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UK Ambassador Confirms Russia being set up by US/UK. 'Poisoning' a fabrication

14 Apr 2018  #121

a joke making

Not bad. The second one is overdone, not funny.

By the way Putin is a dude who orchestrated a terrorists bombing spree in Moscow's apartment towers, to frame Chechens and to attack and conquer Chechenia.

Hardly a virgin is he?

14 Apr 2018  #122

Russia being cut to size - good.

Just another fake story from the Ruskies to muddy the water.

15 Apr 2018  #123

Well, fine. When big powers come for a final partition of Poland, someone will say "fake story, Poland returns to a natural state, it is plastic poles mudding the water"... ;)

15 Apr 2018  #124

Poles will never listen to the opinions of Russians about who they are and what they should do.

big powers

The Russian Mindset: We are a big power, smaller countries a worms that don't exist.

He's your problem, Russia is shrinking, Its population is dying. Its economy is nothing its a land with no future and no plan.

Poland is growing and will grow and its part of the EU and NATO. You cannot touch us.

15 Apr 2018  #125

Sincerely, touching some some of you (fortunately, absolute minority), even with a stick, can cause severe disgust, up to vomiting. ;) Especially some of "plastic" ones, that have conflict of interests - trying to show that they are more Polish that Poles who work for their country and pay taxes there, and at same time interested in prosperity of another country, not Poland.

Now you are happy that someone cause problems to Russia, by bombing Syria (country, that is somewhat comparable to Poland, of course). Bombing to punish for alleged crime, investigation of which will be STARTED TOMORROW MORNING.

Don't you think that tomorrow someone will accuse Poland in some hard_to_imagine_now_which_crime and will bomb Krakow and Warsaw, requiring to declare locations of whenewer_you_do_not_have to stop airstrikes?

15 Apr 2018  #126

You are Russian. Your opinion is worthless.

15 Apr 2018  #127

Fcuk you very much, your opinion is important to us. ;)

15 Apr 2018  #128

My father was Polish, he like most of the Poles of Kresy were deported to Siberia by Russia and then expelled to the West. I now have a Polish wife and Polish children and a Polish home. Thanks you your country I was born an exile and my father could never return to his homeland.

I be damned if I listen to Russia scum like you offering your opinions on what Poles should think.

15 Apr 2018  #129

So, if real Poles will join your opinion, I will drink extra shot of vodka and will try not to take it too close to my soul, if I once will see the news about bombing Warsaw for something like genocide of muslim refugees, or not paying compensations after PolExit. ;)

15 Apr 2018  #130

We noted your military exercises that involved a simulated nuclear attack on Warsaw and your plans to nuke even neutral countries capital cities during an invasion of the West.

We also noted your three invasions of Poland in the last 100 years and your occupation of Poland for most of that period.

So I think we can figure out who is going to bomb Warsaw.

15 Apr 2018  #131

a simulated nuclear attack on Warsaw

Hm... Can you show me something about this? Do you mean Warsaw, Indiana or Warsaw, North Carolina?

15 Apr 2018  #132

They are a little bit crazy

Pro-truth, pro-peace. Perhaps he doesn't perpetually harbour irrational grudges.

16 Apr 2018  #133

Aftermath of US/UK/FR attack to Syria (just for information).

MostlyTomahawk cruise missiles was used, also 19 AGM-158B Jassm-ER was fired from the supersonic U.S. Rockwell B-1B Lancer. The British Tornado GR4 fired a total of eight Storm Shadow missiles. French aircrafts fired a total of nine missiles (also Storm Shadow - ?). Total number of missiles in attack wave was reported as 103.

Now concerning syrian anti-air defence (no missiles entered range of air defence systems of russian bases, so nothing was fired from there).

Total missiles fired - 112, targets shot down - 71.

Scores by system:

"Pantsir" (NATO designation - SA-22 Greyhound) - 25 missiles fired, 23 targets hit.
"Buk" (NATO designation - SA-11 Gadfly) - 29 missiles fired, 24 targets hit.
"Osa" (NATO designation - SA-8 Gecko) - 11 missiles fired, 5 targets hit
"S-125" (NATO designation - SA-3 Goa) - 13 missiles fired, 5 targets hit
"S-200" (NATO designation - SA-5 Gammon) - 8 missiles fired, 0 targets hit
"Strela-10" (NATO designation - SA-13 Gopher) - 5 missiles fired, 3 targets hit
"Kvadrat" (NATO designation - SA-6 Gainful) - 21 missiles fired, 11 targets hit

Looks like S-200 is not efficient against low-altitude targets at all, but they shot down jewish fighter not so long ago, so it is not a complete trash yet ;)

Most of syrian SAMs is quite aged, produced in USSR times, but good personnel training pays off and makes it PITA for attacker.

There was notes that shipments of some flavour of S-300 systems for syrian army will be made in a nearest time.

16 Apr 2018  #134

This just in.
About the British author of the report independent.co.uk/author/robert-fisk
More to come on the Skripal "poisoning".

17 Apr 2018  #135

Already found confirmation, 50 other cases mean that this is just further confirmation of what we already know.

oh well british award winning reporter from Independent,Robert Fisk --first western reporter on site of alleged gas attack,says its all rubbish fabrication:
american news agency claim gas attack its all lies and fabrication.
so far 2 western media journalists visited the site and says its fake BS

ohhh,whats that?- interview with doctor who was present on the video record of alleged gas attack,that was USED as a 100% evidence of Assad gas strike. says its fake fabrication: youtube.com/watch?v=sBmWe5FnSCc

17 Apr 2018  #136

ohhh,whats that?

Do you think that words of eyewitnesses is more important than words of at least three presidents and couple of prime ministers? ;)

18 Apr 2018  #137

more important than words

Let us not forget Miss AIPAC, Nikki Hailey.

This just in.

Why do my links disappear and others do not?

18 Apr 2018  #138

Let us not forget Miss AIPAC, Nikki Hailey.

So, who that Robert Fisk is such to give a tip that all those presidents, prime ministers and abovementioned Miss AIPAC is liars and bloody sons (daughters) of a b*tch? Needless to say, that he is also putting some forum members to a very inconvenient position....


18 Apr 2018  #139

Worthless russian propaganda, same basket as worthless jewish propaganda.

18 Apr 2018  #140

Worthless russian propaganda

you mean BBC IS now Russian propaganda?
very same view - Trump being fooled by faulty intelligence. here on Tucker interview with US ambassador to Syria:


18 Apr 2018  #141

Bbc sock puppet of whichever government is funding it. I dont read it or watch it anymore.

18 Apr 2018  #142

Never let a good crisis go to waste, as the adage in political chicanery goes.

Aside from a way to distract from Brexit and further demonize Russia, another potential reason for the Skripal affair has emerged.

According to a report by Chinese Intelligence active in Syria, a mix of 400 British SAS and U.S. Military were either captured or killed. The article claims the SAS were captured attempting to flee Ghouta while the U.S. contingent was killed.

The British launched the Skripal affair after an effort to free the SAS brigade by the U.S. had failed.


19 Apr 2018  #143

Meanwhile, media reported that two Tomahawk cruise missiles, that "landed" without warhead explosion was "in a relatively good condition" handed by syrian military to russians, and already made a "dream trip" to Moscow, on board of military cargo plane. ;) I think, now engineers who designed "Kaliber" cruise missiles will be able to evaluate engineering standards of General Dynamics/Raytheon/McDonell Douglas . ;)

19 Apr 2018  #144

50 cases of what? The same not investigated reports of "white helmets" or even "observatory"?

here confirmed by investigation on site conducted by "white helmets"...enjoy :
what is it? gas , liquid,no its "gas liquid" -says an chemical expert appointed by UN
beside...53 cases officially confirmed use of chemicals by moderate rebels. 3 alleged ,(never proven) use of chemicals by Assad.
here another interview with one of participant of chemical attack video.this time one of child present on "attack" video recorded by white helmets.all staged:


19 Apr 2018  #145

Massive fraud going on here. Heads should roll, literally. Look to Mossad, MI5, U.S. in that order.


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22 Apr 2018  #146

German reporting is corroborating what the UK Ambassador has stated.

23 Apr 2018  #147

Notice the typical Russian troll tactic of not actually providing credible sources.

23 Apr 2018  #148

Yeah evidence is some bald guy holding a mike whom no one knows. Haa haa.

25 Apr 2018  #149

Wiz, work some of your magic on a search engine.

25 Apr 2018  #150

It's how it has become. Before Putin i would have looked, researched and probably formed an opinion. Now i just assume its all fake and dont even look. It will remain so as long as he remains and not going to waste time on it. He has lost the massive propaganda war he started, honestly who still believes anything coming from there. Now that propaganda machine is broken because in order for it to work people have to look at it at the very least. There is still some 3rd world countries that they can target.

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