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Merkels power crumbles rapidly

17 Feb 2020  #61

I dont want expand my horizon into medival islamism

17 Feb 2020  #62

One has to admit you are quite hillarious. But not in the way you'd like I think

17 Feb 2020  #63


How many migrants do you house or care for?

Look, the funny reality is, people like you want push their agenda on all. Let us pay for your migrants. But you, yourself dont want.

I dont want pay for them. I want them in closed camps until deportation.

Dont try to push your perverted Utopia on me. I decide who i allow around me. Nobody else. Im not part of your sick multiculti experiment

Rich Mazur
17 Feb 2020  #64

Neither is she. Pure posturing and virtue signalling because she knows she will never get the invoice.

Bratwurst Boy
18 Feb 2020  #65

Greens, Left party, and the SPD.

A grand coalition with the ex-SED???


huringia will get a Far left government now, and so might Germany. What a pyrrhic victory to replace Merkel with Habeck.

Any gov with the Linke would be a phyrric victory for the "old" Germany...there are still millions alive who remember the SED and the STASI....I could vote for the AfD just to show you the finger!

18 Feb 2020  #66

@Rich Mazur

Thats how they are. Look there is a program in Germany where those leftist scum actually could engage and finance their beloved migrants.

Guess what? Nobody joined. They let all pay for that. But if they are asked to pay themself, they stay silent. They are pathetic clowns.

johnny reb
18 Feb 2020  #67

But if they are asked to pay themself, they stay silent.

That's EXACTLY what happened when Nancy the Ripper Pelosi told Trump that he had no right to stop the illegals coming into America.
Trump said fine, we will put them all in your Sanctuary Cities in California.
Pelosi about p*ssed herself in a frightened shock and said, and I quote her words exactly, "We don't want to have to pay for them !"

Exactly Nancy, nobody does and that's the whole point, do you get it now ?

18 Feb 2020  #68

@johnny reb
Leftist mad Like Lenka who are on a guilt trip want us pay billions for the housing of third worlders. Want us endure terror attacks and want use us for "Integration" for free.


I dont want pay. I dont care what happens to them. I dont care for their fate. I dont accept it. I Support their push Back. I want a negative environment for them.

I dont want be their free personal trainer and smile retarded for the Media.

I applaud with joy for all the boats that the libyan coast guard Catch. Their tears make me happy.

Number of arrivals dropped by 97%. The harsh push Back only exists because AfD and other far right victories.

Im happy that my political decission is part of the reason why their dream of Invasion got smashed.

I also Smile at the 180° turn of highest EU court that decided last week, that they simply can be pushed back.

So Lenka, as you can see, we crush your party.

Bratwurst Boy
18 Feb 2020  #69

....I quote her words exactly, "We don't want to have to pay for them !"

Do you have a link for that?

18 Feb 2020  #70

Did I tell you to take anyone home? Did I even mention the word refugee? A engineer from China or a doctor from India is an immigrant too and I doubt they need your house to live in

The truth is you are a living, walking stereotype and as such was pretty amusing to me.

Btw- how do you guys cope with mixed heritage people? What if those two Surians were German on one of theit parent site? Which excuse would you use? The one about germs or the one about needing only German friends?

18 Feb 2020  #71

Clear Thing. If you mix a pound vanilla ice cream with a pound dogshit you dont get a kg Vanilla ice cream, you get 1kg dogshit

Bratwurst Boy
18 Feb 2020  #72

*face palm*

18 Feb 2020  #73

Don't you sometimes wish we had emoticons here :D

johnny reb
18 Feb 2020  #74

Do you have a link for that?

Read the comments below it.

Don't you sometimes wish we had emoticons here

And a personal avatar of the flag of the country we are posting from be a requirement.
And the name of the Mod. on duty with the country they are moderating from with their home address so we could send them a Christmas card. :-)

Yup, if wishes were fishes the lakes would be full.

18 Feb 2020  #75

A grand coalition with the ex-SED???


Everything points in that direction. The Green party might be gempted if they get more votes than the CDU in order to get the chancellor.

phyrric victory for the "old" German

I am just pointing out the perspective of the AfD voters. Of course it would not good for Germany either, both the AfD and the Left party are antidemocratic, populist parties.

just to show you the finger

Not like West made the Left powerful. Without the East, it would struggle to get into the Bundestag.

18 Feb 2020  #76


Cretins like you dont understand what makes the AfD so powerful.

A Green chancellor would mean a 30% AfD. What we see in Germany is a ripping process.

And no party asks the right question. I just saw a funny interview with the FDP, a 5% party, asking how the AfD can be shrinked. They talk about how maybe they can ignore AfD, or denie some offices ect.

Aside the fact that a 5% party should maybe talk about itself, they dont say what would really work. Make politics for Germany. Not for Mumbo Jumbo and Chewbacca and Mohammed.

And that goes far over Germany. In France Marine Le Pen has best chances to become new president. In UK the far right achievd BREXIT and the leftist idiots stand sthere and dont understand what is happening to them.

You dont know what "perspective" as a AfD voter i want or what i want achieve.

I dont need the AfD. Until 2015 i was not even political. For me AfD is a weapon for self defense.

And for me it works, it creates enough chaos, that all those leftist ***** get blocked.

The CDU has a choice. Get rid of Merkel and her slimebags, become conervative again. Do politics like Kurz in Austria and i dont need AfD anylonger.

As long thats not happening, i will support AfD.

Bratwurst Boy
18 Feb 2020  #77

Not like West made the Left powerful.

What powerful? Without Ramelow in Thuringia they would have nothing, trailing everywhere else behind the AfD....
(A Wessi the SPIEGEL recently called socialdemocratic)

"Rechts überholt: Die Linke

Im Osten lange Volks- und Protestpartei, im Westen Nischenpartei. Nach den Wahlen in Brandenburg und Sachsen erwecken die Sozialisten eher den Eindruck eines Auslaufmodells. Und das liegt nicht nur an der AfD. ...


"...So tief ist die Linke bei Wahlen noch nie gefallen. Schon gar nicht im Osten. In Brandenburg, wo sie sich noch vor zehn Jahren der 30-Prozent-Marke näherte, stürzte die Partei am 1. September auf 10,7 Prozent ab. In Sachsen ist das Ergebnis mit 10,4 Prozent sogar noch schlechter....

There is absolutely no need to help the far-left into the government...especially not when persisting about a "Brandmauer" against the far-right!

PS: What do you think about Röttgen for Chancellor? :)

"...A senior German conservative politician, who was once seen as the brains behind Angela Merkel's inner circle but was later sacked by the chancellor, has put himself forward as a surprise candidate to take over as leader of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU), further complicating the party's chaotic succession planning....."

18 Feb 2020  #78

@Bratwurst Boy
Röttgen is a american asslicker.

Bratwurst Boy
18 Feb 2020  #79

Better an US asslicker than a China or Russia asslicker....

(Yes, Lyzko..I KNOW my grammar is awful:)

18 Feb 2020  #80

No prob. B.B. There's always room for improvement. My German, your English:-)

Weimarer's gone a bit off the deep end, eh?

18 Feb 2020  #81

@Bratwurst Boy

We dont need leaders who are on foreign paycheck. Be it american, russian or chinese.

Bratwurst Boy
18 Feb 2020  #82

Yeah well...we can't go it alone....remember the last tries?

So...it's better to be part of the West...

18 Feb 2020  #83

@Bratwurst Boy

Röttgen is not west. He is an American vasall. We could declare Grenell chancellor then. That way we could at least save Money and result would be same

Bratwurst Boy
18 Feb 2020  #84

Heh:) Oooooh I can see the Left losing it about that choice! :)

johnny reb
18 Feb 2020  #85

Weimarer's gone a bit off the deep end, eh?

He just young and cocky and has a great love for his country and thinks it is the hub of the world, or should I say he thinks it's "gonna be" the hub of the world, with total control over the world with just blue eyed blonde haired people.

Crooked Hillary still thinks she won too.

We dont need leaders who are on foreign paycheck. Be it russian .

But without being a puppet of Russia who would you turn to since you hate Poland, NATO, and America feeding you at the other end of the piano ?

At least Merkel has been playing the piano at both ends to feed your country until Teflon Trump stepped in and told her the buck stops here.

18 Feb 2020  #86

From what I've gathered, his "love" for his country consists exclusively of soccer, women, body-building and not much else!

Same as here in the States. If an American Klan sort talks about "love" of country, completely omitting true homegrown American greats from George Innes, the great landscape artist, Fairfield Porter, Charles Ives, D.W. Griffith etc., focusing solely on sports and/or sex, that individual is an infantile reject from society with little cultural development, more fit for a zoo than a residence.

Not impressed, nor am I convinced.

18 Feb 2020  #87

It is pretty clear that he has mostly hate for his country, including a large part of the population who lives there. The irony behind the fact he and his family are de facto migrants too of course escapes him.

Bratwurst Boy
19 Feb 2020  #88

Na ja, compared to politicians who openly say they get sick when they hear "Heimat"...or who say the showing off of the german flag is "rechtsradikal" and people should avoid that...who don't believe that German is a distinctive "culture"..not to mention a "Leitkultur" foreigners should integrate to...

What's worse?

19 Feb 2020  #89

Na ja, compared to politicians who openly say they get sick when they hear "Heimat"...

I know what you mean...

We had a politician in Poland (later a PM) who once said that "polskość to nienormalność" ("polishness is abnormality"), TV host who planted Polish flag in dog poop in one of his shows, and throngs of politicians/local authorities who seemed to be allergic to anything Polish/patriotic.

All this annoyed ordinary people so much that they voted PiS into power. :-/ If something similar happens in Germany then the EU is a lost project.

Bratwurst Boy
19 Feb 2020  #90


USA tried to steal German vaccine against Corona Virus [437]Music I have never got bored of [489]

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