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Author Where I come they were unable to show me what Milosc is. 15
Author Looking for business partners in Poland to sell Ready made garments from UK 2
Author I SELLING COCONUT OIL - would like to export virgin coconut oil to Poland
Author What are the prospects of liberating Crimea from the Muscovite yoke? 7
Author Serbia in Visegrad Group? - Kosovo state? What Poles think about it?   2 39
Author Ebilling - What is a 10-digit authorization code? 7
Author Why are Muslims told to assimilate but Jews don't have to? 10
Author Prospects of Eastern Europe and Eurasia is to become last bastions of Western culture ? 3
Author Commercial Properties To Rent In Poland wanted 4
Author Should we dump the Chinese crap? 15
Author What medication would you take if you had HIV-Aids? Curious? 11
Author Facebook Censored. 17
Author European obsession with firearm ownership.   2  3  4  ...  15  16 320
Author Rooshv - "Pickup artist" in Poland   2  3  4 79
Author Śmieszne czy nie? 16
Author Looking for a room / room-mate / share in Wroclaw 3
Author Looking to do business with people or manufactures in Poland who designs kids and adult clothes 2
Author Accountants in Wrocław wanted 3
Author Help buy on allegro.pl and sent it from Poland to a different country 11
Author Ever been threatened with violence on PF by another poster?   2  3  4  5 94