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Merkels power crumbles rapidly

19 Feb 2020  #91

polskość to nienormalność


The whole text is very interesting, and I agree with him. In particular, his reference to wasting energy on fighting with neighbours and living in mythology - isn't this precisely what PiS are doing now?

19 Feb 2020  #92

What's worse?

Are you really asking whether or not the guy who says that he wants all "non-aryan" Germans deported is worse than some people who dont like waving flags at a sport event?

Bratwurst Boy
19 Feb 2020  #93

Why can't I dislike both?

19 Feb 2020  #94

You can dislike both, I certainly do. But claiming that they are comparable is wrong. Just think about the consequences if either were in power, and how it would affect people.

19 Feb 2020  #95

I most cases you don't have to wait for them to get into power. We already have a member here who talks about chasing people down the street

johnny reb
19 Feb 2020  #96

He obviously has a huge inferiority complex by his non-stop hateful belittling of everybody and everything that he disagrees with.

19 Feb 2020  #97

I'd have to agree with you, Johnny. Sound familiar?

19 Feb 2020  #98

He obviously has a huge inferiority complex

Or he is just the modern version of a pre-historic German caveman.

From what I've gathered, his "love" for his country consists exclusively of soccer, women, body-building and not much else!

19 Feb 2020  #99


19 Feb 2020  #100

I find it amusing. I get called stupid and that i dont love my country?

Some facts. I do love my country and thats why i vote AfD. Im have Abitur, which is highest school grade you can get in Germany. Beside my own language German, i speak English and Latin.

I cant be that dumb.

This nation is my home and home of my ancestors since thousands of years.

I do read evrything about my peoples history. Even down to the Schnurkeramiker Era, which was over 8000 years ago.

I vote AfD and support far right as form of self defense. What Merkel did in 2015 was high treason. And it became obvious what her sick ideology is. When she called Germans "those who live longer here". She wanted to make Germany a room for evry scum of the world. An landmass without identity and history. A pure mess for globalism, free for rape.

No. The AfD works in culling this ideology. It needed a powerful far right to counter this madness and defend what my ancestors have build up-. Its our duty to defend that, what is ours. I will not throw my identity and home away for some perverted globalist utopia.

IN 2015 there was no oppossition in Germany. All parties sung Merkels song. AfD was only option one had to vote for if you wanted this madness to stop.

And it worked. No matter what some here say, i will always defend my nation and will never support scum that wants flood us with the 3rd world scum.

Yes, if thats pre-historic for you, so be it. Tribalism and protectuion your family, country and what matters for you is most basic of all instincts.

And thats why its good that we destroy Merkel and brought her CDU to the sad state it is now.

I dont care about what others thing about that. You can bow to your Allah. I spit on Islam and Globalism.

19 Feb 2020  #101

@Weimarer, my point earlier was that if I were to ask you as to why precisely you're proud to be German, would your answer be, Bundesliga, Dinkelacker, Heidi Klumm etc. or Beethoven, Leibniz, Bismarck, Wagner, Brahms, and Goethe? The so-called cold, dead past, is in actuality of course, neither cold nor dead, but very much alive in spirit!!

Pride is normally measured in terms of any country's rich cultural traditions.
Then again, you are still relatively young and therefore will need the requisite time to mature or "grow into yourself, as we say here in the States:-)

19 Feb 2020  #102


You want know why im proud to be German?

Because the man or women who made the skydisc of Nebra. Because the Priestess of Bad Dürrenberg, because Arminius, who destroyed varus armies. Im proud for the german armies that destroyed the mongol cohorts. Im proud for Otto I. Im proud for emperor Heinrich I. Im proud for Barbarossa. Im proud for Luther, im proud for Gutenberg. Im proud for Friedrich der Große, i´m prud for Humboldt, i´m proud for Daimler and Benz, for Otto Lilienthal and Graf Zeppelin. I´m proud for Dornier. Im proud for Otto Hahn, Bismarck and Ballin. Im proud for Konrad Zuse and Helmut Schmidt.

See Lyzko...you believe im uneducated because im young and bodybuilder. But those that you called great...Bismarck. Goethe ect...thats the standard. You dont know the skydisc of Nebra nor do you know the priestess of Bad Dürrenberg.

It appears you have underestimated me.

And to close the circle. This is a reconstruction of the priestess of Bad Dürrenberg


This is the very foundation of what makes us German. This is what is worth to fight for. And i will NOT give this up for some multicultural rubbish and open our fatherland for evry scum from the 3rd world.

Merkel and her dictatorship was a threat to Germany in 2015. At this time a bigger threat even then what Hitler was. Merkel was willing to end our history, destroy what we stand for and erase us. She wanted replace us with a globalist nothing. And only AfD could stop her. And that was sucessfull.

Its also helping others. Remember when Merkel wanted force other european nations to accept 3rd worlders as well?

Only because AfD rise, she got weakened enough to stop this.

Evry "migrant" caught by libyan coast guard now, is a victory for AfD.

And make no mistake, if we stop pushing for AfD now, the Merkelists will do their evil work again. We need to keep the pressure up.

And thats a european struggle.

The german patriots of AfD have to work hand in hand with Le pen in France, Salvini in Italy, Vox in spain, Orban in Hungary and Kurz in Austria. We must stand together against that.

Multicultirism, Multilateralism must die. The EU must be reformed to a Europe of teh fathernations. The UNO must be destroyed.

And to achieve this, the strongest weapon is disruption. The AfD victory in my state Thüringen has send shockwaves through Merkelists.

19 Feb 2020  #103

you believe im uneducated because im young and bodybuilder

Nah. Because of what you post. The bodybuilding part just plays nicely with the stereotype.

19 Feb 2020  #104

Maybe you simply cant reach my intellectual capacity.

Look Lenka, your problem is, that you are leftist liberal and you see your ideology break apart. Not just in Germany. Trump, Brexit, push back of african scum by spain, legalized by the EU court. Step by step we destroy what you hold dear and the problem is...your ideology needs stability and far right like myself, destroy your stability. Thats why Merkels power crumbles as well.

19 Feb 2020  #105

Perhaps the liberalism you sneer at so is a justifiable (over-)reaction to the egregious misdeeds of your past!
Every civilized society tries to make amends with their less favorable history.

Thus far, only Turkey appears to be the only world nation of note which continues to whitewash her past as pertains to her unrepenetent slaughter of Armenians, solely because of their Christian faith.

Germany seems to have learned most of her lessons......then people like you come along and knock all of the noble attempts at democracy into a cocked hat!

Shame on you people!! Guess you'll have to learn the hard way and you'll be the martyr for the cause, is that it?

Grow up, man!

19 Feb 2020  #106

Not really. It's just when I read stuff about vanilla ice cream and dog s*it ( did it ever cross your mind that you may not be the vanilla?) or that two Syrian guys cannot exercise with you and all that...It simply shows how limited you are.

And no. The fact that right seems to be on the rise at the moment does not bother me. It is what it is and it will swing back again. And if it doesn't and for example Germany tries the same crap as they did in the past hopefully they will get their as* kicked like they did back then.

19 Feb 2020  #107


Action - reaction

Merkels madness led to the rise of the far right.

The rise of the AfD is a justifiable (over-)reaction to the egregious misdeeds of Merkels perverted liberalism of worst kind.

Im not willing to sacrifice my nation for some perverted liberal leftist bullshit.

P.s. death to Allah, Mohammed was a pedo.

@Lenka i dont train with scum that came here to steal our tax money, got free housing and acts like a parasite. Those two syrians domt belong in my gym, they belong in a working camp to pay their bills and fund their return ticket.

I have certain standards what i demand from people around me. Parasites that left their own country, betrayed their family and nation and suck off german tax money dont belong into that category.

19 Feb 2020  #108

death to Allah, Mohammed was a pedo.

Omg, how childish can you get?

19 Feb 2020  #109

Last year johhny was suspended for similar things. Let`s see what happens now. :):)

19 Feb 2020  #110

First time for everybody.

19 Feb 2020  #111

I do read evrything about my peoples history. Even down to the Schnurkeramiker Era, which was over 8000 years ago.

Schnurkeramiker (Corded Ware) weren't that old. You must have included the Yamnaya here who were genetically the very same people as Corded Ware, but did not live in the area of present-day Germany or generally in Western Europe. Both cultures, however, are archeologically very different.

if thats pre-historic for you

I said you were the m-o-d-e-r-n version of a pre-historic man and the modern version doesn't exclude having Abitur or knowing Beethoven, Goethe and Latin :-)

Omg, how childish can you get?

But Weimarer is right, Mohammed was a pedo by modern standards !

19 Feb 2020  #112


Schnurkeramiker had their main settlement region in Germany. Go visit Museum in Halle an der Saale, its amazing with all kind of finds from Thüringen and Sachsen-Anhalt.

But thats off topic, so dont go that much astray.

19 Feb 2020  #113

Mohammed was a pedo by modern standards !

Oh it's not about that. It's about the fact that there was no other reason to include it besides acting like a spoiled kid stumping his feet hoping for some reaction.

I'm an atheist, it doesn't bother me if he wishes death to all and every deity he can think of besides showing that he is a burak.

johnny reb
20 Feb 2020  #114

Last year johhny was suspended for similar things.

Which post of mine was that, Pawian ?
Please post it for everyone to see since you claimed it.
Thanks in advance.

Vesko Vukovic
20 Feb 2020  #115

Eight dead after two shootings in Hanau, Germany


As I previoisly stated, what happened in Bosnia will be repeated in the West but only on a much larger scale...

As life becomes intolerable for the natives, it will inevitably lead to the eventual rise of far-right groups and in the case of Germany neo-Nazi organizations.

German far-right group 'planned attacks on mosques'

Members of a far-right group arrested in Germany were planning attacks on mosques, politicians and asylums seekers, local media report.

The 12, allegedly belonging to Der harte Kern (The Hard Core), were detained on Friday.


20 Feb 2020  #116

@Vesko Vukovic

All shot were arabs, no germans or europeans in general hurt.

Looks like clan crimes. As long they kill each other and dont bother others.

But yes, as Merkel said in her prime om 2015:

"A land where we like to live"

Also her words: "Those who live longer here" adressing Germans

Also Merkel when AfD had election sucess "this is not my country anymore"

Im glad i live in east Germany. We dont have that crap here. But will be hard work to cleanse our nation.

johnny reb
20 Feb 2020  #117

Do you think you will have better success with the Muzzy's than you had with the jews ?

20 Feb 2020  #118

@johnny reb

The jews never were a problem in Germany. Many were honorable citizens who defended our great nation in WW I, who were doctors, scientists

Beside that, when you look France you see the people acvept all this not any longer. I expect a massive push back against muslims through all of europe. In france macron is so scared about Le Pen, he now copies her anti islam policies. So it will get interesting.

20 Feb 2020  #119

Do you think you will have better success with the Muzzy's than you had with the jews ?

Good question, Johnny, especially that there were only about 500 thousand Jews living in Germany in 1933, but the number of Muslims in Germany 2020 is well over 5 million (and that's just official numbers). Neo-nazis have to think very carefully before they do anything (and thinking doesn't seem to be their forte).

20 Feb 2020  #120

Its easy Torq, in east germany we see, as soon we create harsh conditions for muzzies, they run. Maybe they go Poland then. You are catholic and must cater them.

Its all about push and pull factors.

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