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15 Jul 2015  #31

Merged: Polish filmmaker Zuzanna Szyszak made short animated movie about the life of Novak Djokovic

AJDE! - Inspirational movie about Novak Djokovic


Ajde! Watch this fantastic, animated short about the inspiring life of Novak Djokovic

Polish filmmaker Zuzanna Szyszak recently debuted her brilliant, heartwarming, animated tale about the life of Novak Djokovic, the reigning champion of Wimbledon and the No. 1 player in tennis. It's called Ajde! after the common, on-court refrain from Djokovic, which translates to "come on!" in English.

source: ftw.usatoday.com/2015/07/ajde-novak-djokovic-animated-film-zuzanna-szyszak-wimbledon-best-player-inspirational

8 Aug 2015  #32

"England beating Australia is even better than Poland beating Russia, because the Australians are so far up their own arses."

Take the emphasis on professional sports. It sounds harmless but it really isn't. Professional sports are a way of building up jingoist fanaticism. You're supposed to cheer for your home team. Just to mention something from personal experience - I remember, very well, when I was I guess, a high school student - a sudden revelation when I asked myself why am I cheering for my high school football team. I don't know anybody on it, if I met anybody on it we'd probably hate each other. You know, why do I care if they win or if some guy a couple blocks away wins.

8 Aug 2015  #33

Hold on mate just because I make some observations doesn't mean I am not a fan. You are right that geography and weather limit it but apart from that it's only ex brit colonies that play it. There are other places they could play it but they do not. It's a sport that never took off except where the people were subjugated by British rule for long periods of time and/ or had a large brit presence. It's a simple fact. Btw I played rugby for eons and yeah comparing cricket to it is a very weird.

25 Nov 2015  #34

Merged: Djokovic - most brilliant tennis talent, why Polish media fail to mention him?

It is disappointing and even disgusting to see how world's media ignores the talent that is Novak Djokovic. this man produces such astounding tennis that even if you are not a fan of tennis you often are drawn to watch his unique style of play that he can use to defeat any player there is and not many can or could do that. Yet, even the Polish media that used to reflect the open minded mode of delivering news is now following the western path of paying attention to only things that fall within the scope of western interest. Djokovic is Serbian and so he is not a superstar, not fascinating, his humour is weird, he is too emotional, too friendly, too shy, too loud, too honest and too hospitable and so on, he just does not fit within the western frame of character, and even if he did then there is that terrible "Borat" accent of his that just crosses him out altogether, he is just too odd for the West and let's face it: he comes from a backward Eastern European hole of a country that won't even join EU already.

Shame on western and Polish media, yet another famous win by Djokovic passes by without an echo, yes, the final was announced because Roger Federer was in it but since not the right winner emerged then there is no point mentioning it.

25 Nov 2015  #35

world's media ignores the talent that is Novak Djokovic

yet another famous win by Djokovic passes by without an echo

Quite a good piece on him here:
and here:
and here:
and here:
and here:
and here:
There's plenty more.

johnny reb
6 Mar 2016  #36

Looks like Rousey won't be fighting Holm's this summer after all.
I was really looking forward to that fight.

LAS VEGAS - In a stunning performance, Miesha Tate dragged Holly Holm to the ground and choked her out in the fifth and final round to become the new UFC women's bantamweight champion Saturday night at UFC 196.

"Not many people wouldn't tap out," Tate said of Holm, who went unconscious in the choke. "She went out like a champion."

6 Mar 2016  #37

Quite a surprise, Holm seemed so physically strong against Ronda, I thought Tate wouldn't be able to overpower her on the ground, good technique by Miesha and faith after so many unsuccessful take down attempts.

PS. Ronda Rousey is quarter Polish from her father side

6 Mar 2016  #38

Quite a surprise

I'm surprised as well, but maybe it just confirms that some people said - Rousey wasn't prepared at all for Holm, whereas Tate was.

There's a UFC Fight Night scheduled for July 7th. Rousey should get in a nice easy win there against some random, Tate-Holm II for UFC 200 a couple of days later and the inevitable staredown between Rousey and the winner of Tate-Holm II for a later date. If Holm wins the title back, then Tate-Holm III makes perfect sense before Rousey gets her shot.

McGregor losing was interesting too, but that's what he gets for trying to go up so much in weight. And Bisping winning - what a hell of a weekend in general.

johnny reb
8 Mar 2016  #39

Maybe no fight at all between Rousey and Tate this summer from what I am hearing.
Rousey is talking of having a baby instead !

Everyone is "assuming" that the new champ will take on Ronda Rousey next.
Others like myself are not so sure Rousey is totally focused on getting back into the ring after her upset loss to Holm last year.

Tate was even quoted in saying, "I don't even know what Ronda is thinking right now, it seems like her motivation to stick around was to have Travis Browne's baby. So, I don't know,"

And I was so pumped to watch the re match with Holmes after she TKO'd Tate. :-(

Looks like the fight may happen yet.

UFC president Dana White has already confirmed that Tate's first title defense will be against Rousey later this year so the buzz about the fight has started even if there's no exact word on when it might take place.

Rousey currently holds two wins over Tate via submission, but the new UFC women's bantamweight champion believes the third fight will go much differently.

"What about Ronda's mentality? I think Ronda is beating herself up over this. She's obviously said that she's so emotional to the point where she's considering crazy things and it's like this is a broken woman," Tate said when appearing on The Jay Mohr Show on FOX Sports Radio.

16 Mar 2016  #40

Ronda will fight Tate because the UFC believes that's a fight she'll win. I'm not so sure that's a give anymore what her given that she fell apart like a child after losing. Have to wonder about where her head is at these days.

johnny reb
20 Mar 2016  #41

They need to sell no tickets to these games for one year every time a fight breaks out at one.
Make them pay per view only on t.v. only.
Hold the people accountable if they want to attend these games or not.

RABAT, Morocco (AP) Morocco's official news agency says violent clashes among fans of the same soccer team in the western Moroccan city of Casablanca have left two people dead and 49 injured.

The state news agency MAP said it's unclear why the deadly violence erupted Saturday evening (19-3-16) after Raja Casablanca beat Chabab Rif Al Hoceima 2-1.

even if there's no exact word on when it might take place.

Dana White: Ronda Rousey 'ready to fight' by November or December
She is currently making a film.

The date of November 12th has been set for Ronda Rousey return.
Rousey is expected to fight for the bantamweight title when she makes her long awaited return.
Is it fair that Rousey's first fight back will be for the title.

18 Apr 2016  #42

Is it fair that Rousey's first fight back will be for the title.

In my opinion it's not. I would make more sense if Holy Holm was still the title holder but she's not.

johnny reb
24 Jul 2016  #43

if Holy Holm was still the title holder but she's not.

Shevchenko, from Kyrgyzstan, stunned Holly Holm on Saturday night at UFC Chicago, unanimously outpointing the former UFC champion.
Looks like Holm's could be done as a contender.

1 Aug 2016  #44

Merged: ME Lekka atletyka: Biało-czerwoni w Amsterdamie 12 razy stawali na podium mistrzostw świata!

odinsports pt/index.php/desportos-aquaticos/item/269-me-lekka-atletyka-bialo-czerwoni-w-amsterdamie-12-razy-stawali-na-podium-mistrzostw-swiata

To były jedne z najlepszych mistrzostw Europy w historii polskiej lekkiej atletyki (sześć złotych, pięć srebrnych i jeden brązowy medal).

johnny reb
17 Aug 2016  #45

Smurf, any relation to you ?
Michael Conlan lost to Russia's Vladimir Nikitin in a bantamweight quarterfinal match at the Rio Olympics on Tuesday, and the Irishman feels he was robbed.

When the judges awarded Nikitin the decision after the three-round bout, Conlan immediately flipped the double-bird and became furious.
Conlan later dropped a bunch of F-bombs in a live television interview and said several times that he was cheated.

17 Aug 2016  #46

Well Michael Conlan is World Champion. Did you watch the fight? Conlan dominated it. Something very dodgy going on there. There has been talk of bribing judges, not just in relation to this fight. Incidentally one of the judges in this case was Polish and one of the judges in the Heavyweight controversy a couple of days ago was from Northern Ireland. Of course it could also be threats or blackmail, not necessarily a bribe.

johnny reb
17 Aug 2016  #47

Did you watch the fight? Conlan dominated it.

No, I did not, however my fight buddies here in the U.S. that did said EXACTLY what you said, "Conlan dominated the fight" and beat the Russians face to a pulp.

18 Aug 2016  #48

Well he opened up an old cut on the Russian's face, I don't know about beating him to a pulp but anyway Conlan tweeted Putin asking him how much he had to pay to fix the fight. Good man Michael!

21 Aug 2016  #49

Merged: Great sport news for Poles! Serbia (Europe) vs. USA in final of Olimpics - cheer for Serbia!

In 20:45 central European time - fantastic spectacle - dream teams - Serbia vs. USA

Let me remind, Yugoslavian and USA basketball schools are best in the world. Serbia preserved Yugoslavian basketball school. It is said that only European team that can defeat professional USA basketball players is exactly Serbian basketball team! Poles, Slavs, Europeans, cheer for Serbia! Let better team win!

USA and Serbia ready for gold medal showdown, 2:30p ET


The United States men's basketball team is one win from its third straight gold medal, only Serbia stands between Americans and another Olympiad as champions.

Its right now on TV. True spectacle for all who love to see good sport from time to time.

johnny reb
21 Aug 2016  #50

U.S.A. ! U.S.A. ! U.S.A. !

professional USA basketball players

Not the best ones though by far.

22 Aug 2016  #51

Moderators were kind to me when moved this thread to off-topic. Very gentle people

What to tell you. Till the end of the game i myself started to cheer for USA. Those blacks are good. Victory goes to better, no doubt about it.

As for Serbia, i expected better performance and i got impression that our players made many mistakes. We would obviously wait for some new generation of basketball players, that would restore our old glory on this field. Still, fact remain that there is no European team that can defeat USA in basket. Unbelievable.

johnny reb
25 Aug 2016  #52

there is no European team that can defeat USA in basket.

Crow there is no basketball team in the world that can beat the U.S.A. at basketball.
Those guys who played in the Olympics were far from the best talent that the U.S.A. has.
Take into consideration the amount of colleges and major universities that the U.S.A. Pro's have to pick from compared to any other country.

We have thousands of great basketball players to choose from.
These Black kids don't play tennis, hunt, fish, sail but only play basketball.
It is their life from the time they are big enough to dribble a ball.
Plus White men can't jump.
Who I was really impressed with was the little country of Great Britain which took a boat load of medals for their size.
The most colorful athlete was Usain Bolt, the fastest man on earth worth $60 million U.S.D.
He didn't show up for the opening ceremonies because he said, "I was feeling lazy" and after his winning the 100 meter, 200 meter and 400 relay he went back to his room where pictures of himself and two 20 year old gorgeous girls in bed leaked out on the internet.

His fiancée back in Jamaica was not impressed to say the least.
Usain thought it was hilarious.
What I was most disgusted with was the idiot from Eygpt judo team that refused to shake hands with his Israel's opponent.
How classless.
And the biggest disappointment was when Michael Conlan from Ireland got robbed of his gold metal.
All in all Rio did an excellent job.

Ronda Rousey will return to the UFC on December 30 in Las Vegas, fighting Amanda Nunes for the bantamweight title.

29 Oct 2016  #53

Merged: Novak Djokovic and Poland - Polish student premieres a movie about Novak Djokovic

Fantastic video, truly. Full of positive emotions. Video nicely picturing life path of Novak Djokovic. Since was a little boy Novak had great dreams. So he worked hardly and dream come true.

Polish student premieres a movie about Novak Djokovic's. Wimbledon triumph
by Zuzanna Szyszak:

4 Mar 2017  #54

Novak Djoković also stated the obvious, and he was brutally attacked for it by the mainstream media, his name was dragged through the dirt by various feminist groups (totally unfairly).

Watching men's tennis is almost like a completely different sport compared to the WTA considering the levels of agility, power, speed, strength invovled, not to mention that a grand slam final for the men lasts 5 sets while the women can play only 3 while they get equal prize money at Wimbledon which is unfair considering that matches involving Djoković, Nadal, Federer, and Murray draw more crowds to the stands and TV viewers.

johnny reb
11 Mar 2017  #55

It seems Floyd Mayweather really wants to fight Conor McGregor.
Mayweather spoke at a recent event in the U.K. and said that he's officially unretired, but only for a bout with the MMA champion, should it come together.

Rumors surrounding the fight have swirled for months.
Mayweather wants a fight in June.

Let me know what the odds are when they come out in the U.K.

4 Jun 2017  #56


Some 1,600 (including 2 Poles) injured in Turin fanzone panic

Multi-culti and PC which try to downplay heinous Muslim terrorist attacks on innocent people or refer to them as "incidents" have only emboldened the desert scum and created a state of public psychosis in Europe. Last night, during the Champions League final in Turin, a firecracker was mistaken for a bomb in a fanzone, triggering a wild stampede in which nearly 1,600 people were injured. Things have got to where the Muslim fanatics can win a battle even without sending in a signle towelhead warrior. What's the solution? Don't ask a leftist-libretard, because he'll only tell you: MORE PC!

4 Jun 2017  #57

This is long term aim of these terrorists- make European people feel unsafe in their own towns, cities...Turyn was prime example- injures caused by panic and fear....noting more. Very sad future ahead :-(

19 Jun 2017  #58

GetWell Torun vs Falubaz Zielona Góra in Polish Ekstraliga HIT meeting.
After 14 heats it was a tie and the last 15th heat was decisive about who wins. Red and blue helmets are the hosts (Torun) riders while yellow and white are Falubaz.

After terrific gating (start) Torun riders were in front (it was 5:1) and if the heat ended like that Torun would win the meeting. After a superb effort from Falubaz riders and the genuine genius of Patryk Dudek (young lad from my hometown who is currently leading in world championships) the score turned upside down and Falubaz Zielona Góra won the match.

johnny reb
20 Jun 2017  #59

Who says pro football players that play in the NFL don't know how to party.
Never let it be said Rob Gronkowski doesn't know how to party.
The Summer of Gronk is an annual event, and this year it reportedly involved racking up a $100,000 bar tab at a casino over the weekend.

"In total, Gronk's gang tore through 160 BOTTLES OF CHAMPAGNE including ... "18 bottles of Ace of Spades Rose: $18,000 ... 15 bottles of Dom Perignon Rose: $27,000 ... 16 bottles of Grey Goose for $10,400, 45 orders of Maker's Mark, 24 shots of Jim Beam Fire, 3 bottles of Don Julio 1942."

That is a mind boggling amount of alcohol being consumed by just 20 guys.

johnny reb
27 Jun 2017  #60

Conor McGregor has a new nickname.
Referring to himself as "King Ghost," the UFC lightweight champion shared a series of photos on social media in which he shows the elusive style that he's apparently planning to use in his boxing match with Floyd Mayweather on Aug. 26.

McGregor will not be allowed to kick with his feet which will hamper his style I am afraid.
Even with Mayweather being out of top performance shape it would be a miracle if "King Ghost" won this one.
This boxing match can't be about anything more then the money.

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