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Random Sports News

22 Feb 2018  #121

they need to take steroids to play rounders?

Of course! even curling is not the same without a little bit of injection ;-)

Have you heard of old ass dudes clamoring for mail order brides from China or India or Zimbabwe or even Germany? Of course not

Of course yes, not Germany though, their women are too busy getting raped by the "refugees" but you can add Brasil and Thailand to the list.

johnny reb
22 Feb 2018  #122

I have seen some Romanian girls too that I definitely would not kick out of my bed for eating crackers.

Dirk diggler
22 Feb 2018  #123

raped by the "refugees"

Those people are called 'rapefugees'

Well, all this is doing is making Poland, Czechy, Hungary, etc. look more attractive. In fact, you'd be surprised at how many seniors from France, Germany, etc. are buying homes in Wroclaw.

They could make this a new Olympic sport - mixed rapefugee doubles. A woman runs away from a rapefugee as fast as possible while a rapefugee attempts to tackle her before she can make it to the end line. Poland, Hungary, Czechy would definitely take gold silver and bronze. Germany, France, Sweden, etc. naturally wouldn't qualify.

22 Feb 2018  #124

not Germany though, their women are too busy getting raped by the "refugees"


Male refugees are being taught how to pick up local women | New York Post

Germany just hit a new low. Poor Germans.

Dirk diggler
22 Feb 2018  #125

Male refugees are being taught how to pick up local women | New York Post

This was of course expected as it is a natural progression. First, the migrants were taught it's not okay to grope or rape women. Now that they've been taught you can't have your way with a kuffar women and 'tarrahush' is frowned upon, they've now learned to be slightly more civil.

Perhaps one day they'll be taught to assimilate, work, pay taxes, and not have 8 kids that you can't feed - although I kind of doubt it will happen anytime soon.

The low point for Germany imo was when women only zones were set up on NYE and concerts. It is so sad that a German women can't attend a NYE concert and receive the normal typical fraternizing that occurs on such a day without the fear of some migrant taking it too far and groping/raping her. How a thousand women could be groped/rape in a single night is beyond me....

Migrant Olympics:
Ever wonder why there's so few female athletes from places like Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan? These societies have zero sense of equality for men and women. Their version of equality means hiding women, putting a black bag over them, and beating them if they get out of line or even killing them if they 'dishonor' the family.

22 Feb 2018  #126

Let`s not forget all great deeds of Novak Djokovic. How one must be good to have these kind of fans

BNP Paribas Open 2011 - Caroline Wozniacki shows some love for Novak Djokovic before practice

Sharapova for Nole!

E Nole Nole

US admits - Serbian Jokic is phenomenon. One of our many


Nikola Jokic Triple Double 28 Pts/11 Rebs/11 Asts Full Highlights (2/23/2018)


Serbia, old core of Sarmatia (ie Slavia, ie Thracia) and Serbians as last bearers of venerable Sarmatian name are the No.1 world power in sport. Then, add to it contribution to humanity of one Nikola Tesla and other great Serbian inventors, scientists and others. There is only one conclusion. Serbia is old core not just of Sarmatia. The other name of it is Western world. Living heart of Europe, White world.

Fear us. Fear Serbians. We coming back for our throne.

27 Feb 2018  #127

Katowice -e sport mecca..one of the world largest e-sport world tournament have just started. attended by 170k ppl- IEM Katowice
i dont know if you guys like.i regularly watch starcraft 2 tournaments.i use to play in top diamond league.
beside sport side of this event ,it is nice that Katowice managed to rise to so high profile tournament,currently second largest and one of most prestigious

hope Katowice continue to grow and become center of world e-sports,that has a chance to become most popular sport in the future.


1 Mar 2018  #128

Serbian handball player Marko Vujin, decisive factor in Bundeslige

THW Kiel gewinnt dank Vujin Krimi gegen Melsungen


video > THW Kiel gewinnt dank Marko Vujin Krimi gegen Melsungen

johnny reb
7 Apr 2018  #129

What a jerk off to shame Ireland with his self serving meltdown.
Very unprofessional.
Conor McGregor's bail was set at $50,000 at an arraignment hearing Friday for his charges of misdemeanor assault and felony criminal mischief as a result of his role in Thursday's incident at the Barclays Center.

McGregor's passport will not be seized and he'll be allowed to fly back to Ireland, however, a court date has not yet been set.

Hopefully he will get some jail time to show him that his big mouth. temper and money are meaningless.
Lock him up !

7 Apr 2018  #130

He must still be dizzy from the Mayweather beating lol

He can kiss his career goodbye!

johnny reb
10 Apr 2018  #131

I doubt he will ever be allowed to fight in the U.S.A. again unless he can pay the right people to say it was a publicity stunt gone wrong.

He hasn't spoken about his rampage last week.
McGregor faces two felony charges for criminal mischief and 10 misdemeanors, and he could get up to 11 years in prison for his alleged role in an attack on a bus that injured several people, including UFC fighters Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg.

Very unprofessional.

10 Apr 2018  #132

McGregor is a genius. He crossed the line and went too far, but who doesn't want to see him taking a beating now for what he did? He'll easily set a PPV record, and the inevitable slap on the wrist won't make a shred of difference.

In related news, glad to see Jedzrejczyk got put in her place, and Kowalkiewicz surely deserves another title shot now.

10 Apr 2018  #133


Nice to see a clumsy individual who had never anything to do with sport following UFC, however, Kowalkiewicz has no chance for the title shot now unless she beats Jessica Andrade.

11 Apr 2018  #134

I wonder how much PPV will make off this next publicity stunt?

McGregor vs Mayweather 2 "the octagon". Im not kidding!


12 Apr 2018  #135

Mayweather has absolutely zero chance againt Conor in the octagon, that's why this fight will never happen, Floyd's family would probably lock him in his bedroom if he said he wants to fight LOL

15 Apr 2018  #136

If Mayweather is foolish enough to enter the octagon it won't take long before McGregor TKOs him. 1st round.

johnny reb
17 Jun 2018  #137

I just finished watching the FIFA WORLD CUP SOCCER GAMES, in Moscow.
Germany ( the reigning Champs ) got beat by the "Beaners" of Mexico ! 1-0 .
But what was striking to me...
They announced that the Spectators numbered around 45 THOUSAND people.... and that about 80% OF THEM WERE FROM MEXICO ! ! !
So this 'poor' country, just south of us, who are continually crying about how poor they are... (and these Immigrants are just coming HERE... for a better life ! ) ...

can have some 35 THOUSAND of their private citizens journey all the way to Moscow ! ! !
Poor People my ass ! They 've been pumping the pathetic, criminal, Uneducated Mexicans North into the USA...so WE CAN PAY FOR THEM !
(I've read that they're sending - back in excess of $30 BILLION A YEAR to Mexico tax free !)
Starting to see where Trump is going with Trade Wars.

17 Jun 2018  #138

Be advised. Mexicans live for football. Fanatics. Last money for the game. Care more for president of their football organization then for president of Mexico.

cms neuf
17 Jun 2018  #139

In my hotel last week there werr many Mexican fans en route to the world cup and i think quite a lot were Mexican-Americans. But anyway in a country of 100 million there will obviously be plenty whi can afford that.

18 Jun 2018  #140

Mexico isnt as poor as they would have the rest of the world believe. They spend a lot of Money on Soccer as you may have witnessed this past weekend. There are many millionaires in Mexico living lavish lifestyles while oppressing the rest of the population. It is a corrupt, dishonest nation.

18 Jun 2018  #141

Mexico isnt as poor as they would have the rest of the world believe

Economic stats are to an extent externally verified. It isn't about what a nation would 'have the rest of the world believe'. Additionally they have a large population. That wealthy 5% comprises a lot of people.

They spend a lot of Money on Soccer

Yes, they love football in Mexico.

There are many millionaires in Mexico living lavish lifestyles while oppressing the rest of the population

Rather like their northern neighbour.

18 Jun 2018  #142

The problem is: were not illegally entering their country, if we did, we would go striaght into a Mexican Prison.

Did you know as an American citizen we are not allowed to buy property in Mexico, but the USA hasnt such limitations. It doesn't seem fair at all how Mexico uses it northern neighbor and a nice big wall would help alleviate the scourge.

18 Jun 2018  #143


Sport, in theory shouldn't have borders. Something to take people's minds off day to day stuff.

21 Jun 2018  #144


Who will you support in tonight's match, our "once brothers" the Croats or Leo Messi & Argentina?


22 Jun 2018  #145

Ah finally. I was desperate to found thread that is in some kind in connection to next news

People, in few minutes Serbia plays football against Switzerland in World Cup Russia 2018, in Kaliningrad

Pray! Pray a lot of!

It starting. I go now...

cms neuf
23 Jun 2018  #146

Serbia were unlucky but if they play with true svetoid spirit they can beat Brazil ! Would be awesome to have them in the next round

23 Jun 2018  #147

Another example of how removed this forum is from anything Polish or the things people in Poland care/talk about it. No world cup thread? Just smashed into "Random Sports News"? Pathetic!

23 Jun 2018  #148

in few minutes Serbia plays football against Switzerland in World Cup Russia 2018, in Kaliningrad

Serbia was robbed by the German referee Felix Brych in Kongisberg. Not only did he not award a 100% clear penalty but also gave 3 yellow cards in the first half without any previous warnings for first fouls to Nemanja Matić, Luka Milivojević & Sergej Milinković-Savić and because they had to be careful with future challenges the referee lowered the intensity of the game. How on earth can FIFA provide a German referee to officiate in a Serbia - Switzerland game?



Even former England defender Rio Ferdinand called it an armed robbery.

'That's a mugging on the streets, it's unbelievable,' Ferdinand said.


It is a disgrace. The whole world saw it.

23 Jun 2018  #149

100% with you on this. FIFA also should punish those two islamists for political gestures like they did vs. Legia Warszawa. But it sadly won't happen as long as leftards rule the western world.

23 Jun 2018  #150

How on earth can FIFA

FIFA is more crooked than professional wrestling. Another reason that level-headed Americans want nothing to do with that low scoring boring "sport" with randomized results...

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