LGBT members.

Don't forget the words of Pope Francis...

I said this: If a person is gay and seeks out the Lord and is willing, who am I to judge that person?" the pope says.I was paraphrasing the Catechism of the Catholic Church where it says that these people should be treated with delicacy and not be marginalized."

9 May 2016  #35

, Joel Osteen has made it pretty clear on numerous occasions that he sees nothing wrong with homosexuals and that they'll be going to heaven regardless.

The televangelist 'priest' who has 3 elevators in his house? He'll say whatever to get the donations flowing and stacking his millions... He walks a very fine line between being inclusive while not deviating too far from the script to avoid losing his conservative congregation. I've seen him a few times on TV but I don't follow him as I am Roman Catholic. He's basically turned the Bible into an 'everything's nice - everything is wonderful God is fine, you're all going to heaven - it's okay let's all hug...'

Also, he said being a homo is a sin - huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/02/joel-osteen-being-gay-is-a-sin-fox-news_n_1471247.html

"Marriage is between a male and a female"


So yes maybe he doesn't dislike gay people, but it doesn't change that as a Christian Pastor he believes marriage is between man and woman.

Yes, even Roman Catholics will accept gays into their congregations - however that does not mean that they don't view their actions as sinful and it doesn't change their beliefs that marriage is between a man and woman only.
10 May 2016  #36

Merged: (real) number of Muslims in France (completely different from what "we" read in PF ;)


They start saying that 1. official statisics based upon religion, origin are forbidden and 2. only polls are allowed.

Hence, in 2010 they were some 4 million of Muslims in France and in 2030 some 6 million are expected. These are MUSLIMS, i.e. those who practice their religion.

I remind you that France has a population of over 66 millions, so how the hell can you have Muslims all over the place???? No need to be a genius at maths to realize that they are no majority.

I am well aware that especially these days, media talk alot about them but it does not mean that they are only a small minority ..

Since some of you are so facinated by France, at least get facts right! ;)

I know that this has nothing to do with Poland but it seems that PF love messages about muslims ;)
10 May 2016  #37

official statisics based upon religion, origin are forbidden

Ya, whose master plan was that and why? I'll give you a hint: the same people that are preaching "There is no such thing as a Native-Frenchman".

Anyway, you are making the mistake of assuming these ethnics on the street are even legal. They squat, they beg, they steal. They remain. Some even admit to beheadings overseas and remain [Belgium news yesterday]
10 May 2016  #38

Obviously you don't understand! ;). These are numbers about real muslims (= practicing religion). If not practicing and/or being atheists, they are not muslims ;). Muslim is a religion and nothing else and among them they are also some converted Europans (like some Poles are converted ttoo).

So basically it's not even 8% of the total French population so it means that ... 92% of the French are NOT muslim ;). I know that muslims furnish 99.99% of your conversations but

PS: do you know that the no.1 "foreign community" in France is .... the Portuguese ;). I suppose that you don't ;)

PPS; as to Arabs they are not all muslim. Some are Jewish, some are Christian, and some are even atheits. I suppose it is too difficult for you to understand ;)
10 May 2016  #39

#1 foreign community is Portuguese. Where are their ghettos? Where are their No-Go zones? Where are their terrorist attacks? Where are their outcry over banning this and playing noise over loud speakers 5 times a day

That is the point. Muslims are so loud and noticeable, wearing their large black shower curtains. The current problem is not the radicals. The problem is the moderates that do not speak out against the radicals. After each terrorist attack recently I witnessed the same exact reaction from my Muslim friends

1) Not denouncing the actions
2) Instantly going on the offensive "Why aren't attacks in the Middle East reported?"
3) Continuing the offensive "There are X number of Muslims in the World and these radicals don't represent us"

It's always about them. ALWAYS. They physically threaten people from speaking out or even leaving the religion so in classic mob gang behavior the religion continues to spread. It's a virus. Plain and simple.

Sideniote: What sort of individual has time to pray 5 times a day? How do you hold a job in Western Civilization and do this.
10 May 2016  #40

My goodness! Where do you come from? Don't you have foreign communities where you are or maybe you come from N.Korea?

Yes, the Portuguese is the no. 1 foreign community in France, even if you don't know about it ;). No, the Portuguese are not terrorists just the same as 99% of the muslims are not terrorists. Do you know that almost all janitors in Paris are from Porto (in Portugal);). Well, there are a lot of things you don't know ;)

I have lived close to 40 years in France while interacting daily with muslims/Arabs and what have you so I suppose I know better than you whose "'knowledge" is the bs you find in your fascist sites ;). What is your experience? ZILCH!

also includes several countries in W. Europe and Russia....

Soros uses millions to fan mirgant crisis and destroy Europe [169]What are the prospects of liberating Crimea from the Muscovite yoke? [7]

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