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Author Random Chat   2  3  4  ...  1523  1524  1525 30,484
Author Polish language course in Bydgoszcz
Author A good source of sales contacts- BF is handling sale of a Warsaw property for his grandmother
Author For rent: Great 1-bedroom apt. close to the Błonia and Rynek - Krakow, Poland
Author The Third Industrial Revolution: a positive leap for humanity 6
Author Norwegian kids to decide their own gender - GW   2 37
Author Should an alleged gangster run a national magazine? 8
Author California's PC dictatorship in action   2 40
Author PC dictatorship in action: diversity, tolerance, inclusion? 3
Author Voting for a political party which does not have a candidate running in your local area 12
Author Minicars: Panda, Aygo, Spark, Splash....??? 5
Author poliTYka & fiZYka? 5
Author Final Four in Warsaw 4
Author Sunrise Festival (Kołobrzeg), time of main event and after party? 2
Author Home (rented to a company who use it to house people with mild learning disabilities) insurance company 3
Author 14 year-old car: diesel vs gasoline. Which one is better? 4
Author Translation from Russian needed 10
Author Anyone in Zakopane? 5
Author Polish man cuts off his penis in London restaurant 18
Author Jaki proszek do prania używacie? 7