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26 Aug 2017  #91

Doesn't sound like a good deal comparing to my bet on Conor winning with the odds 49/1 :-P

26 Aug 2017  #92

Conor McGregor knocks Floyd Mayweather

The Michigander will play along.....

Until he gets bored about the 3rd round and TKOs our European friend.

I doubt McGregor even lands a decent punch...... wanna bet?

26 Aug 2017  #93

Floyd said multiple times including today that he will go at him right away and finish him within 4 rounds, so you say he was lying?

johnny reb
26 Aug 2017  #94

My two $25 bets is among friends that will be sitting at our table.
The winners of these bets among friends always pick up the tab for the table reservation, food bill, and bar tab.
This only leaves the losers responsible to chip in for the tip.
So the most it can cost me is $60 for a night out with the guys watching the money fight of the year.
A lot cheaper then a night at the Casino or a night of playing cards at deer camp.
What time will it be shown in Warsaw ?

26 Aug 2017  #95

Around 6:00 AM

27 Aug 2017  #96

Floyd said multiple times including today that he will go at him right away and finish him within 4 rounds, so you say he was lying?

Who me? Im not saying anyone is lying. I think Mayweather will win also.

Or it could be an entire farce, who knows?

Im going to the bar instead of paying $100 more fun anyhow!

Good Luck!!

johnny reb
27 Aug 2017  #97

Im going to the bar instead of paying $100

I'm with ya, see ya there. :-)

johnny reb
29 Aug 2017  #98

LAS VEGAS - Conor McGregor blamed the judges for his loss to Floyd Mayweather Saturday night, saying they were "biased" after it was revealed that even the early rounds that he appeared to dominate were scored against him.

Hey Coner, you lost on a technical knockout so it makes no difference how the judges scored you.

29 Aug 2017  #99

McGregor was very wobbly, probably one punch away from hitting the canvas.

Im glad I didn't pay a hundred bucks to pay per view either!

johnny reb
29 Aug 2017  #100

He was more then wobbly.
I think he was hurt worse then he let on.
I know that he got a medical suspension from fighting for a couple of months after the fight.
Conor McGregor suspended until Oct. 26 with no contact until Oct. 11

johnny reb
4 Sep 2017  #101

A Polish grandfather on Sunday completed his third solo trans-Atlantic kayak crossing, arriving on the French coast 111 days after dipping his paddle into the waters off the US state of New Jersey.

"Hello! This is France, it's Aleksander Doba, and I officially took my first steps on dry land in Europe at 12:25", the bearded 70-year-old said in a video posted on his official Facebook page.

15 Sep 2017  #102


Eurobasket 2017 - interestingly 3 Slavic nations reached the semifinal with the Iberians being accounted for by Slovenia, Serbia leading Russia 48:34 after the second quarter! Idemooo

15 Sep 2017  #103


Serbia - Russia stream the score is 55:39 at the beginning of quarter 3!

16 Sep 2017  #104


Razbio si bracu Ruse Bogdane!


Serbia is in the final!!!

Idemo po zlato!

@ Crow

I think Putin will now cancel the MiG's :)

6 Oct 2017  #105

Razbio si bracu Ruse Bogdane!

he literally urinated them.

Say that we Serbs aren`t suicidal. We should allow them to win.

8 Oct 2017  #106

he literally urinated them.

What a class act! LoL

And you're proud of this immatue behavior?

You really should stop being this self proclaimed spokesperson for Serbia, you do more damage rather than help your cause.

21 Nov 2017  #107

Famous tennis player, Serbian Novak Djokovic celebrate `Slava` with Serbian monks



You heard for `Slava`? Its a ancient universal Slavic (ie Sarmatian) family celebration/custom but today only Serbians keep it alive, quite preserved, sheltered in its Christinized form. Among else, on a `Slava` day, your oldest ancestors sits on your right shoulder.

This isn`t sport but its in case with sport, unfortunately

War among Serbian hooligans in Belgrade - Skordisci are restless





Source: b92/sport/fudbal/vesti.php?yyyy=2017&mm=12&dd=13&nav_id=1335911

Dirk diggler
5 Jan 2018  #108

moved from

Games in sochi were awesome... most expensive games in a beautiful city and as a bonus pussy riot got whipped by cossaks and put in jail bc of their lil stunt in a church lol.

5 Jan 2018  #109

If by 'awesome' you mean 'a vulgar display that trivialized the horrors of the CCCP and brought shame to Russian athletics since so many of their medalists have been proven to have been doping'. Yeah...... awesome.

Why do the olympics even exist anymore? Beats me, if I want to see a bunch of nationalist drug addicts contorting themselves in weird, unnatural ways I could go to a skinhead rehab clinic....

Dirk diggler
5 Jan 2018  #110

Almost all pro athletes dope... ever heard of Lance Armstrong or basically every famous person in baseball? It's only stupid ones that get caught when they're supposed to be on an off cycle. Even Chinahas a state sponsored doping to make chemicals that wont show up in drug tests. They use caffeine suppositories as well.

5 Jan 2018  #111

basically every famous person in baseball?

they need to take steroids to play rounders? lol.

5 Jan 2018  #112

Many athlets dope, but they ususally dont have active help from their state to cover it.

5 Jan 2018  #113

Yes, it's antics in Sochi are part of why Russians will not be able to compete (as Russians) in Korea. And even the non-doping was suspect, the ladies figure skating was obviously rigged with a sloppy Russian coming out of nowhere (and disappearing right after) to beat a legend... very suspect.

14 Feb 2018  #114

Polish and Serbian Paragliding Open 2017

on Serbian mountain of Kopaonik


johnny reb
15 Feb 2018  #115

Russians will not be able to compete (as Russians) in Korea.

Then who is this knockout Russian beauty (Anastasia Bryzgalova) competing in Curling in the 2018 Olympics ?
Damn Crow, from your neck of the woods.............is she beautiful or what !


15 Feb 2018  #116

Then who is this knockout Russian

Some Russians were allowed to compete, but not as russians, they compete under the olympic flag and if they win the olympic anthem is played and not the russian anthem. IINM they can be punished for actually displaying the Russian flag (at least during medal ceremonies).

16 Feb 2018  #117

Russian beauty (Anastasia Bryzgalova) competing in Curling

Oh, she is good. Very. On the credit of our Slavic species. Wolfwoman.


Dirk diggler
16 Feb 2018  #118

Everyone knows Slavic women are more beautiful than all others. Have you heard of old ass dudes clamoring for mail order brides from China or India or Zimbabwe or even Germany? Of course not.... Ukraine and Russia top the list.

21 Feb 2018  #119

Diet, food source, initial grooming from childhood and upbringing are surely also factors, not merely coincidence. Naturally. no single group has some genetic superiority over others regarding how the female, or even the male, species will grow up to look.

johnny reb
22 Feb 2018  #120

Nothing beats AMERICAN MADE though !
(Baby has her blue jeans on)

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