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Rich Mazur
25 Feb 2019  #271


Should fake women be allowed...

...to compete with the real ones. More specifically, should the woman on the left be allowed to send the man on the right to the nearest ER after the first ten seconds of the fight? No, I am not confusing pictures and I am not insane. You, libs, are by allowing this crap you call self-identification. That Obama insanity is being undone by that women hater, Trump, and not a day too soon.

If my position on this issue is still not clear enough, I will be happy to explain.

cms neuf
25 Feb 2019  #272

God knows - pure trolling rubbish. It must be soul destroying having to post that stuff all day.

Maybe try a sports forum - and while you are at it you can also ask if it's fair for the athletes of law abiding countries to compete with Russians who are doped up to the eyeballs. Obviously the current answer is no, so they are serving a lengthy and well deserved ban.

Rich Mazur
25 Feb 2019  #273

The current answer is yes, and the guys who self identify as women can compete in many sports because the mulatto president signed an order that your gender is what you say it is.

johnny reb
13 Mar 2019  #274

The temper of the Irish unleashed AGAIN in the U.S.A.
What's the matter with these people who think bullying other people with a strong arm will end in their favor ?
Former UFC two division champion Conor McGregor has been arrested in Miami Beach on charges of strong arm robbery and criminal mischief.
Both are felonies.
I think a five year stint in an American prison McGregor would find out just how tuff he is not.
I doubt seriously if he would survive the first year with the temper he has.

Dirk diggler
14 Mar 2019  #275

They'd put him in ad seg for his own protection. They do that with most high profile criminals and wealthy people so they don't get got aka extorted.

That's one thing that bothered me about white jail/prison gangs and their shot callers. They claim to be standing up for whites in the system but really they just extort them, just like every race extorts unaffiliated and even some affiliated people.

16 Mar 2019  #276

Hey Dirk, just listen to what this ex con says on McGregor and his incidents:

When he starts talking about (4:05 in or so) regular people and their weaknesses and cowardice thats when it gets interesting. because everything about Americans I've learned during ,y last two cases or incidences myself proved this. most people who dont understand Americans dont know. even cops punish people way harder for any history at all because they say crap like you should know better. because that entire society is ignorant of their own laws and how fighting or self defense there works and even silly arguments. this guy in the video even says a simple touch or grab in america can be your end or doom. he is right and also the way he says it could be all taken from them in a second, those rich white people in orange county or Beverly hills included.

he mentions how they act hurt, lie in hospitals how they feel, dos rupid fsces to police interviews or cameras when ounched and press charges, etc. americans for you.

Dirk diggler
16 Mar 2019  #277

Ah dude I like that guys show 23 and 1. I've seen a lot of his vids.i don't like big herc but there's another decent channel this British dude who did time in AZ I think 9 years for trafficking x forget the channels name tho

That's so ****** up that taking a dudes phone snapping pics of u and destroying it can get you a strong arm robbery charge. That's a serious felony and it's very hard getting probation for something like that. I feel sorry for him I rly do.

johnny reb
16 Mar 2019  #278

taking a dudes phone snapping pics of u and destroying it can get you a strong arm robbery charge.

You can bet he was a soy boy that was daring McGregor to even touch him so he could sue for a million or two.

f-*** if you even raise your voice at someone here in the U.S.A. it is considered being a "disorderly person".
Political Correctness has ruined this country.
Whales against Ireland tonight so I have to get the pizza in the oven for my Polish friends and get this party going here.

Dirk diggler
16 Mar 2019  #279

In Canada they just made it illegal for parents to refer to their tranny kids by the name they were given at birth. It's considered domestic violence...

This is the kind of crap

You can bet he was a soy boy that was daring McGregor to even touch him so he could sue for a million or two.

IDK. I think it was just a regular civilian like the dude in 23 and 1 says just taking pics of a celebrity. McGregor let that Irish temper get the best of him. So naturally the guy is gonna claim how he's all physically distraught, he suffered whiplash/neck injury which is near impossible to disprove, etc

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